China and Iran ties grow due to US-Israeli aggression

…from Sputnik News, Moscow

[ Editor’s Note: Danny Yatom, ex-Mossad chief, is trying to put a good face on Israel’s never ending ploy to present itself as under threat, when the situation is just the opposite.

Danny forgets that some of us read the Israeli media and remember things published there, like military chiefs saying things like Israel would never stand by and watch any country in the region reach military parity with it, but would attack before that parity was reached.

Parity would include both traditional forces, and nuclear.

Meanwhile most all of the world allows Israel to openly be the only undeclared nuclear power. The US has disgraced itself by being a long time victim of Israeli nuclear espionage without ever warning the public about it, effectively aiding and abetting.

And I won’t even get into Israel’s influencing US elections, another situation where such is publicly ignored due to a number of US institutions compromised by Israeli intelligence, some disloyal American Jews and American traitors in Congress who won’t dare speak about it.

But the final shame goes to Israel’s Christian Zionist supporters here and all those Americans who say nothing, so their government figures that “if you don’t give a crap, then why should we”, which is sadly a valid point.

Notice I did not use the term ‘my fellow Americans,’ as I do not considered them as such. That is not because I am a meanie or elitist, but purely for patriotic reasonsJim W. Dean ]

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The China-Iran-Russia triangle form a defense that the US and Israel cannot break

– First published … July 27, 2020

The economic and military agreement inked between Tehran and Beijing is cause for concern in Israel, believes a former Mossad chief because the money that will pour into Iran will stabilise its economy and eventually bolster the Islamic Republic and its attempts to challenge the security of the Jewish state.

Ex-Mossad chief Danny Yatom

US sanctions against Iran to curb the country’s nuclear programme, considered a threat to regional stability by Washington and Israel, “will not be able to bring Iran to its knees”, said President Hassan Rouhani on Saturday, adding that the solidarity of his society will help the nation to overcome the measures imposed by the White House.

But it is not only the nation’s “solidarity” that promises to keep Iran’s head above water. It is also a recently signed deal with China that is set to inject billions of dollars into the Iranian economy, hurt by the aforementioned sanctions and raging coronavirus pandemic which has claimed the lives of more than 15,000 people in the country.

Mutual Interests

While Iran is expected to provide China with oil for the next 25 years at discounted prices, Beijing is set to pump some $400 billion into the Islamic Republic, expanding its presence in such spheres as banking, telecommunications, and construction, including such projects as ports and railways.

The 18-page agreement also stipulates extensive military cooperation that includes joint drills, weapons development, and intelligence sharing, all in the name of the “fight against terrorism, drug, human trafficking, and cross-border crimes”.

And Danny Yatom, a former chief of Israeli spy agency Mossad, says it is part of Beijing’s general policy to expand its influence in the region.

“Just as was the case in Africa, where China received access to multi-billion dollar infrastructure projects, Beijing is using the same trick in the Middle East, striking a deal with Tehran. Their goal here is simple: all they want is to get access to the Mediterranean from which they will be able to get closer to the EU [China’s largest trading partner – ed.]”.

Israel Eyes Deal with Suspicion

While for Europe the deal is not yet cause for concern, for Israel, Yatom says, it might present a serious headache, especially given that the revival of the Iranian economy could potentially boost Tehran’s investment in projects that might put the security of the Jewish state at risk.

“Once China starts pouring in its money, it will inevitably ease the situation of the Iranian economy; and once this is done, Tehran will be able to allocate money to organisations that can challenge the Jewish state, such as Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad”.

Although Tehran allegedly stopped supporting Hamas in 2011 following a decision by the Islamic group to support the Syrian rebels fighting against Syrian President Bashar Assad, Iran’s staunch ally, cash injections to the PIJ and Hezbollah have never stopped, reports suggest.

While it is difficult to assess just how much money (if any) Tehran is actually putting in, Israeli media outlets suggest that the PIJ receives some $70 million per year and Lebanon’s Shiite militia gets some $800 million annually.

Cash injections are not the only means being used. Throughout the years, Iran has allegedly provided Hezbollah with an array of weapons and helped to transform it into one of the strongest military powers in the region, boasting a wide range of anti-tank, anti-ship and anti-air missiles, capabilities that the Jewish state finds unacceptable.

It was for this reason that in recent years, Israel has stepped up its efforts to prevent the establishment of an Iranian presence next to its borders and has reportedly attacked multiple targets belonging to the Islamic Republic and its proxy Hezbollah on Syrian soil from where the Jewish state believes the weapons reach Lebanon.

Such was the case last week, when Israel allegedly fired a barrage of rockets near the Syrian capital Damascus, striking an Iranian ammunition depot and killing several militants, including one Hezbollah fighter. This was also the case in June, when the Jewish state reportedly destroyed two factories used by the Shiite militia to house ammunition.

“Iran is our main enemy and we are following what they and their allies are doing. We will not let the Islamic Republic get close to our borders and we won’t allow them to continue and expand their influence in the area”, warned Yatom, adding that the Jewish state should put pressure on China to make sure that its agreement with Tehran will not jeopardise Israel’s security.

“I realise that the pact between Beijing and Tehran is a done deal that cannot be changed. But Israel, who boasts a friendly relationship with Beijing can approach the Chinese authorities and ask them to make sure our interests are maintained. The only question is whether China, who has its own interests and its own strategic views will actually do that”, Yatom summed up.


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  1. So what was Danny Yatom doing and what advice did he give when Netanyahui & Likud were long-term Leasing the Port of Haifa, Israel’s only deep-water Port on the Mediterranean, to China?
    I suppose China could always peddle Iranian Oil to Israel while acting as cut-out and middleman to ensure that Israel pays Iran for its Oil!!
    Ei Ei Ei Ei Ei ……
    Does Mossad realize that China also has Military and Trade Advisers in Syria I wonder!!

  2. Of course a bunch of Land thieves wouldn’t want to be accountable to any moral standard and of course they’re fukin running what’s according to them it’s the perfect hateful genocide of the Palestinian by the high and mighty Jewish Evil over Lords

  3. Yatom in Aramaic means “an orphan”. So this Ashkenazi orphan wants Israel – which was stolen from Palestinians to continue to get away with murder, theft and lies which were the basis of their “statehood” propaganda. The stupid English and Americans continue to swallow and promote this apartheid regime’s BS – which has brought nothing but misfortune for them and the world. Iran with its long history in the region has every right to defend itself against such a vile regime and its stooges.

  4. “But the final shame goes to Israel’s Christian Zionist supporters here, and all those Americans who say nothing, so their government figures that “if you don’t give a crap, then why should we”, which is sadly a valid point.”

    Good point, Jim. Christian Zionists are Trump’s rock-solid base. You can’t reason with someone who thinks the Earth was created 6000 years ago and the Sun is its planet. And, you will never talk them out of supporting their fearless leader. They’ve got their rapture suits all dusted off and are awaiting the arrival of their warrior messiah to smite all the unbelievers, including the very same Likudnik Israelis they throw money at. I wonder if Netanyahu is aware of their secret agenda when it comes to the Jews?

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