Will Wendy Lewis Rittenhouse Be Arrested for Murder?

Have they arrested the wrong Rittenhouse? She drove him there, she helped him escape




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  1. The kid is cooked because it is illegal for him to have the weapon. Full stop.
    The mother is cooked if she took him across the line.
    And the AG for Wisconsin (zero trust) just admitted on the air, the state has the highest incarceration rates for blacks in the country, and no body cams. This op is to generate “law and order BS”.
    It won’t be enough, because small farmers in WisconSIN , have suffered the most under the neglect of the USDA head, and the systemic issues of Wi, are about to be having an MRI.
    Recently retired agents and prosecutors should ready their work clothes, because it will be all hands come Jan 20. and there won’t be enough stenographers.

  2. She’s the one I would want to talk to. How many names will she give to help her son ?
    This is just getting started. That right there, is a helicopter.

  3. there are good & bad people in every race. race is irrelevant to me. that said, Kyle Rittenhouse is a snitch in training. Community Stalking/Harassment directed by Fusion Centers, DHS, Private Security, Neighborhood Watch, Local Businesses, Neighbors, Police, etc… is common in America. these people comprise of all races.. most people lacking happiness/contentment in their lives, too afraid to walk alone, needing the herd to feel safe. Peace to all free-thinking, non-conformists.

    • Wait, but one of the BLM members Rittenhouse killed, which some at VT insist are connected with the Trump administration, seems to be a convicted sex offender originally from Arizona with a name like “Rosenbaum”? Something is off here…

    • @ Poppadop : i try not to gossip & NEVER listen to gossip. it’s a favorite tool used by the Political Parasites to divide & conquer. secondly, who am i to judge? im not perfect. im flawed. we all have skeletons in our closets. you know the saying about judging.. it says more about you. in psychology, it’s called “projection”. lastly, he was a victim, not perpetrator. a victim is a victim, regardless of race or what he’s done in the past. FYI: the only difference between you and someone convicted: you haven’t been caught yet.

    • Technically, Dissident, we are all victims to some degree; isn’t the more relevant distinction whether we are working to end the pattern of abuse or perpetuate it?

      And yes, I also know better than to trust someone else’s intelligence gathering at face value, VT’s included, but when Rosenbaum is on video saying things like, “Shoot me, n****r,” does that sound like a peaceful, hapless victim?

  4. I’m happy to hear the boy has competent counsel. Yes, he made a huge mistake, however I don’t see any reason for murder one. That charge needs to be reserved for the media CEO’s, those anti-American zealots who are as responsible for winding up the anti-white hysteria that is responsible for the rise in black on white crime. Here’s just 3 examples from this month, there’s more: on August 13th, 5 year old Cannon Hinnant he was shot, point-blank, in the head by a black adult neighbor in Wilson, North Carolina, Four Black teens, including a juvenile, have been arrested and charged in connection with the murder of a 17-year-old White girl who was found dead in a car outside a Raleigh Bojangle’s on August 19, 2020. On August 25th, Kenny Johnson, Georgetown County Coroner, identified the victims, both White, as a father and step-daughter: Charles Nicholas Wall, 45, and Laura Ashley Anderson, 21, both of Georgetown. Wall and Anderson were two of three people allegedly shot by Ty Sheem Ha Sheem Walters, III, a Black man, following a minor traffic accident on Highway 521 near Indian Hut Road and Highmarket Street.
    These 4 senseless murders, are hate crimes, and are not the only cases of Black on White homicide recorded the month. I think the media shares as much blame for these crimes as the perps.

    • Joe: I might make a case for diminished capacity. Imagine a mob getting a bullied kid an assault rifle.

      Sounds too much like several other problems like Sandy Hook and Columbine.

      Then again, this if far from the first Trump supporting murderer.

    • Sandman’s counsel was backed by the Catholics, and we have to wonder why the same is hired here by a family that does not resemble Wealthy Elites. At least sandman was with a school outing, so the school was on the hook. Who is on the hook here ? Pro Bono my ass.

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