Blockbuster: A monologue by Dr. Preston James with Gordon Duff (classified/partially redacted)


    G, here is my take on the CV op. Your articles, especially the one today are excellent. Sad thing is that few are capable of accepting much truth ever, so most goes on deaf ears since you have burst many false hopes in T, and most cannot live without hope, they would rather believe a lie and feel better.

    NEO: Pandemic exposes US as only Bioweapons Superpower

    Years ago I was briefed by several high ranking former Intel who knew how these ops were conducted. The most surprising part was that the cover up teams are usually comprised of two or more divergent units, designed to create confusion and prevent anyone from really understanding the ops.

    I used to know somebody that trained with OP40 shooters and refused to go to Dealey Plaza where he was told he would be protecting the President. He was afraid they would set him up as a patsy. Same for Marita Lorenz (Castro’s girlfriend and the mother of his son), except she went in the two car caravan, but left the morning of the assassination because she wanted no part of it.

    There were 5 including US Army Intel, Naval Intel, CIA, and RFK’s secret agent, Oswald who was sent to infiltrate Op40 to stop the plot but was instead set up and prepped as patsy with the other 4. Tippet was actually supposedly shot by FBI man Liddy according to one insider for not shooting Oswald as ordered. Yes, many things went wrong, but the company had many ways to fix it all.

    For example the JFK Assassination was run by (XXX redacted name of former president) for Ed Lansdale, Ted Shackley, Allan Dulles, President LBJ, and Nixon (who started OP40 for President Eisenhower). The operations in Dallas were run out of LBJ’s lawyer’s Law firm building on the top floor, where the archives reside even to this very day.

    There were two teams, Team A on one floor and Team B on another floor (retired CIA, retired Army Intel, and retired FBI) all paid for with cemetery style “perpetuity funds”. Team A produced ghost written books that Oswald did it like they did for Norman Mailer who they blackmailed into cooperating–and Team B released actual facts proving the USG did it using the 5 eyes system and the mafia.

    There were over 200 Intel operatives and hitmen in Dealey Plaza photographed that day to provide many false leads to keep researchers arguing forever. Ruby had worked for Nixon but did not shoot Oswald; it was an FBI man, no frontal photo exists. Ruby was coerced into playing along. The Chicago Mafia had threatened to kill his two little dachshund dogs whom he loved like children. I was told this by the lady that rented her beauty shop from him where he had an office in the back, in addition to his Carousel Club bar lounge strip joint where the Dallas cops hung out and got free drinks.

    For those that have a very deep knowledge of the actual design and deployment of bioweapons, covert operations such as the various tests conducted in a number of American cities during the cold war (in my town, San Francisco, LA, NYC, Miami, and Cuba during the Secret War), they understand how these were done.

    Thousands of cases of cancer were from radiation (why we know so much about dirty bombs) which also had highly toxic cadmium sprayed with it. This was finally admitted in public hearings Bill Clinton allowed when he was president, and he personally apologized to all victims.

    I was briefed on some of these ops done against Cuba by Bradley Ayers (xxx redactions). He wrote a book about some of this. He never signed any confidentiality agreement because the white ghost, Ted Shackley his boss at the company, forgot to have him do it.

    Biological agents were seeded in Castro’s soap, toothpaste, into dispensed fleas; and many ops like special bacteria and viruses in pigs. And on one occasion, in his cigar by Marita Lorenz, whom he had a child with according to Jimmy Boots who was a close friend of hers and who saved her life when Frank Sturgis (Frank Fiorini–fellow OP 40 man) went to NYC to terminate her when she was subpoenaed to testify at the HSCA, which she was able to do.

    Many creative infection vectors were selected by the Technical Services Division. I knew a man, an attorney who was very close friends with the head of the TSD who I learned a lot from.

    Ops were usually divided into separate teams that were kept completely compartmented, especially in later years. You had the planning/design team. Then you had the deployment teams also separated from each other. Then you have the media teams for coverup ops who were experts at constructing many different conflicting confusing plausible cover stories, some designed to appeal to conspiracy oriented members of the public and others to appear to habitual deniers that the govt could ever do anything wrong.

    In NYC, these ops involve breaking bacterial and viral filled light-bulbs in the subways to infect the public with supposedly harmless test viruses. In at least one case, many died, and this was completely covered up.

    In xxxxxx low level radiation was sprayed in neighborhoods and heavily in one High School, where every student exposed was sterile for life supposedly. Urine samples were taken from local doctors’ offices, and blood samples from labs for analysis.

    I believe that this is either a Miltel op of the US ARMY at Fort Huachuca, or a joint CIA/Mossad op wherein CV is being randomly added to xxxredacted covertly. To me this is the only way that a wide variety of groups of types of infections occur. Adding these viral fragments to xxxxxxx randomly would explain the infection clusters. We know from Icelandic medical researchers that they found about 40 different varieties of CV-19, most fairly harmless and only a few serious.

    Now they are going to expand the op by going after the children in order to accentuate the op and upset folks the most. This was always part of the plan. It is all designed to destroy the old through generation of massive chaos, in order for their long desired Globalist NWO one-world satanic government to emerge. They have probably been randomly adding various serious strains of the CV-19 to prescription drugs given mostly older folks and some insulin too. This creates the clusters and makes it hard to understand infection routes. There are numerous well developed immediate cures for this CV-19, which responds to anti-parisitical agents like Ivermectin.

