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[ Editor’s Note: A group of us inside VT have been following the large amount of life extension research that has been going on for some time now. The testing starts out on mice first, and then moves on to human trials prior to being available for human use.

All of the earlier research using nano particles involved their delivering a cancer killing antidote to the individual cell. The obvious benefit was that the cancer killing drug would not also be spread throughout the body and create negative side effects.

This new research came from thinking outside the box, making the nanoparticle itself what killed the cancer cell, by cloaking it with an outside layer of building block material that the cancer cell needs to live and hence allows it to enter, where the nano particle then kills it.

This is the biggest advance in this science in the years I have been watching, about five now. Carol Duff has been doing most of the science reporting, as it saves the readers all the sifting time to find those studies of most interest to more people.

And then we also have a selfish motive, which is our trying to hang around past 90 if we can, so we can keep publishing VT for another 20 years 🙂 Jim W. Dean ]

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“The answer is No!”

– First published … September 28, 2020

A new experimental treatment reportedly tricks cancer cells into self-destructing, without the use of any drugs, providing new hope for winning the war on many different types of the disease.

The treatment involves a nanoparticle coated in an amino acid called L-phenylalanine. The chemical is not naturally produced in the body but is instead absorbed from meat and dairy produce that humans consume.

L-phenylalanine is the perfect bait as it is one of the main amino acids cancer cells require to grow and spread throughout the human body, wreaking havoc in the process.

The novel new treatment has proven incredibly successful on mice. The secret is the nanoparticle Nanoscopic phenylalanine Porous Amino Acid Mimic, or Nano-pPAAM for short.

Nano-pPAAM triggers overproduction of reactive oxygen species (ROS) which causes a cascade effect inside the cancer cells, killing them while leaving surrounding, healthy cells unharmed.

“Against conventional wisdom, our approach involved using the nanomaterial as a drug instead [of] as a drug-carrier,” says material scientist Dalton Tay from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

The method kills roughly 80 percent of breast, skin, and gastric cancer cells in mice, on par with leading chemotherapy treatments but without the nasty side effects. Research into nanoparticles typically focuses on using them as a delivery mechanism for drugs, not as the treatment itself.

There is still a long series of regulatory hurdles to surpass before the treatment will be available for human patients, however.

If it passes muster in clinical trials it will also help combat drug-resistant, recurring forms of cancer as well, providing yet another possible beacon of hope; without drugs to fight against, the cancer won’t have anything to resist.


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  1. The NTU treatment using nanoparticles (NPs) to self-destruct the cancer is similar to the ‘in vivo’ vaccine for Covid-19. Patients tested positive for Covid-19 having the virus in their body gain immunity from a single injection of ~ 80 nm lipid NPs selected to emit low-level UVC radiation that kills at least a few Covid -19 viruses that then act as the antigens necessary to elicit immunity to kill the remaining Covid-19 viruses in the patient as well as any future Covid-19 infections. In this way, the NTU results on cancer treatment by NPs strongly support the NP Treatment of Covid-19 with extensions to whole cell cancer vaccinations.

  2. Thanks for posting this Billy. There is nothing better than someone who has ‘been there and done that’. I had a good Afghanistan doc when I went in for my kerotosis moles. I had one the top of my head, one in the center of my chest and in the same height in the middle of my shoulder blades. He took the chest sample out to biopsy and it came back as basel cell, the “not too bad cancer”. I had to make a decision to eat the copay of biopsying the others and paying again to remove, and decided to just cut them out. He found the one on the top of my head went down almost to my skull. I was happy to pay $150 each to just have him cut out. And then he offered me a deal, that if I would pass on the numbing shots for the other dozen or so smaller ones he would knock them out for me. Of course I said yes, but had tears rolling down my cheeks when he cranked the cauterizing gun up to max, and it was like being burned by a fire poker. They all just fell off afther about 10 days. I use CompundW now on the little ones to keep them beat down.

  3. I’m retiring into East Kern County, California. We definitely need VT to keep going another 20 years. #StopTheBullshit! yard signs with TRUMP 2020 show the extent of Our Problem.
    I’ll pick up their hashtag and follow with http://www.veteranstoday.com on my new chain link front fence.

  4. As I said under Carol’s post on the subject, how is this going to get through the approval agencies that are ‘friends’ of Big Phama? The revenue streams from current cancer treatment and its ongoing similar developments are just too big.

    It cannot be allowed to become mainstream. Anyway since when has the patient getting cured been an objective? Continuous treatment for life is the Holy Grail.

  5. Does it have any killing effect on cancer stem cells? If it doesn’t then, except for the reduced side effects, it’s no better than chemotherapy with its false hopes.

    • Of course it is better if it is as effective as the chemo and radiation without the side effects. I have an elderly aunt with breast cancer who is letting it alone after seeing what the treatments did to others that she knows. Everybody has a lot of info available to make the best call for their situation. And mind you the result above are just early in using this technology. The more you can knock it down the less chances of spreading and getting eaten up with cancer, and with no bad side effects have some extra years that are not in terrible suffering.

    • Doesn’t everyone have cancer, with the difference that a properly functioning system does not let cancer grow to the point where it causes harm? A treatment that eliminates most cancer cells with no side effects could let persons with cancer live for decades without suffering.

    • You are right. I lot of cancer treatment is done to extend a patient’s life some extra years. The more that you can beat it back down the less chances of it metastiszing which I think is the express ticket to the bone yard, particularly with prostate cancer. Once it gets out of that organ you are dead. VTs Sammy Jadallah is going through that now. While he was trapped by Covid in Morroco for three months it spread. And then there is living your last years also not in agony over the side effects. I have an aunt in her 80’s diagnosed with breast cancer and not taking any treatment after watching what happened to women that she knows. She considered no treatment the lessor of two evils, which opened my eyes to looking at ‘quality of life’ when it comes to making a critical descison, one a lot of us will have to face at some point.

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