Work to begin soon on linking Iran power grid to Russia, Azerbaijan: Report

…from PresssTV, Tehran

[ Editor’s Note: I had known that Iran has been investing in electric generation, in what seemed far in excess of its projected domestic needs as a way to use its huge gas deposits to earn foreign revenue with long term electric exports.

Despite the hostile Arab governments west of Iran in the Persian Gulf, Iran continues to nail down the security of its borders by becoming an economic hub for its neighbors that it can help develop in multiple ways.

If Iran gets caught up in a shooting war in the future and its electrical grid is damaged, this power grid plan could end up as a life saver.

It also assures that New Silk Road investment will have a diversified power grid to serve area needs, binding them all together in not only an economic group but one with inter-dependent defense. If one gets hurt, it threatens  the others.

This news also shows how practical Iran is with its open arms to Azerbaijan, despite its having had a long and close relationship with Israel. The Azeris were selling a lot of oil to Israel and buy weapons in return.

It will take time, but as I have written in the past, eventually an air defense system will be required to defend the Silk Road connection network and its hubs. The lower cost of production, especially for the larger production runs will save the members money on defense.

The US unipolar muscle flexing is actually stimulating this buildup to happen sooner, rather than later. In hindsight, some could view the US’ forward deployment as counterproductive.

The New Silk Road could end up being forced to form its own NATO, which would raise the stakes in a major conflict. And the only people who benefit from that are the arms producers and insiders who short the financial markets before the pivotal events… Jim W. Dean ]

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Iran under all the pressure upon it still keeps building for the long term

– First published … September 17, 2020

Iran, Russia and Azerbaijan are close to starting works on a project to link their power systems, shows a report, as Tehran seeks greater access to regional energy markets to export its surplus electricity.

The Thursday report by the official IRNA news agency cited recent statements by high-ranking officials from the three countries showing that the synchronization project agreed some 15 years ago and kicked off in 2017 would soon be implemented.

The report said the study phase of the project, which had been commissioned to an Iranian contractor, was nearing its end and authorities are preparing to start the implementation phase.

Iranian Energy Minister Reza Ardakanian said last week that feasibility and technical studies related to the project would conclude within the next few months.

The report by IRNA also cited comments by Russian Foreign Minister Seregi Lavrov during a meeting with Azerbaijani officials in September last year in which he elaborated that both Moscow and Baku were intent on implementing the relatively complicated project.

It also made a reference to comments by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev in January in which he had highlighted the immense capacities that existed for electricity cooperation between Azerbaijan, Iran and Russia.

IRNA said the implementation of the project would strengthen reliability of the electricity networks in the three countries while it would create opportunities for more power exports from Iran, a country that has seen its electricity generation capacity increased steadily over the years.

Iran and Russia have expanded their trade and energy relations in recent years mainly through agreeing on a series of key infrastructure projects in Iran while Tehran has managed to gain access to a Russian-led economic bloc to enjoy preferential tariffs for imports and exports of certain goods.


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  1. John,
    There is a plan out there to blow 6 substations with EMP that would require equipment to be manufactured in China before the US could come back to life.

    We are fearful that Trump may activate this plan.

  2. The Great Game In Asia plays out and continues to be run from The City, which is controlled by All The Usual Suspects, The Same Sick Crew. Surprise, surprise: Iran, Azerbaijan, Russia, Israel and China (with the Uighurs “Disappeared”) work in cohesion to complete the the Belt and Road Initiative, complete with Privatised Army in the End Game. Meantime The Entity Known As The “State” of “Israel” continues to funnel USA Taxpayer funded Technology, granted under a Multitude of Cover All Agreements, through to the New World Island Protagonists against the Fading Peripheral/Archipelago Powers (slim Industrial Base, especially if the Germans jump ship). The Classic Tech Transfer Power Shift, which will escalate into Full Spectrum Warfare. Hopefully Kinetic War will be averted, because the Chinese will win using Lao Tzu Softly Softly Strategy and because in the words of Victor Whare Mate (House of Death) “the trouble with the Chinese is that they are too bright and too hard working”.

    • Taking sides in various Dialectics is to succumb to Pilpulism and Stupid Artificial Dialectics. The World needs to go back to Logic and Logos for a Whole of Society View, without the New World Order (OWN) and Evil running The Show. We are all Human Persons, with Individual Sovereignty. Collectives have had a Bad Track Record, whether of the “Left” Communist or “Right” Fascist, which are represented in Lite Form by the Fabian Socialist Democrats (The Hammer of Revolution) and the Crypto Fascist Republicans (The Anvil of Usury). Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumber, with Pump and Dump Trump completing his Useful Idiot task of collapsing the USA Industrial and Economic Base and Biden doing his best “Dumber” role play. Meantime the World Policeman UNO (On You) has identified a Majority Obese of the USA Population as Classic “Useless Eaters” (Covid Deaths average 2.6 Pre Morbidities) for attack by the Engineered Biological Weapon against the Hoi Poloi.

    • In addition, what is happening in Melbourne is very related to the Belt and Road Initiative, a vital contingency for Blockage of the Malaccan Straits and Passage to India from Asia. MacArthur had his HQ in Melbourne and the Solomon Island Coast Watchers broadcast Short Wave into the night to advise about traffic down The Slot. Of course, Pakistan is in the mix.

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