Zionists in US intelligence apparatus promote crazy Iranian conspiracy


Press TV interviews VT Editor Kevin Barrett

Apparently anonymous US government sources are saying that Iran has been plotting to kill the US ambassador to South Africa — a certain Lana Marks — as retaliation for the dastardly assassination of General Soleimani, who was lured to Baghdad under a fake US-Saudi peace offer and then ambushed.

Obviously, Iran would retaliate for the murder of General Soleimani. And indeed it already has. It has essentially decimated an entire US military base in Iraq, and by the grace of God apparently nobody was killed but many dozens of US soldiers suffered traumatic brain injuries. And that was the immediate act of retaliation.

Now this notion that Iran would be going after Lana Marks—that would certainly be an anticlimax after the complete destruction of a US military base. Lana Marks is an airhead blonde handbag designer, and she apparently got her position because she has lots of money. She sells handbags for $40,000 apiece. And she became a member of Mar-a-Lago. So Trump, in his ineffable wisdom, sent her over as the ambassador to South Africa.

The idea that Iran would consider killing somebody like this airhead blonde, as some kind of tit for tat for the murder of General Soleimani, who was really the greatest military hero in Iranian history, and the most popular political figure, and indeed the most popular a public figure in Iran — lined up to be a future president of Iran — this is ludicrous.

It’s like saying that the Iranians were targeting, you know, one of her handbags. They were going to shoot a bullet through one of her $40,000 handbags. And this would somehow equate to the worth of General Soleimani. This is completely ridiculous.

But it follows a pattern that we’ve seen before. The Zionist element in US intelligence apparently works with Israel to put out these ridiculous stories of crazy Iranian plots. We’ve seen other stories like this where supposedly some drug gang from Mexico was involved with some Iranian who may or may not have had any ties to the Iranian establishment to supposedly target the Saudi ambassador to the United States. And that whole story has been widely mocked and derided as the facts came out and showed that it was a well — they didn’t say it — but it’s a Zionist concoction — you’re not allowed to say that in the mainstream media here in the United States — a propaganda ploy.

And that’s obviously what this is. And probably the Zionists are hoping that by inventing this crazy story, that Iran is targeting Trump’s personal friend and who knows what else, from Mar-a-Lago, this handbag designer and blonde bimbo, that somehow this is going to anger President Trump. And maybe it will nudge him further towards the Israeli plan to try to stir up trouble between the United States and Iran.

So that’s probably where this crazy story comes from. Most of the crazy stories involving Iran come out of the Israeli intelligence nexus, especially the people close to Netanyahu, ranging from the stories about the Israeli nuclear program supposedly doing all of these extreme things and then it turns out it’s all just a Mossad story—warehouses in Iran that are supposedly full of nuclear components.

It turns out that’s all just another Mossad tall tale. But this is the silliest Mossad tall tale of all. And so, you don’t know whether to laugh or cry that anybody believes this, but I’m not sure anyone does. The only serious journalistic outlet publishing this is Politico. And if you Google it, everything that comes up is just Zionist rags, the New York Post, Times of Israel and these other low grade kinds of tabloid type papers that are known to be owned by the friends of Benjamin Netanyahu.


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  1. if you want to understand today´s events go back to the old Persian Empire 8500 years ago and you will find the facts for today very easily.

  2. Clearly the hit on Gen Soleimani was paid for by mrbonesaw, it remains to be seen how mrbonecusp will legally divert the billion(s) to his re-election campaign coffers. The proof will be seen soon as the trump campaign starts splashing millions around.

    • Yes they did. They want the US military out of the region. They are not in the business of killing the troops as Trumpeo claim. It was a clear signal that they are able and ready to go at it, need be.

      Soleimani wanted the US out of the region and had conveyed the message early on to Petraeus. Iran will deliver on that. The goal of the “Shia Crescent“ is peace in the region for everyone, which runs counter to the goal of the western MIC.

  3. Cycling through the enemies of the world again. Yesterday it was China’s turn with the Hong Kong virologist defecting to the USA. The other week it was Russia poisoning some no name guy. Today it’s Iran’s turn. Who will it be tomorrow?

  4. the establishment professional conspiracy theorists shape their nonsense into colourful Hollywood movie material. It needs to have an impact on the imagination. It doesn’t matter that it doesn’t stand up against logic. What matters is that a clear-as-a-cartoon image of an evil Iran is imprinted in the mind.

  5. “Trump says Iran will be met with retaliation ‘1,000 times greater in magnitude’ if it assassinates the US ambassador to South Africa or carries out any attack against the US”…Daily Mail

    Just goes to show that Trump will not question, and will use, any excuse to start a war with Iran. He is a dangerous buffoon and criminal!

  6. That Zionists continue to control politics in the USA is well known, Kevin. What is not so well known is that the majority of them are Christian, not Jewish. Christian Zionists constitute Trump’s rock-solid base. They will come out in November and vote for him no matter what he does as they think he’s the new King Cyrus who has brought the Jews back to the so-called Holy Land. They have their Rapture suits all dusted off and ready to go when their warrior messiah returns to Earth to vanquish all unbelievers, including the Likudnik Jews they throw millions at in Palestine. That Israel and Mossad continue to be in league with them is the ultimate irony.

    • You are right, the majority of American Zionists are Christian, not Jewish. But the Jewish ones are richer and more powerful and in charge of the project and profiting from it. The Christian ones are basically morons—dupes and stooges brainwashed to harm their own interests, destroy their own religion, blaspheme against their own holy prophet, and participate in genocide on behalf of their real enemies (and their ultimate enemy, Antichrist, the founder and sustainer of Zionism).

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