Crazy Mormonland: Tired parent calls police to kill her unarmed autistic son, they shoot him 13 times

Utah is totally onboard Trump's "culling of the imperfect"

VT: We have seen this story before, once in Toledo where aging parents called police to deal with a son back from Iraq who was taking up the couch, sleeping.  They called Toledo Police telling them he had a gun, they broken in the door and murdered him in his sleep.
Listen to what the “mom” tells police, and judge for yourself.  Video is excellent, there is no gun, no threat of any kind, just a frightened child and two lunatic police.  13 shots are fired for absolutely no reason whatsoever.
The mother needs to be investigated, these moron cops may well have been set up.
Worse still is the RT story that does everything possible to support police murders as they believe this is their way to keep puppet Trump (blackmailed by several tapes including one very real “piss tape”…confirmed highest) where he can do the most good for the Kosher Nostra.
Trump and his Russian friends working with Christian Nazis want to cull the human race of anyone who doesn’t enjoy sex with farm animals.  Am I kidding?
Three years ago, RT and Sputnik still supported human rights and equality.  Now they are bastions of fake news, worse than Fox, almost as bad as OAN or Breitbart.  They spew hate and “schmears.”

RT: Police in Salt Lake City, Utah, have released harrowing bodycam footage that shows officers chasing and eventually shooting a 13-year-old boy 11 times, after being called to the scene by the child’s mother. September 4, police were called by the suspect’s mother, who said her son, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, was experiencing a “violent psychological issue.”

When officers arrived on the scene, the woman, identified as Golda Barton, told officers her son did not like police and might be armed with an imitation firearm. Footage released on Monday shows what happened next. 

Barton asked for a crisis intervention team member to be dispatched, after her son, Linden Cameron, had threatened to shoot one of her co-workers.

“He reacts to the outfits and everything like that,” she tells officers in the video. “He sees a badge and he automatically thinks, like, you’re going to kill him or he has to defend himself.”

The boy’s grandfather had been shot dead by police in Nevada in January, after he allegedly threatened a neighbour with a gun. Linden had also reportedly had a previous violent altercation with the police.

“If it’s a psych problem and [the mom] is out of the house, I don’t see why we should even approach, in my opinion … I’m not about to get in a shooting because [the boy] is upset – sorry,” one officer can be heard saying on the recording. “Especially when he hates cops,” another agrees.

Barton informed officers she believed her son might have a replica firearm, but said she wasn’t sure whether it was a toy or a pellet gun. “I don’t believe it’s a real gun,” she said. However, in the video, Linden can be heard telling pursuing police, “I have a gun!”

Officers yelled, and chased after Linden, demolishing part of a fence during the pursuit, before catching up to him and opening fire after he ignored repeated commands to stop.

They said no weapons were recovered from the scene and that Linden was shot in the “shoulder, both ankles, intestines and bladder.”

“Tell my mom I love her,” Linden can be heard saying, after he slumps to the ground, riddled with bullets. “I don’t feel good.” 

A GoFundMe campaign has been started to help finance his medical expenses.

Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall and Salt Lake Police Chief Mike Brown declined to directly address the content of the videos published, citing multiple ongoing investigations as reason for discretion.

“[As] the mother of a 14-year-old boy, I am profoundly heartbroken, and I am frustrated,” Mayor Mendenhall said.

The officer who shot him remains on paid leave pending investigation. A total of three separate investigations into the use of deadly force – by the local district attorney’s office, and the police department’s civilian review board and internal affairs division – are underway.

“We are facing a mental health crisis in this country, with a void of resources for those in crisis. And make no mistake, this is a crisis,” Chief Brown said.

(Crazy police?)

Henceforth, all body cam footage will be released on the police department’s social media channels without the need for freedom of information requests or press conferences, the mayor confirmed.


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  1. The mother offered to lead the way. She warned the cops, badges and uniforms were triggers.
    She was tired for sure, but not done.
    So many choices by the cops, that all led to a tragic end. Zero deescalation.

  2. After working 17 years in locked door psychiatric facilities; I can say that dealing with that child would not even warranted a locked door seclusion, must less a time out. Today’s police really are clueless. Use verbal redirection for verbal misbehavior and physical only for physical misbehavior when verbal does not work. The patient must exhibit a danger to self or others.

    • Oh, we didn’t have anything but are wits and a set of posey restraints. My favorite retort to an escalating patient was to remind them…. Don’t you think this is a good time to utilize all that stuff that you and your Psychiatrist have been talking about? I would then sit down and ask them to do the same. On the other hand, I could always restrain and place them in restraints on a seclusion bed. But, the goal was to teach the patient to calm themselves and to facilitate the same.

  3. Israeli trained Police in US is always thirsty for Blood (of the innocent). The Police and their chiefs are a bunch of morons with guns.

  4. Vaccines and autism! What’s the chance? Is there a link? And what does Trump have to do with this? For culpability maybe one should look at Big Pharma and the MMSM.

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