Blockbuster: NEO, America’s Fake Civil War


    By Gordon Duff and New Eastern Outlook of the Russian Academy of Science (Est: 1816)

    The United States, in the fourth year of the Trump presidency, is in near anarchy.

    On April 29, 2020, a 600-car caravan, mostly trucks, from the ‘suburbs’ of Portland, Oregon, drove through town on what was ostensibly a Trump political rally.

    Demonstrating in town, and at this time no one is sure exactly what is being demonstrated for or against, were a few hundred “stragglers.”  The real demonstrations had ended some time ago, moved on elsewhere.

    Activists fighting racism had been superseded by others, the bored, the unemployed and those with broader issues against America’s love affair with fascism, under the guise of neoconservatism.

    Those driving through town were not really what one would consider suburban. One typically thinks of suburbs as affluent, educated, mostly “white” middle management, small business owners and skilled factory labor.

    What came into town was not so much suburban but rural. Rural America is largely the permanently unemployed, those suffering from substance abuse issues, the uneducated but, as with typical inner cities, rural Americans are “white.”

    Rural America is, in fact, the ghetto for white people.

    In Portland, one person was killed, no one yet knows who or why, as those out on the streets, the car caravan, the stragglers, all pretty much marginalized members of society, and if one would check, an equal smattering of felony convictions, weapons charges and failed lives.

    But what constitutes a failed life in the United States?  Depending on the standard and one’s values and sense of clarity, everyone but Donald Trump is a failure, which Donald Trump reminds all of us of every single day.

    Not everyone can be a “super genius,” who (according to Trump’s own sister) hired someone to take his college entrance exams and, most probably, do all his work as well.

    America is about privilege, not so obvious as Britain where the scoundrels of yesteryear leave titles and properties and the inherent privileges therein ensconced to their miserable progeny.

    To be a success in the US, it is necessary for one to adhere oneself to privilege, giving up any and all pretense of individuality or conscience. One must become ruthlessly aggressive, on behalf of overlords initially and, as one gains the skill and trust of the Deep State, use position to move others aside.

    Success in America is based on psychopathy, wile, and deceit. With it comes military rank, seats in congress, seats in boardrooms, and the other perks, private golf memberships, large boats, and membership in other organizations.

    The scandals that have rocked America over recent months have made one thing clear above all, that sexual immaturity and envy, often racially driven, lack of moral center and physical prowess now defines America’s elites.

    The “self-made” men and women are few and far between.

    Thus, to understand what a civil war in America is like and why it could only be fake, one must understand who Americans are. This will also explain why America has become so irrelevant in today’s world, why America is known for its fat people, for its ignorance and for its national policies that do nothing for America and yet victimize the world on behalf of some unseen force.

    This explains the addiction, seemingly coming to an end, for using the term Deep State, a form of intellectual laziness and, moreover deflection-disinformation as well. I think we all know who we are really talking about when we use that very convenient term that the mainstream media has told us is allowable.

    Nothing anti-Semitic about “Deep State.”  It is not an attack on “elites” or the “Perfumed Princes of the Pentagon” or the “Banksters.”  In fact, any real group culpable of bringing the world to its knees can and does stand up and cheer at the use of “Deep State.”

    The real enemy has now become a phantom from a graphic novel.

    Truth is a dangerous thing.  People are weak, easily influenced and, at heart, lost and fearful.  Not all people are equal with many, too many, incapable of the level of discernment required to live in a state where a psychological war scripted by Nobel Prize winners was declared, decades ago, against the American people, among others.

    Sewing fear, distrust and hate is their product and total control of institutions, once few in number, now all, is their power and majesty.

    Google and Facebook, this is where the civil war starts.  The two names, Brin, and Zuckerberg, look to them above all. These are the real centers of power.

    It is for Brin and Zuckerberg to deflect and disinform, to send the blind masses after George Soros and Bill Gates. Soros, known for his fanatic hatred of all things Bolshevik is an easy target, a huge critic of Israel’s policies against the Palestinians.

    Opposing Israel’s policies is dangerous in the US. Few in the US are aware that Israel itself is near civil war, as demonstrations go on week after week in that country against the dictatorial rule of Netanyahu, who faces prison for corruption and holds onto power through orchestrating political unrest in the region.

