Exclusive/Blockbuster: Simmering cauldron of the South China Sea


by Asif Haroon Raja

Role of Jewish lobby

Washington has a long record of bullying nations to meet its demands, changing regimes and of engaging in illegal wars of aggression in the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa. After the demise of USSR and end of the Cold War, the US locked horns with another communist giant China, and is also engaged in neo-colonizing the Muslim world.

Zionists and the American-Jewish lobby have been influencing the minds of the policy makers in Washington and have had a big role in the election of the US president. Without their support, no candidate can hope to win on his or her own.

Zionists and the neocons shaped the New World Order in 1989. George W. Bush junior emerged victorious as a result of recounting of votes in certain critical constituencies authorized by the judiciary.

He had to payback for his victory by shedding the blood of Muslims, and so was the case with Obama. Former destroyed Afghanistan and Iraq and his successor destroyed Libya, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Somalia and Sudan.

While the galloping Hillary Clinton was a clear winner in the 2016 American presidential race, the sauntering Trump, who was trailing far behind, was declared a winner in November 2016, thanks to massive manipulations by the hidden powers.

He was handed the reins of power in spite of his recklessness, madness, unpredictability and inexperience.

Behind the façade of making America great again, he was required to fulfil the given list of demands to which Hillary was reluctant to commit.

Major demands were doing away with the concept of two-nation states and absorption of Palestine by Israel,

– Golan Heights becoming part of illegally created Israel,

– cancelation of the historic deal with Iran and destruction of Iranian nuclear sites,

– stepping up the war on terror and proxy war to change the boundaries of the Middle East and to smooth the way for establishing Greater Israel,

– further destabilizing and bleeding the economy of Pakistan to force it to reconcile with the loss of Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK), abandon its nuclear program and accept the hegemony of India,

– effectively contain China’s economic growth through embargoes and sanctions,

– continue demonizing Islam and the Muslims,

– curtail the growing stature and popularity of Putin and global influence of Russia.

The ultimate aim of the Zionists is to rule the world, since they naively consider themselves to be the chosen people. Trump is fulfilling his promises one by one, in the hope of earning a second term.

Unpalatable acts by Trump

He has debunked free international trade and concept of globalization given by George W. Bush to turn the world into a global village. Shunning a policy of liberalism, he has reduced heavy investment in multilateral trade organizations.

Expressing his resentment, Trump started his anti-liberal policies by imposing heavy tariffs on Chinese goods and curtailing trade with chief rival China, saying the scales of trade are heavily tilted in favor of China and the USA is a big loser. He has imposed embargoes and sanctions on China so as to even up the trade imbalance.

Trump has withdrawn the US partnerships with Paris Climate Agreement, UNESCO, UNHRC, and now WHO. The US blatantly defies the UN and ICJ and is determined to have its way unilaterally, since major funding to all the international institutions are made by Washington. 

Trump has applied brakes on the policy of offering heaviest share of funding to NATO, which acts as the right arm of the US imperialist policies. He has asked each NATO member to raise their share of funds. He has built a wall along the US-Mexico border to stop illegal entry of Mexicans and to curtail smuggling and drug trafficking.

Draconian restrictions have been imposed on Asian immigrants, particularly the Muslims. Other than Israel and Egypt which receive the heaviest annual grants from Washington, aid to other countries has been curtailed. All these unpalatable acts have been taken under the illusion of creating more jobs for the white Americans and to make the US great again.

Pro-Israel steps

Jerusalem has been declared the capital city of Israel, forward settlements legalized, Gaza brutalized, West Bank annexed, Golan Heights declared part of Israel and idea of two-nation state buried.

Cancelation of nuclear deal

Trump shelved the July 2015 landmark nuclear deal with Iran in 2018 and re-imposed harsh sanctions on Iran in order to force it to further curtail its nuclear program and to halt its missile development program.

Arab Gulf States under the US sway

Trump took the credit of bringing the Arab Gulf States under the US sway and in creating rift between Saudi Arabia and Qatar. He further stoked embers of hatred between the Arab Gulf States and Iran and tried hard to make the former commit their ground forces against Iran in the ongoing standoff in Persian Gulf since May 2019.

Regime change

Efforts of the CIA to change the regimes in Turkey, Syria, Iran, Venezuela and now China through mass uprisings are continuing.

Aggressive policy

In August 2018, Trump abandoned Obama’s policy of ‘fight and talk’ with the Taliban and reinvigorated Bush’s policy of ‘fight and fight’, using maximum force to eliminate the Taliban.

He adopted a tough policy with North Korea and threatened to annihilate it if it refused to halt its long range nuclear and missile programs. He postured aggressively against Russia because of standoff in Ukraine and intervention of Moscow in Syria.

