Woodward Blockbuster: 2016 Election Machines Rigged with Malware – Trump loss averted by espionage


— Woodward reports new details on Russia’s election meddling, writing that the NSA and CIA have classified evidence the Russians had placed malware in the election registration systems of at least two Florida counties, St. Lucie and Washington.

While there was no evidence the malware had been activated, Woodward writes, it was sophisticated and could erase voters in specific districts. The voting system vendor used by Florida was also used in states across the country.

What you aren’t being told is that no evidence was allowed to be collected for reasons of ‘national security.’  Evidence was everywhere but no one would take it.

The fix was in.

Read the entire piece at CNN, where this gem was hidden in plain sight.


Special software written to crack wide open Diebold voting machines was loaded (manually) onto voting machines in up to a dozen states in accordance with a mathematical plan to rig the 2016 election with a surprise win for a candidate down 14% in the polls and down 4 million votes in final count…after up to 15 million votes were hacked using malware.

Diebold is pure CIA.  In 1990/91, Soviet bankers toured the US, financed by Diebold in order to supposedly learn about installing automatic teller machines.

Instead, a CIA heist was arranged to launder soon to be looted Soviet cash through the bankrupt Trump organization into Kosher Nostra coffers. VT knows everyone involved as we were at the table.

The plan was known about in 2015 when VT through its attorneys, Thomas Mattingly and Bart Fisher, contacted intelligence officials.  Nothing was done, the ‘fix’ was in.

I have enjoyed telling this to the FBI several times while being interrogated.  They seem to hate hearing it.

Where there were recounts, like Wisconsin or Ohio, GOP precincts reported voting at up to 116% of registered, not one or two with many reporting 95% or above while areas like Milwaukee strangely reported very low turnout, the opposite of what poll watchers observed in real time.

The massive Woodward bombshell has, hidden in its bowels, a pure ‘nuke.’  Evidence of the 2016 election, not just Florida but Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan…all were hacked by software loaded onto voting machines from Russia.

Each of these states was a Trump loss, all turned with malware. We traced the first use of malware to Ohio in 2004 when GOP voting software guru Mike Connell admitted that he had been paid to write programs to flip votes. When he asked for protection after being threatened by Karl Rove, then White House advisor, Connell died in a mysterious plane crash, almost as though he were a Democratic senator.


As to the actual culprit?  VT looks at this in this Moscow published article in English and Russian:

NEO: It Seems Russia is Rigging America’s Election, but is it True?

NEO: It Seems Russia is Rigging America’s Election, but is it True?


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  1. Page 7 of 15 in your link is completely black. Also the url appears to be a link but readers will have to cut & paste the link to view.vOn election day the armored car fleets should be conscripted into service of honest elections and deliver votes with the exact same security used to transport bags of nickels. Elections will
    be fair and legitimate only if the citizens DEMAND fair and legitimate elections. Infractions of any kind should be punished by “corporal punishment” in the public square.
    Justice in Singapore…

  2. I’ve been tracking voting fraud for almost a couple of decades, and the problems with the Diebold machines have been widely known and have been ignored by the two main political parties and by the law enforcement industry simply because they all support election fraud as a method of controlling election results.

    I suspect the only method of cleaning up election fraud is 1) to have the FBI run background checks on all candidates, 2) register all US citizen voters (only American citizens, no duals or foreigners, and certainly no dead people), 3) remove all electronic voting machines, 4) remove the voter secrecy requirement, 5) make all votes open, public, and monitored, 6) use archival paper ballots universally, and 7) securely archive the ballots for a minimum of ten years. I think there should also be a whistle blower hotline that can provide a recorded method of identifying election fraud in any place of voting. This should help keep the communists and other miscreants (like the political zionists) the hell out of the process.

    The DAR and vote monitors and watchers have historically done a good job at helping keep the election process clean, but when the electronic voting machines are buggered with, they have no chance at seeing the behind the scenes fraud.

    This article gets into public fraud and corruption a bit, including some earlier election fraud problems.


    • This is a start. When you add opening voter rolls, ending voter suppression laws, when you address the lack of polling places in Dem areas and then admit you are wrong about the ‘both parties ignored’ issue. The democrats never ignored this but the GOP has blocked over and over and over and over…

  3. Skimmers on gas pumps being found daily for years running now.

    The truth is, that if voting on issues, and actions, less than 25% of US people are Republican.

    They have to cheat or they won’t exist. The two party system should be viewed by the US public as hostile and misleading. We should have at least 5. but we are where we are… and with limited choices come limited decisions. The long game for the people should be to reorient the elections to issues and actions. This will require enormous amounts of time and education, but we have to do it. Anyone avoiding that, should be viewed as hostile.

  4. The corrupt members Democratic party machine in Jersey City NJ hired part-time a full-time mafia associate that had a day job installing telephone “swing-outs” circuits to evade the sports gambling police squad of Hudson County,a densely populated democratic stronghold located directly across the Hudson river from New York City NY.
    These telephone “swing-outs” prevented wiretap tracing leading to gambling boiler-rooms locations futile.
    The swing-outs were nicknamed “cheese-boxes” and the mafia nick-name for the man that built the custom made diverters was “cheese box Callahan”.
    Cheesebox also took a two week vacation from working for the organized gambling syndicate every October to work his 2nd job. Cheesebox’s sole skill was disassembling the lever and cam assemblies in the mechanical voting machines and reassembling the lever-cam mechanical program by moving the register cams in a precise pattern so no matter who the citizen voted for, the machine registered a democratic vote. After the polls closed on election night cheesebox and helpers removed the tampered cam lever assemblies and replaced them with legitimately configured assemblies guaranteed Democratic
    victory. The Republicans have moved thievery into the twenty-first century.

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