    This is why Israel is under investigation related to what Donald Trump has coined the “attack” on Beirut.  Trump says it was a bomb, quoting experts at the Pentagon.

    The media says everything but that, and investigations will say nothing or make something up. Truth no longer exists, not for the general public, but then why should the general public care when, in the US at least 40 percent of them are unemployed, with half that number facing homelessness and nearly 200,000 of them dead already from COVID?

    So, who is going to fight this civil war?

    First of all, you need the disaffected. Those are people who hate themselves and, thus, feel envy toward others and are likely to look to violence and populism. Hitler was good at managing this kind of person, as the world very well knows.

    Were one to look at the realignment of wealth inside the US since Reagan took office, perhaps before, it might become clear.  In 1970, a family with an income of $20,000 per year was considered lower income, just above the poverty level depending on how many children in the family.

    Today, that figure, unadjusted for inflation, is $28,000.

    An automobile that cost $3000 in 1970 costs $30,000 today.  A home that would cost $25,000 in 1970 costs $175,000 today.  A can of soup that cost 10 cents in 1970 costs one dollar today.

    In 1970, most Americans had fully paid health insurance. 80%, while today only 4% have fully paid insurance. Most Americans are subject to lowered levels of care, often life threatening, due to public health policies written by insurance company lobbyists.

    In fact, under Trump certainly but Reagan and in both Bush presidencies, public policy has raised costs manifold for public utilities, for health and all other insurances, while weakening protections against poisoned air, food, water and, most telling of all, predatory business practices.

    Creating fear is a way of engineering social unrest. Poverty is a great source of fear.

    Let us look at wages.  In 1963, a 16-year-old retail worker going to school made around $1.25 per hour, while a unionized industrial worker made around $2.00.

    The good thing was that industrial workers had fully paid benefits and worked significant overtime, and the things they needed to buy cost very little by today’s standards.

    Oh, there was also 60 million of them.

    Today only 4 percent of workers belong to unions.  The minimum wage, then $1.25 is now $7.25.  As the minimum wage, then mostly for part time student workers, has increased nearly 600 percent in 60 years, the cost of living has increased 800% according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    The problem there is that while minimum wage workers 60 years ago were very few, and in the then poverty stricken Southern United States and migrant agricultural workers only, today minimum wage jobs or near minimum wage is the “gold standard,” and work without benefits is the norm.

    The result is fear.

    The US now has, officially, the highest level of single parent homes, at 23%, according to Pew Research, the highest of any nation in the world.

    The US also has the highest level of illegal drug use in the world as well, with just under 10% using serious drugs on a regular basis, not counting cannabis, alcohol, or cigarettes.

    Other areas are more subjective, and though it is always dangerous to generalize, it can safely be said that the quality of public education in the US is poor in relationship to other first and second world nations, with the US now hovering near “second world” status in many key areas.

    The US can no longer be compared to Norway or Germany, genuine first world nations.

    To look at the framing as to why a population could be turned on itself in a civil war, one needs only to see the level of fear and ignorance and gullibility.

    A discussion of politicized religion in suburban and rural areas certainly applies, where traditional Christian values, accepting that the United States is a largely Christian nation or chooses to see itself as such, can easily point to religious leaders who are deeply corrupt yet massively powerful.

    We then return to the idea of failure. People who see themselves as failures are potential fodder for extremism, expressed after 9/11 as xenophobic rage against Islam, certainly engineered by criminal elements, something no one doubts or questions anymore.

    Today it is American against American, based on race and educational level.

    The social lubricant is ignorance, fear, and poverty. The leverage is applied through Google and Facebook, through controlled, even scripted media and serves, whom?

    There are other issues but one important one is regional traditions.

    The US went through a massive migration at both the end of the Civil War, after 1865 and during the Second World War. The Southern and Border States, the rural South and Appalachia, emptied of both African Americans and whites as well.

    African Americans went North, largely, eventually “landing” in cities, defining the struggles we see today.

    The rural whites at first moved West, escaping persecution by the Northern victors in the Civil War and then during World War II, the remainder who did not serve in the military, both men and women, sought employment in war plants in the north.

    These settled in cities that also were home to rural African American populations as well, and decades of social unrest ensued as these two opposing groups from the South came to blows, fighting over the lowest economic sector in the affluent North.

