Intel Drop: Why is Kenosha a ‘Security of Israel’ Item?


    Why did a car dealer as a militia listed as terrorist by the FBI, their crime…ARSON…to send “guards?”

    Why would the Kenosha Police be so friendly the the ‘3 Percenters,’ a Aurora based terrorist group that the FBI has put on his watch list and that DHS has warned police, the Kenosha Police, to be watching for…

    Learn the facts behind this and so much more:

    VT:  The shooting of Jacob Blake is now an FBI case.  We know why.  It is tied to a series of incidents that aren’t really “civil rights” but rather domestic terrorism.

    When we tracked down the George Floyd killing in Minneapolis, we found that the police there had regular “meetings” with Mossad officers assigned to the Consul General of Israel to the Midwest in Chicago. (500 West Madison St, Suite 3100)

    Wisconsin is of major interest to Israel because it is a key state for keeping Trump in office.  Without Wisconsin, Trump has no hope whatsoever, so the Mossad with their very large Chicago base, has stepped in using their influence over corrupt local police agencies across the state, as they have in Minnesota and elsewhere.  We know this to be a fact.

    Past that, we look at Aurora, Illinois.  It’s population is primarily Catholic, German and their police have been tied to the ‘3 Percent Militia,’ the ‘White Rabbits’ and the KKK.

    With MEGA/MAGA funding, they are tasked with intimidating the areas Muslims and the local Aurora group was charged in 2018 for the firebombing of a Minnesota mosque. This is the organization we are told Rittenhouse is tied to as were the others who came to Kenosha, not just from Illinois but from South Dakota and Idaho, all white supremacist militia members with ties to Israeli security.

    The ADL loves them.

    Right now, FBI domestic terror units are in Illinois and Wisconsin.  They say, privately, that the violence in that region, from George Floyd onward, is ‘fishy.’  They say its all paid and coordinated but their comments stop there.  We can take them further.

    The Kenosha police are being investigated as terrorists, first for the premeditated murder of Blake done for the GOP Convention and for the Rittenhouse murders as well, which their dirty fingers were on from day one.

    How was Rittenhouse recruited?  He wasn’t protecting businesses, he was hunting, brandishing and threatening people.  Where were his friends when he shot 3 people.  One was shot while he was being chased.  How many did he shoot before?

    Who was with him?  Who did he communicate with?  Who paid him?  Did police in Aurora, Illinois where he is a cadet/auxiliary  set up this “gig” for him and clear him with the Kenosha cops?

    Kenosha is now an Israeli operation.  When Russia Today, which along with Sputnik News has become a pure Kosher Nostra rag, racist, Zionist, even anti-Syria, a pure defender of Israeli exceptionalism…called Jacob Blake a ‘rapist,’ we knew.

    The clues are there as well and the timing.  The killing was done to coincide with the opening of the GOP convention and the violence in Kenosha has been mentioned 2 dozen times during the convention as a “war on the suburbs.”

    VT put a call into Jacob Blake’s attorneys but they are being tight lipped.

    Here is what we know:

    • Video of the Blake shooting was published in 240p with half the frames removed.  We want to know why.  How do you get from 3840p to 240p?  How do you get from 30fps to 15?  Twitter handles 4k.  Why hasn’t the real video shown up?  We have our own ideas.
    • Who has the power to make sure Facebook, Twitter and YouTube will cut down or erase video unfriendly to Israel’s interests?
    • We see Blake reaching into his pocket.  At 720 or above, if those are car keys, and we believe they are, then the police are facing jail.
    • If Blake is right handed, police are facing jail.
    • OK, another one, if you enter a car with keys in your right hand, ignition key pointing outward, and you ‘reach into your car with your right hand’ are you reaching for the ignition like a normal person with 3 kids in the car?
    • Is anything else possible?
    • Is any aspect of Blake’s behavior to be construed as threatening?  Keys in hand, a man enters a car with 3 children?
    • How old are the kids?  What did they see?
    • Where is the real video?  Where are both real videos, and there were more than two.  Why were they cut down and then removed, like with Beirut?

    Let’s look at Rittenhouse.

    • He is Aurora police affiliated, that’s clear.
    • He comes to Kenosha with a militia group, the ‘3 Percenters,’ who have a history of terrorism from their Aurora base, but good relations with the police, not the FBI which sent some of their members to prison.
    • The idea that a car lot owner would turn to a terrorist militia, listed as such by the FBI, with members in prison for ARSON….

    do I really have to go on? From CNN


    (CNN) — Federal investigators announced that they have launched a civil rights probe into the police shooting of Jacob Blake, a 29-year-old Black man, in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

    The US Attorneys Office for the Eastern District of Wisconsin said Wednesday that the investigation will be conducted by the FBI in cooperation with the Wisconsin Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigation, the agency leading the local investigation.

