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[ Editor’s Note: I would have lost a bet with Gordon that the West would have given up on these staged Novichok poisonings so as not to expose the ones they have gotten away with so far. Survival in the offensive Intel world requires never establishing a behavior pattern.

Former Russian sleeper agent Jack Barsky’s US passport

There is not even a theoretical chance that Russia would have done this officially. It had no motive to, actually just the opposite. Navalny’s opposition has no effect whatsoever on anything the Russian government wants to do.

Once the US NGOs interfering in the Russian election process were kicked out, the opposition voting strength dropped off two thirds when their funding left.

I figured the Novichok poisonings out all by myself. I did not even have to hire an expensive spy to steal the information for me. There was never anything for Russia to have gained by a very public knocking off of defectors.

So now, let’s consider who would have had a motive…the US, Britain? Yes and yes. As for Germany, I would be lying if I said yes. On first blush, it is not their style; but their claims to have found Novichok in his blood when the Russians did not, puts Germany on the suspect list, especially when it did not supply any proof. 

This has become the new normal in geopolitics, to make huge claims with no proof, despite having huge Intel agencies that are paid a ton of money to get proof. You need proof to go to the UN Security Council. I remember the Cuban missile crisis clear as a bell, even though a young boy at the time.

Like the circus that Britain put on with the ex-Russian spy and daughter, who seems to have disappeared so they cannot be interviewed, that fiasco is now solidly in the hoax column. There was no Russian motive there either.

Russian Intel does not give a crap about some old Cold War turncoat spy. What was turned over had nothing to do with Putin’s presidency, and no one cared anymore. There are a number of old spies running around the US, having a great time.

I met Soviet sleeper agent Jack Barsky in Atlanta when he was a guest speaker for our Atlanta Chapter of the Assoc. for Former Intelligence Officers.

I later interviewed him and booked him as a speaker for my Military Order of World Wars chapter. They were fascinated by his story, and I featured him on VT.

I have a video of Barsky which is waiting in the big pile of other fascinating interviews to get edited and archived where political correctness cannot take it down.

Barsky never did much and was released after a full debriefing. He wrote a book, The spy who came on from the cold and was living a normal life in Atlanta after having his East German kids fly over for a reunion after they found out why their dad was never around.

I check in on him now and then, and he has never had any issues with the old KGBJim W. Dean ]

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– First published … September 07, 2020

The fact that Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny was put out of coma indicates that it was not Novichok nerve agent used against him in the event of his poisoning, Russian scientist Leonid Rink, who was directly involved in the development of Novichok, said.

“I rule out his poisoning, because there are no symptoms. But even if a concentration 400 times less than the lethal dose was used, he would come out of a coma, but miosis [constriction of the pupil] would still be observed. There were no such symptoms here”, Rink said.

According to the scientist, Novichok was developed in order to replace nuclear weapons on the battlefield and has a 100 percent lethality.

“So this isn’t Novichok”, Rink noted.

Navalny fell ill during a domestic Russian flight on 20 August. He was initially treated in the Siberian city of Omsk, where the plane made an emergency landing. Two days later, once the doctors established he was fit for cross-border aerial transportation, the 44-year-old was flown to the Charite hospital for further treatment.

Last week, the German government said that doctors found traces of a nerve agent from the Novichok group in his system. Moscow responded by pointing out to the lack of evidence in Berlin’s claims and noting that Russian doctors had found no toxic substances in Navalny.

Within the context, Moscow sent requests for legal assistance and more information on Navalny’s case. In response, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said that Berlin could share the information about Navalny, but it was a multistage process.


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  1. Truth that should be being said everywhere? In 2015, Russia exposed the USA (to the entire world) for supporting terrorists in Syria! And that forced the USA to admit (to the whole world) they had recruited — Trained — Armed — Supplied — Protected — Paid — And used brutal terrorists, the “Free Syria Army” (sorry, Americans like the term “moderate head chopping fake rebels” it’s only terrorists to the rest of this world, my mistake). And not one American person/civilian of ANY race, has ever condemned it? Not one has done the right thing, and stood up against it? Or even protested against it, demanding it stops? As every other society on earth would be doing, if any of their governments were forced to admit what the USA admitted?.