    The North settled very differently than the South. With industrialization, waves of immigrants, Norway, Sweden and Finland, settled in the Midwest rural areas for lumber and farming; while Germany, Hungary and Poland became the staple for industrial workers. Irish and Italian settlers were prominent in the Northeast.

    Southern immigrants who moved north brought their traditions, religious practices which included “speaking in tongues” and handling poisonous snakes, but those who were less religious, and this differentiation is key to understanding the South, brought a tradition of violence, of race hatred and of extreme ignorance.

    Frighteningly, it is this sector that has migrated into such areas as law enforcement, people who were unfit for skilled industrial work. This is, in reality, the explanation for the bizarre and primitive nature of the police violence seen in parts of the US.

    As time moved on, the Irish Catholics and poor Italians, the Greeks as well, advanced socially and economically. The Germans and Hungarians prospered, as did Southern whites, but to a lesser degree than others.

    Similarly African Americans faced the challenges of injustice and racism and a breakdown of social norms, not unlike that of resettled Southern whites, with high degrees of drug use and inherent criminality, mostly in urban African American communities.

    But, as poverty reemerged in post Reagan America, suburban and rural poor began to suffer social degeneration.

    These are some of the factors, all that we can easily discuss today, that has led the US to the divisions that make a form of civil war possible, if only one orchestrated by political operatives, social media and blown out of proportion by the mainstream media.

    Each region of the US has a different mix and history, each with a narrative that, when exploited, can draw on old feuds to fuel racial and social discord.

    This is the new politics of America and will, also frighteningly, decide the 2020 election which may well decide the fate of the world for generations.

    Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of  VT, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”


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    1. The Hidden Hand that selected Trump to be president is the same Hidden Hand that has been savagely trying to oust him ever since he occupied the Oval Orifice. “Order out of chaos”. All conspiracy, no theory.

      • No, David, it is the same hand. You can tell because the “trying to oust” Trump hand only focuses the public on Trump, never the “selected Trump” hand. And I mean the real hand, not the fake “Russia got Trump elected, ignore the warmongering against all of Russia’s allies” hand.

    2. What about you John, are you marching through your neighborhood demanding positive change ? No, I think not, but you insist others do.
      That, is the mark of a coward.

    3. It is amazing to me how many confederate flags I see in rural upstate NY. They are not flying to pledge allegiance to the south. This to me epitomizes the confusion and pervasive belligerence that is like a stain on US consciousness. The stain is pushed deeper into the fabric, through inter-generational dogma’s screamed and shouted while they beat their children. The welts and pain do not wash off easily. These same people, many of them women, flood the comment sections with cries of “The protestors did not get spanked enough as children”…..

    4. The Violent Crime Rate* in Alaska is CRAZY!

      Population: 739K.
      Violent Crimes: 6,133.
      Rate: 0.829

      Close to 1% of Alaskans commit violent crimes!

      Will Trump send his gangs to clean it up?

      “Portland is a mess and it has been for many years. If this joke of a mayor doesn’t clean it up, we will go in and do it for them!”

      * FBI link below, pending moderation.

    5. All this street theater is just like Berlin in 1933. Trump is fanning the flames of disorder in cities like Kenosha, Portland, and Minneapolis so he can send in his own storm-trooper-like private militia to put down the unrest, thus playing the part of the “law and order” president. Actually, it might just work given how easily Americans are taken in by this con man.

      Problem is, what happens after he’s re-elected? What will be his new “Reichstag fire” that will justify declaring martial law and suspending the Constitution? We might have elected a new Hitler who will be president for life. Don’t say it can’t happen, Trumpsters… Or, do you want it to happen?

      • Trevor Noah was correct about the Kenosha BS. That Trump and his followers are trying to make the shooter look like some kind of patriot shows how much they’re living in a dream world… Like, it’s 1933 all over again.

        “Hindenburg’s reelection failed to prevent the Nazis from assuming power. Two successive federal elections later that year left it as the largest party in the Reichstag and anti-Weimar parties in the majority. Under this political climate, Hindenburg appointed Hitler as Chancellor of Germany in January 1933.” He went on to become Führer following the Reichstag fire. Again, don’t say it can’t happen, Trumpsters… Or, do you want it to happen?

