Gleeson urges Judge Sullivan to sentence Flynn

…from Glenn Kirschner, at Justice Matters – Video

Update: Here is the full case link. It is worth printing out and going over with a yellow highlighter as it is devastating, literally the DoJ presenting positions it has pulled out of its butt, with the apparant goal to delay a decision before the election, and if reelected delay a Supreme court case until Trump can get another appointment in place.

[ Editor’s Note: Glenn gives us another timely major case court action report. Judge Sullivan picked a DA who busted John Gotti and became a judge for 20 years with a sterling reputation.

Gleeson’s brief that he filed eviscerates the DoJ effort to spring Flynn from serving any time, calling it an act of political corruption that was a favor to Trump, and a huge miscarriage of justice.

Kirschner lays out that if Trump loses and a new Justice Department comes in, it could use the earlier trial record to show Flynn and his lawyers perjured themselves during the sentencing process, opening themselves to charges for those acts.

As Flynn was pleading on only one count for a six month sentence, he can be recharged on the others that had been dropped, due to the perjury stumble.

This open politicization of the Justice Department has a large part of that community wanting to show that it can punish such actions to prevent them from happening again. We will cross our fingers that we get a new Justice Department… Jim W. Dean ]

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– First aired on September 12, 2020 –

Bill Bar has been locked in a battle with Judge Emmet Sullivan. Barr corruptly tried to dismiss Flynn’s case but Sullivan appointed an outside “prosecutor”, retired Judge John Gleeson, to argue the case for the people once Barr began siding with defendant Flynn.

Gleeson just filed his pleading, blaming Barr as acting corruptly to do a favor for a criminal defendant who is a friend of the president. Here are the highlights of the Gleeson filing.


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  1. Since this fake judge has just shown us, one and all, that the legal system is 100% corrupted now, we have been shown our exit point from the Matrix!! Unless, someone can show me where, why, when and how we have a bona fide obligation to obey the whims and dictates of known criminals!! That POS fake judge is a criminal in the fullest sense and meaning of the word!! How dare he break laws, and then tell US that we must not break any laws?? If he swore an Oath of Office, and broke that oath, then he committed a grievous crime and should be punished for it!
    If someone can tell me the EXACT AMOUNT of fraud that ANY man or woman has a right to commit, or must endure from others, please tell me how it is measured out to make sure that everybody gets the exact same amount! If that cannot be done, then the amount must be zero, for it to be fair to all.


    • There is no fake judge here. The case brief which I reccomend you read, lays out the Justice Department clearly interceding to benefit a political assest fellow gangster. No judge has ever filed such a brief on a sitting president. There is an army of retired prosecutors willing to volunteer clearing the political gangsters in the Justice Department and in others that Trump put in everywhere to serve his interests, his so called followers he would consider rubes.

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