Trump has been egging on Modi to become more offensive against China and Pakistan and encouraged him to abrogate the special status of IOK in August 2019 and then to change the demography of Kashmiris.

Proxy war against Pakistan

RAW and NDS were supported by CIA, Mossad and MI-6 to accelerate spate of terrorism in Pakistan in order to destabilize Baluchistan and former FATA, and to scuttle CPEC which has become the pivot of China’s BRI and springboard for China to become the leading economic power of the world.

To deter Pakistan from cooperating with China, multiple pressures have been exerted which include keeping the LoC persistently volatile, terrorism, hybrid war and threats of limited war. The US besides accusing Pakistan of providing safe havens to the militants, and using the cards of FATF and IMF, stopped paying close support fund in 2018.

Demonization of China 

The Trump administration has intensified the U.S. confrontation with China diplomatically, economically and militarily. Trump unleashed multi-pronged tirade against Beijing, condemning it across a range of issues, including “human rights” in Hong Kong, and accusing it of causing the coronavirus pandemic, stealing American jobs and expanding its military.

Attempts are being made to demonize China and its policy of supporting governments & Islamic nations such as Pakistan & now Iran. https://truthdive.com/2020/01/17/pakistan-caught-again-in-nuclear-smuggling-activity/  This author has also mentioned in his another  article about the alleged interdiction of 10,000 + Chinese automatic weapons being smuggled into the USA: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/customs-officers-seize-nearly-11000-assault-weapons-parts-at-ups-hub-in-louisville/ar-BB160KjX .

The author of the video strongly and wrongly suggested that the Chinese Communist party or nation state of China was intentionally supporting insurrection here with this shipment of illegal arms. Pakistan, China and Iran are the targets.

Containment of China

The US has further intensified its efforts to contain China’s economic growth by gaining monopoly over South China Sea and Malacca Strait through which 80% of China’s imports and exports take place. To make its containment policy successful, the US has taken the countries along the rims of the said sea like Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei and Japan as well as Australia in its loop. India has also been roped in by meeting all its military demands and giving it a title of policeman of Indo-Pacific region.

The Obama administration’s intervention transformed longstanding regional territorial disputes, in which the US had shown little interest previously, into a dangerous flashpoint for international conflict. Far from defending the interests of smaller South East Asian countries, such as the Philippines and Vietnam, the principal aim was to justify an ever-greater presence in sensitive waters close to the Chinese mainland, as part of a huge U.S. military build-up in the Indo-Pacific.

China responded by expanding its presence on islets under its control in the South China Sea. While the region is far from the nearest American territory, it is directly adjacent to Chinese military bases in southern China. Beijing is well aware that the Pentagon’s plans for a U.S. war against China are premised on being able to launch massive air and missile attacks from warships, submarines and bases close to the Chinese mainland.

Trump and his administration have been ramping up its provocative actions in the South China Sea with a growing number of “freedom of navigation” intrusions by U.S. Navy warships into waters claimed by China. A month ago, two U.S. Navy aircraft carriers with their associated strike groups entered the sea and conducted “high-end” war games to test their capacity to carry out long distance air and missile strikes.

The U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared that China’s claims in the strategic waters “are completely unlawful, as is its campaign of bullying to control them.” The statement sets the stage for more aggressive U.S. military action against Beijing in the South China Sea.

In London, Pompeo and U.S. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper delivered speeches warning that the U.S. is preparing its military forces across the Indo-Pacific ­region for potential confrontation with China and raising the pressure on other governments to join a coalition to counter the growing global influence of Beijing.

In an unprecedented tit-for-tat move, China ordered the closure of the U.S. Consulate General in Chengdu following the US doing the same to the Chinese Consulate General in Houston.

Recently, the U.S. State Department raised the stakes even higher over South China Sea territorial disputes by declaring that Beijing’s claims to waters and islands to be “completely illegal”. Pompeo stated the U.S. would not “allow China to treat the South China Sea as its maritime empire”. It marks a serious escalation.

In early July, two U.S. aircraft carrier strike groups conducted joint maneuvers in the South China Sea, reportedly the first time such drills have been carried out since 2014 and only the second time since 2001. There are reports that Britain is to deploy its two new aircraft carriers to the Pacific region.

The aircraft carrier groups which include frigates, destroyers and nuclear-powered submarines, are to join with U.S. and Japanese warships to conduct naval drills. Washington-London convergence has made the situation more combustible.

London has been supporting Washington in its blame game of accusing China over the global coronavirus pandemic. It has also supported Washington’s trade war with Beijing. The Anglo-American duo have been ratcheting up tensions with Beijing over Taiwan and Hong Kong undermining China’s sovereignty claims. The Americans are piling up pressure on Britain to scrap plans for Chinese telecom giant Huawei to take part in mobile phone modernization.