    6. I know, am friends with a few, and am related to some who believe and see the world nearly opposite to my worldview. They are not Satan worshipers, most believe they are god-fairing -or not- and for the most part they are very good people. Some are very rich and some are paycheck to paycheck, I love them and they are part of my life. They fit into various groups, profiles and many are – unbelievably to me – Trump supporters. They are Drs., businesspersons, lawyers, developers, carpenters and the like. These are the people THEY want us to have a Civil War with and vise versa. That is the fake civil war. The real one is with, if you have been paying attention, well,… you all know who, and there should be nothing civil about it.

      • I am not sure because I was not there, but I think the boys in Vietnam may have given us an idea how it’s done. Fragging comes to mind, on a whole ‘nother level.

      • Exactly!
        YOU don’t, but many of THEM do believe Hillary/Dems are Satanists.

        Trump’s base is the Bible Belt.

        “Saying no to Trump is saying no to God”
        – Televangelist Paula White.

        But White Supremacists (Trump’s “VeryFinePeople”) – not Satanists – are #1 domestic terrorists.

        Trump & Alex Jones literally DEMONized Hillary (the real WitchHunt).

        And called her a clone.
        (While ironically, Trump’s the one who:

        – Doesn’t know how umbrellas work.
        – Thinks you can ingest disinfectant.
        – Thinks you need ID for groceries.
        – Thinks you get a bill for gas at the pump.)

        Pollsters poll everything… Except this.
        I repeatedly implored top rated pollsters to poll it.

      • “They” = Trump. Drumpf.

        He incites*.

        Truth is “the first casualty of war”, but lies also start wars.

        Trump is the most prolific liar of AllTime.

        A reporter just asked him about the QAnon mantra he’s the “Savior vs a Satanic DeepState PizzaGate cabal of [Leftist] pedophile child traffickers”.

        He pretended not to have heard of it but said, “Sounds good to me”.

        Truth is what makes him look good, everything else is FakeNews.

        * Started with inciting violence vs protesters at campaign rallies and offering to pay legal fees, then… denying it happened, literally the next day.

      • Trolls incite.

        Hence the old Trump Troll Dolls with phone in hand.

        “We elected the first internet troll President.”

        – Dave Chappelle on SNL, January 2017.

      • After inciting violence at campaign rallies, Drumpf graduated to sending vigilantes to the Mex border.

        He lied (by a factor of… 666 👿) about “4,000 #BadHombres on Terror Watchlist, caught at border”.

        (Always more caught at Canada border:
        #BuildTheWall there!)

        Now he’s sending vigilantes to “Rat infested Democrat ShitHoles” to fight a “violent anarchist mob” #WallOfMoms.


        USA was literally #BornInProtest.

        I used to rhetorically say “Trump hates protest. He hates USA.”

        But the truth is more that he’s fine with White Supremacist/Confederate protest, like Charlottesville.

    7. Whites, Blacks, ( oh the horror) , inter racial! We hold the doors for each other at Walmart and hope we can weather this storm. As a Vonnegut reader once wrote, “Where love fails, politeness prevails”.

    8. While you’re explaining America…

      What explains why active duty AND veterans supported with donations a “radical” Socialist, more than Trump AND all Dems? In 2016 AND 2020!

      Explain that, VT.
      Much harder than explaining why Trump & corporate media call him a crazy radical.

      Trump: Runs SOLELY on a 35% TrumpTAX tariff TAX.

      Mark Cuban: Advocates a 10% Wall Street sales tax.

      Media: Crickets.

      Bernie: Advocates 0.5% WallSt sales tax.

      Media: He’s a CRAZY RADICAL 😱!!!

    9. I am assuming that Duff’s definition of “rural” includes small towns and unincorporated housing clusters – that is where most of the people he describes live (but the non-farmers that live out of sight and hearing of neighbors – often on dead-end roads – are generally the most mentally unbalanced).

      • I have had warning shots fired over my head on two different occasions while on a public roadway in Wisconsin, and was confronted by a very angry resident for accidentally turning down the dead-end road he lived on in Indiana (this was pre GPS).

        I assume it was similar persons who caused Gordon Duff vast personal discomfort?

    10. Gullibility, Paranoia, Ignorance & Arrogance.

      Generally true for Americans, moreso Trumptards*, but what explains
      why Trump’s base is the Bible Belt?

      They may be Professional KoolAid Drinkers & Hypocrites, but…
      is that explanation enough?