    The only society we’ve ever seen do this before (not even protest against their own country’s killing, once the people found out) was Nazi Germany 1933-1945, and that’s the only time in modern history the people have done what the American people are today, or rather what they’re not doing?

    This is the biggest problem facing this world today? The American people don’t know right from wrong any more? The American people themselves, are a bigger danger than even their criminal government today?

    • Every other country/society throughout modern history, who have found out one way or another, that their own country was murdering or supporting murder, (whether at home, or abroad), have all, at the very least stood up against it and protested against it? Some have even lost their lives doing so? But every other society in modern history, have all always been 100% against it, apart from Nazi Germany 1933-1945. And today, the USA. It’s Shocking!

    • You’re all in for one hell of a rude awakening? It’s like none of you understand how hated you’ve become all over this world? CLUELESS. And even now you’ll try to deny it?

  2. @ Seapatch,
    guter kommentar, aber wir als Steuerzahler müssen diesen Hokus- Pokus
    bezahlen. Man versucht uns Bürger für blöd zu halten. Aber die Leute sind
    nicht so dumm wie sie glauben. Gruß Werner

  3. Hey Herr Jim W.Dean,
    was glauben Sie was in Deutschland los ist, hier rennen nur Irre herum
    unvorstellbar.Selbst unser Diplomaten völlig Irre. Man führt ein Theater auf als wenn der Leibhaftige auf gestanden ist, wegen dem kleinen Straßenköter. Grüß Euch Werner

  4. I wonder when is he going to disappear. It seems to be a logical sequence after what we’ve been witnessing in Scripals’ case.

  5. Simply distraction to stop people waking up to those lies that have been around for nearly 8500 years now. Those liars in power that shouldn´t be here in germany are full of shit and use every lie to discredit Russia, USA and other allied forces to take over germany again using SMAD/SHAEF. We are still under ocupation by the same thugs.

  6. “engineering assessment” relating to the OPCW’s investigation of an alleged chemical attack in Douma, Syria, last year. Written by OPCW staff member Ian Henderson it was marked “draft for internal review” and “do not circulate”.
    In his assessment Henderson suggested that two gas cylinders found in Douma and examined by the OPCW’s Fact-Finding Mission had been “manually placed”. This conflicted with the published official report of the investigation which implied they had been dropped from the air (though it did not explicitly say so).
    The argument about “air-dropped” versus “manually placed” is an important one. If the cylinders were dropped from the air the obvious implication is the Assad regime was responsible, since rebel fighters in Syria had no aircraft. “Manually placed”, on the other hand, could support claims by the regime’s defenders that rebel fighters faked a chemical attack in order to discredit the regime.
    Henderson’s assessment was not mentioned in the FFM’s official report — prompting claims on social media that it had been suppressed for political reasons. The Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and Media — which published the leaked document — presented it as evidence that the OPCW “has been hijacked at the top by France, UK

  7. Former OPCW head Jose Bastino has stated that psychopath John Bolton[yes. even back then the Walrus was psychopathing around] threatened to murder his two children if he did not come on board with the US lie that Saddam Hussein had ‘weapons of mass destruction’. You can see this interview on RT archives. Current fool OPCW head held up a half glass of water and stated that this amount was used on the Scripals. Scientists denounced this[on Rt not your Zionist slide show] as being ludicrous as that much in aerosol form would kill everyone on a city block[4000]. Russian oligarchs who hate Putin can make Novichok or do any false flag they like because they have the money to do so. Also the Swiss lab [OPCW] stated that it was BX or similar used on the scripals to stun not kill but your wailing wall st media did not let American zombies see this information.

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