Given the recent buildup of American warships and warplanes in the Pacific conducting provocative “freedom of navigation operations” in the South China Sea, Beijing can only but view the reported British move as a measured step to further enflame war tensions.

It sees the US intervention as an attempt to interfere into the affairs of ASEAN States and disturb their harmony. Beijing has already warned London that any deployment of forces in the contested sea will be viewed as a “hostile act”.

Ganging up of American vassals is a crude attempt of imperialist USA to intimidate China by using brute military force. The US forgets that it is a waning capitalist power and can no longer compete with economically rising power of China. The intruders must know that China is laced with deadly anti-ship missiles known as “carrier killers” and has already demonstrated its technological skills by baffling the intruding US Growler electronic warplanes flying over South China Sea two days ago. They had to fly back in panic after losing control due to China’s jamming devices deployed on the artificial islands.

Tumbling uni-polarism

Rise of China from the time of Deng in 1978, reincarnation of Russia under Putin together with upsurge of Germany and Japan as global power centres are shaking the foundations of the US run uni-polarism, and is shaping multi-polarity. Like the League of Nations which was formed after the 1st World War to prevent wars in future, the United Nations has lost its credibility since it has become a hand-maiden of USA.

It has failed to prevent wars and conflicts or to resolve disputes. Palestine and Kashmir disputes are pending since 1948. The sole super power USA has failed to behave responsibly and to run the international order fairly. It has remained too obsessed in gaining monopoly over the world and to capture its resources.

USA has been playing into the hands of Israel which has acted as its cat paws in the Middle East. India has taken a similar role in South Asia and both are deeply involved in intrigues, state terrorism and human rights abuses. 1% rich in the US are in the grip of American-Jewish lobby and the second largest lobby in USA is that of India.

The trio is working hands in gloves to make the world chaotic and to rule the world. China, Russia, Iran and Turkey are challenging the anti-human policies of USA, and so are some Latin America nations. Hence, these countries are in the firing line. Since Pakistan is pursuing a midway policy by sailing in two boats without any clear-cut national policy, it is not being openly declared as an enemy country but is certainly a prized target.

Trump’s efforts to sabotage election

Trump, Netanyahu and Modi have become hated rulers in their respective countries as well as the world over because of their vile policies. The dice is loaded against them and they are fearful that they might not be re-elected. Election in USA is round the corner, and as things stand today, Joe Biden is much ahead of Trump in the race. Despite his unpopularity, and being hopelessly behind in the polls, Trump has no intention of leaving the White House. He had, months ago, told the Congressional Republicans that he would not accept the results of an election.

Senator Tim Worth informed the Newsweek magazine, Trump planned to declare the election rigged and would order Biden’s arrest as a “Chinese spy.” He has thus far formed a 60,000 man force from border patrol, TSA, Homeland Security, US Marshals, prison guards and private contractors, to quell protests and violence in cities across the US. He then plans to federalize the National Guard.

Arrest warrants for more than a dozen state governors and a similar number of mayors of major cities have also been issued. He has issued a presidential order cancelling the election based on a national emergency, COVID 19 and Chinese interference in the election tied to “treason” by Joe Biden and key American political figures whose names are already on arrest warrants.

In order to create another 9/11 like situation to justify a big war, a false flag operation has been conceived. Some in USA are saying that there are plans to sink an American aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf, in which an estimated 2000 Americans would die and the blame would be put on Iran. It could happen in South China Sea which has become a simmering cauldron and primed to explode. India is also itching for a false flag operation to justify its intervention in AJK.

Israel and India in the grip of Covid-19

The number of confirmed coronavirus infections in Israel has skyrocketed recently, rising from 17,000 cases on July 1 to 52,000 on July 20. Israel has recorded 420 deaths, the overwhelming majority of which have occurred since Netanyahu’s plans, announced on April 19, for re-opening the country’s economy and schools.

In Jerusalem, thousands of people, mostly youth, protested in from of the official residence of Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, demanding his resignation due to the handling of the coronavirus pandemic’s economic fallout.

After the USA and Brazil, India has become the third country to confirm 1 million coronavirus cases. Confirmed deaths are over 28000. Dr. Ramanan Laxminarayan has estimated that figure of corona cases could rise to 200 million by next September. Seculars, minorities and civil society in India have turned against Modi, dubbed as reincarnation of Hitler. The calamity has not put fear of Allah in the hearts of the three belligerents.

Need for changed world order

In order to prolong their respective rules, all the three belligerents are pushing the world towards the brink of 3rd world war. There is a dire need to get rid of the war mongers, promote peace seekers and change the prejudiced and unjust international order to save the world from anarchy.

The writer is a retired Brig Gen, war veteran, defence & security analyst, international columnist, author of five books, Chairman Thinkers Forum Pakistan, Director Measac Research Centre, Member CWC PESS and Veterans think tank. asifharoonraja@gmail.com



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