      Honestly, I overlooked it.
      And I publicly “predicted” Trump winning before anyone.

      Palast publicly predicted it in March 2016 (on RT). I did it in Nov 2015.
      Professor Lichtman – who gets all the credit, wasn’t till September 2016!

      I predicted it because ALL media anointed Spanky “Tough on Trade”.
      And the “UnPolitician”.
      They gave him smiley 😀 stickers & 🍭 for his decree “Obama was born here, period”.
      While they called “inauthentic pandering” on Liz Warren for a mere beer sip!..

      • … But we shoulda all been wrong!

        Agent Orange doesn’t win without DeepState Comey kneecapping Hillary right before the dance.

        (How many of the allegedly wrong polls were taken AFTER Comey’s Surprise?)

      • … And epic INSECURITY, as the article mentions.

        DramaQueenDon AND SlickJr Trump BOTH looking over their wife’s shoulder as they voted.

        The kneejerk – but enduring – reactions that see BLM as:

        “ONLY Black Lives Matter”.

        “Black Lives Matter MORE”.

        “Blue Lives Dont Matter”…

        So the insecure AltRight went to their safespace and tried morphing it into a politically correct ALM.

        And they go to Portland, to confront a #WallOfMoms.

      • … Why don’t they go to “protect” Alaska: homicide rate capital* of USA?

        (And why won’t the media report it?)

        * #1 homicide rate, but still undercounted, as Alaska is also #1 in missing persons rate; with TRIPLE that of the #2 State!

    11. Great points.
      It’s The Economy, Stupid!

      USA won/was given the World Reserve Currency franchise and is #PlayingWithHouseMoney.

      Like Matt Damon said to a vague Middle East country in Syriana: “You had the world’s greatest resource and wasted it”.

      We use it to give WallSt $7T in socialist welfare (the govt was buying junk bonds!) in one week, while the “Christian” GOP whines about $600/wk unemployment being too much.
      ($600/wk is bottom 15% income, so they’re really saying they don’t want THEM making “too much”, and will sacrifice everyone else to avoid it.)

      Mammon* Worshippers/Servers!

      We only pay workers the scraps of productivity.

      Whatever… “trickles down” Mammon’s chin.

      * Historically depicted as… an orange guy!
      (But “God” went beyond that symbolism with Trump, an orange guy who also lived in a golden tower.)

      • … And remember, Trump gave farmers* socialist welfare bailouts bigger than the auto bailouts from the 2008 meltdown.

        Socialist welfare bailouts not resulting from Wall Street’s global financial meltdown or a pandemic, but…

        A TrumpTAX tariff TAX.

        Trump ran on a new 35% tax.
        The GOP loves it, the media was mum, as they anointed him “Tough on Trade”.

        * Not the ½ of US farmers that are undocumented.

    12. Very revealing dive into socioeconomic, racial and religious factors driving the increasingly exploitable American public.
      I find the term Corporate State more accurately describes “deep state”. As it is only beholden to the Almighty dollar. By definition and law, prophet is our new god and corporations have attained unimprisonable personhood.

      • While the [diversionary bugaboo] Federal Reserve Banks are effectively NONPROFIT:

        Returns all* profits to US Treasury every year.

        A simple, basic fact about their country most here will never realize.

        Like the Trumptard who cant handle the simple, self-evident truth that…

        #OpenBorders “#MadeAmericaGreat.”

      • I think I follow you, The Deep State is a Cute term, it works in a similar way that Conspiracy Theorist does. It relegates those that use the phrase or follow deemed theories to irrelevance. The terms provide cover, hide truth and allow chaos to rule.

        We run into trouble when we lump all people from the various groups, rich and poor, ethnicity’s and genders, urban, rural, suburban as all belonging to the stereotype. I work with many folks and try to treat all with equal care. What I see is, there is often more pain than unity within these groups. They say you are more likely to be killed or wronged by family or ‘friends’ than strangers. Perhaps that explains why publicly those wronged ‘within’ lash out at ‘others’ maybe they feel it is a safer way to vent inescapable frustrations. I do not mean to say “there are good people on both sides”. However I will say there are f-d up people on all sides. And if we collectively cannot realize this, the deep state will win and we will Civil War.

      • No, I agreed with your first post. Now sounds like you’ve got it backwards.