    Authorities had previously provided little information about Sunday’s shooting of Blake, which was captured on video by a witness. But after several days of protests in the state, the state’s DOJ offered its initial timeline of the shooting. Wisconsin state investigators said that police used a taser to try to stop Blake, before a single officer fired his weapon seven times and injured him.

    Officials identified Officer Rusten Sheskey as the police officer who shot Blake when he tried to enter his vehicle. The officer, who has been employed by Kenosha police for seven years, was placed on administrative leave, DCI said.

    “Officer Sheskey fired the weapon into Mr. Blake’s back,” the state agency said in a news release. “No other officer fired their weapon. Kenosha Police Department does not have body cameras, therefore the officers were not wearing body cameras.”

    Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul said in a news conference that the other officers involved in the shooting will be identified “soon.”

    Blake appears to have told officers that he had a knife in his possession, the DCI said. Investigators later “recovered a knife from the driver’s side floorboard” of Blake’s vehicle and no other weapons were found, the agency said.

    Patrick Salvi Jr., an attorney for the Blake family, said on Wednesday morning that Blake did not have a weapon in the car.

    “In the vehicle he did not have a weapon,” Salvi Jr. told CNN. “I can’t speak directly to what he owned, but what I can say is his three children were in the car and that was in the front of his mind. That is the most important thing to him in his life: his family and his children.”




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    1. Poppadop, “Democrats and Republicans are just two halves of the same bankster party.” Couldn’t agree more with you that they like a pair of unsavory legs joined at the hip. And this in no way was for me to defend the Democratic statesmen, what I meant was that Trump has been diabolically using this excuse, of course, with a lot of help from his Kosher friends to entice violence then knock them for incompetence as a sleazy way of getting reelected come November.

      • Absolutely correct, AZ. And while Trump, Republicans, and Democrats play off their make-believe differences, the banksters can win either way. The violence and resultant fight-flight-freeze responses also help shut down people’s ability to think, learn, and figure this stuff out.

        Here’s hoping more of us can turn the tide.

    2. It appears that Moloch has a few more sacrifices made to it’s power. What fool sold or let a very foolish kid posses a firearm under such uncontrolled conditions? Idiot little andyrogyne, his life is over and Bubba is salivating. One almost, almost feels sorry for the fat barstid but stupid is incurable. All lives matter or they’re supposed to. ‘they’ have ‘us’ right where they want us yet again.

    3. Blake just didn’t get the memo that only White guys at White Supremacist rallies are allowed to reach for [not just “something”, but what is clearly] a gun.

      And not just reach, but brandish, as you shout at police.

      See the infamous meme below, if/when it passes moderation.

    4. If these things happen in atlanta, miami, or san diego the situation is different. But when preplanned killings occur in calm & liberal places like minnesota, wisconsin, and people gather to protest against trump, a question mark arises about the organizer?

    5. All these hotspot states like Oregon, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois have one thing in common, they all have Democratic governors. So, before we even let the agent provocateurs who somehow begin or end at the Israeli Mossad to lead us down the wrong path of “race” we know one thing is certain that these George Floyd style killings by white cops have been premeditated & preplanned all the way from the top by Trump & Co just in time for the election season. The Bolsheviks are at it again by surreptitiously diverting the main course of the up-rising or civil-war, if you will, in US from what it really is rich v poor to white v black much like the way they diverted the course of Russian revolution in 1917.

      • Wait, weren’t those “Democratic governors” allowing their police to be trained by Mossad and the IDF long before “Trump & Co”? With the Bolsheviks, at least the Tsars they opposed were largely anti-serfdom. Democrats and Republicans are just two halves of the same bankster party.

      • Oregon has not had “GOP governors” since, what? 1987?

        It’s true that Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois’s governors have been a mix of GOP and Dem between now and the “War on Terror’s” militarization of the police, but what have any of those governors really done against Mossad/IDF training…?

    6. The 3 Percenters are constitutionalists. So if you are a communist, then yes, they are terrorists. Do you have any information on the three gentleman that were shot by Rittenhouse? Im sure they were all peaceful, law abiding citizens. Heros you might say. I wouldnt bother looking up their rap sheets, might blow up the narrative. Look, im all for removing Israeli influence from this country. If you look at this objectively, BLM and antifa carry the hallmarks of an ‘operation’. Destabilize and divide.

      • The social engineering associated with Cambridge Analytica, used for the purpose of controlling elections in many countries is highly visible in everything you say here. If these twerps were constitutionalists they would not be in favor of Trump and his ilk seeking domination.
        The pervasive and instantaneous repetitious nature of the comments I am seeing everywhere, are not indicative of a consensus opinion but rather very much indicate engineering. It’s not coherent and understood. It’s repetitious.

    7. “Past that, we look at Aurora, Illinois. It’s population is primarily Catholic, German…” – GD

      Aurora is over 40% Hispanic, and in a large section of the city most business signs are in Spanish (at least they were when I lived just to the north in Batavia).

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