    When the ZCabal controls all the mainstream media for the last 50+ years, it is easy to completely mind-kontrol all through generating the reality they need to implement their Globalist NWO one-world satanic govt.

    Most money is always spent on the coverup, and the whole thing is run, planned and paid for by pure hard core Satanists, who are required to disclose this by masked display of the number sequence 666. Few know this.


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      • Many of the fires are arson, but not this particular one. The video is an old one, of the Forest Service doing a controlled burn from a helicopter.

    1. What Preston James says about different strains of COVID-19 causing virus being deliberately distributed to targeted populations makes sense, since patterns of infection (and re-infection) and spread have not been natural.

    2. “There are numerous well developed immediate cures for this CV-19, which responds to anti-parisitical agents like Ivermectin.” Yes, Dr James is right about anti-parasiticals and CV19. Other countries are using cheap anti-parasite generics, for prevention as well as therapy in early cases. Doctors here are using them too, but they are doing so quietly, having learned from the HCQ public relations disaster.

    3. “…paid for by pure hard core Satanists who are required to disclose this by masked display of the number sequence 666.”

      Hence the recent H.R. 6666 !

    4. I know redacted prez pretty obvious but what is the random deployment into XXXX? Anyone with any hints? Blood supplies? Toilet paper? Potato chips?

    5. First off, Bush Snr, the only person his age who could not remember where he was when JFK was killed, (photos show he was there) also take a look at the photos of Jack Rubinstein supposedly shooting Oswald. The shooter has thick square hairline at the back, when the real Jack R has wispery hairline, also shooter wearing light colored socks, when Ruby was stripped and photoed in his cell, is wearing black socks. Immediately after Oswald is shot, a blanket/sheet is thrown over shooter and is quickly led away.
      Jack R makes two phone calls to dispatch the night before warning of the shooting, voice recognized by seasoned Sgt as belonging to Rubinstein. TPTB could not afford any mistakes so an FBI agent was sent in to do the job, probably FBI agent Bookout.

      • I saw it live on TV as a kid, so have always assumed that Ruby shot Oswald but that’s how they work isn’t it! (It must be true it’s on TV…fooled me that’s for sute) so on purpose they staged it so everyone saw it happen live on TV, that was whole plan. Main thing was somehow they had to silence Oswald immediately as he was supposed to be the dead commie patsy already but someone messed up. Thanks for steering me straight! I heard they were going to kill his Ruby’s sister too if he didn’t take the fall.

    6. Our, “The Declaration of Independence”, The US Constitution, ‘1st 2nd Amendments’, are hurdles for the Satanic Zio-Rothschild International ‘One World Order’ Financial Crime Syndicate, so they are working, 24/7/365, for decades now, to unleash the ‘4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse’;- DISEASE, FAMINE, PESTILENCE, WAR,- to take the, ‘LAND of the FREE’ ..down the ASH HEAP of History! The American People, with their Weapons, are the biggest threat, for the Satanists to accomplish their goal, to turn our Planet into HELL, for US ALL!

      • Imre wrote:
        hurdles for the Satanic Zio-Rothschild International ‘One World Order’ Financial Crime Syndicate, so they are working, 24/7/365, for decades now, to unleash the ‘4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse’;- DISEASE, FAMINE, PESTILENCE, WAR,- to take the, ‘LAND of the FREE’ ..down the ASH HEAP of History!

      • … The enemies of humanity have a far greater agenda than to destroy American liberties by reduction of our applicable potentials, whether in the physiological or psychological sense. The weapon they are afraid of is not what they have gained a monopoly over ~ ownership over the fire ~ but rather knowledge of God. That does not mean one shouldn’t take measures to secure their liberties and guard themselves from the savagery of the system of denial and its subterfuge and agents … but consider this: Moses walked through a mine field that was laid for him almost everywhere he went within the domain Pharaoh and his people who usurped authority from the line of Jacob at Yusef. The same was for Jesus (Issa). The last thing the enemies of humanity want to happen is people waking up to what directed chaos, brouhaha, misdirection (as amply documented in the write up) and outright murderous agenda aims to prevent. It’s a matter of life or death for them and it doesn’t have anything to do with viruses or nuclear bombs. These are side notes or expressions of a symptom. And you can’t get this information from a “university” somewhere or hardly even from the transmitters of knowledge of religion from the old world (who certainly do recognize the signs of the times) because it’s mostly strange and in the West. This strangeness in character is what humanity is gradually evolving into and it can’t be pinpointed as the approach to the hour changes the vector slightly and our understanding of the hour itself. Pharaoh and his minions got hit by a wave and drowned because they were tuned into Moses’s commission in order to corrupt it and that’s how they died. They could not withstand the absolute Sovereignty of the Design of GOD and only advanced it against themselves. The “history” books, politicians and lawyers have attributed to it some other explanation to falsify the reality, but consider this: if the pharisees and scribes who hatched the Lie in the time of Solomon, and have advanced it since ~ altering man’s persuasion of himself so to imagine god rests in things ~ had warplanes and satellite guided missiles, it would not have changed a thing.

      • Imre
        this might be the BIGGEST five cent cent , coz that’s a Hell Lot of Bullshit that Means EXACTLY NOTHING < ……. Imre , Do You Have Any Clue Why ? ……

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