        The AltRight/Trumptards* created “DeepState”.
        As a new “NWO” or “Globalists” to cover anyone who disagrees, more specifically delude people into believing Trump an honest reformer. (And anyone opposing him must be corrupt DeepState.)

        It was NOT created by AntiTrumpers (or anyone else) to “relegate [Trumper] theories to irrelevance”, or anything else. That’s exactly backwards.

    13. For certain we can agree that this “Civil war” is a fake… a set up… created by the likes of people like George Soros. What you have failed to mention – which I ascertained even before reading, is that VT endorsed the authors of this fake civil war. You failed to understand the “russian collusion” canard as a fake instituted by your DNC heroes, and you fail to mention that it is a set piece along with the COVID-19/5G false flag. When once I attempted to help your cause by correcting some egregious grammatical errors that to the literate reading public would pretty much relegate your thinking in their minds as less potent than the essential points you were making at the time, I was treated to a snotty retort that if I were one of your “elite” staff of writers I’d be earning a lot more. Yes, I supposed so inasmuch as it is probably quite difficult to find people having no conscience such that they are comfortable with lying – as long as they are lying in favor of the religion they believe in. Otherwise, it appears that your “intelligence-related” staff has largely spent its time shoved so far down within the compartments within which they once worked that they have no real idea of the nature of the game at all. That isn’t surprising. You’ve rendered your publication completely untrustworthy by these abuses. That’s a sad thing.

      • Calvin: Your post reeks of paid Zionist stooge. Thanks for stopping by. Not a single word shows signs of you and reality existing in the same time and space. Yes, we all should die, god save Israel and Calvin.

      • Although over the years, I have had many Jewish friends… none were friends of Zionists. Indeed, in the seventies we parted company because they were Marxist-Maoist-Leninist and I had read Sohlzhenitzyn by then. I’m all for wealth sharing equitably, especially in light of monopoly capitalism and the curveball that throws our Republic (which I firmly believe in). You support Hillary Clinton. You can’t possibly have read anything of substance about her and her husband – effectively appointees of George Bush I… big friends there. You haven’t for example, read “The Boys on the Tracks” … a completely non-partisan account of the murder of two boys in Arkansas… the coverup aided and abetted by the governor and effectively by his wife. You can’t possibly have read “The Strange Death of Vince Foster” – a full, detailed account of the Clinton murder of their long-time friend and associate. Oh no… they never sully their hands with trigger pulling – that’s true. Your accusations of “Zionist tool” are obviously projections on your part. I have never had anything to do with them – the horrifying political cabal that runs the DNC and likely Trump as well. So what? Your “anti-Trump” diatribes are preposterous and certainly you know it.

    14. “Success in America is based on psychopathy, wile, and deceit. With it comes military rank, seats in congress, seats in boardrooms, and the other perks, private golf memberships, large boats, and membership in other organizations.” Sounds like what St. Paul called the “powers that be” and what Jesus called the “Synagogue of Satan.” For thousands of years their god has been Mammon, Babylonian Money Magic is their game, and at this point I wonder if they’re even human, maybe some insidious AI profit algorithm.

      They certainly have no use for most human beings, hence bioweapons like COVID-19 designed to cull the human herd down to more manageable numbers. Henry Kissinger said in 2016, “Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the third world…” Maybe they’ll keep a few of us around as pets.

    15. Nicely and accurately described. The only part that I’m not sold on is the “but those who were less religious, and this differentiation is key to understanding the South, brought a tradition of violence, of race hatred and of extreme ignorance.”

      • We called them ‘rednecks’ in the Piedmont areas, and hillbillies up in the mountains. Hillbillies despised “low landers” for everything that they weren’t, envy driven, and desperate to push blacks down below them. I was up in Mornganton, NC. once with a premed NC State roommie taking me to his grandparents. On the way up he had to prepare me what not to talk about. At breakfast Sunday morning Grampa talked about how he had only gone down from the mountains twice. And the last black that set foot in the county not long after WWII, and that he got hanged. His son across the street had a black bear on at 15 foot chain anchored to a cut off telephone pole about 8 feet high. The ‘bad’ black bear he kept in a cage in the back, a pitfull thing to see. Grandma’s breakfast, wow (4 meats, includind venison)… I have never had anything like it since.

      • Thank you for the clarification Jim. I see what you mean. Trekking the Banner Elk mountains way back then it was clearly there.

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