Trump at Walter Reed, False positive and faking probably but most want him dead

The assholes have their masks on now as Trump is hauled away, hiding from his debate loss while (probably) faking COVID

Bush 43 hates Trump?  Have we heard from Cheney and Rumsfeld?  Dick and Donald have been relatively silent and they are the real power behind the GOP’s muscle, their control of the JSOC which kept America in war during 8 years of Obama, crippling White House attempts to wrest control of the military from Pentagon traitors and private contractors paid by the Saudi’s.

Unmasked Trump supporters called upon to ‘protect America from excess voting’

You see, the US went rogue around 2005, when Operation 9/11 took final hold.  How was it done?

The first stage was to take control of America’s churches, first through burning the Catholics through sex scandals, all set up during the early 70’s by Jesuits sworn to follow Baal, Baphomet and, above all, Moloch.  This belief is called “Freemasonry”

Taking a moment, this very strange historical video on Trump, claiming he was groomed as an endogenous follower of Satan for the presidency, through Roy Cohn.  Good Fun.  Sit through the whole thing, all of it, you will be very glad you did.

VT doesn’t support its message but we do love free speech.

One of the fun questions they ask is about who Melania is:

Then AIPAC was tasked with controlling and building a Satanic empire among Christian evangelicts, using the teachings of Schofield.  These are the ‘Dispensationalists” who are the root of Christian Zionism, a Satanic belief intended to bring about rule by Moloch after the fall of Christ at Armageddon.

Ralph Reed started it all, with Newt Gringrich and Rothschild cash, moving against the US on behalf of those Qanon, always upside down on everything, warns us about.

All of this was brought on by the establishment of Israel in 1948, they espouse, and that the 130 million Evangelical Christians, long steeped in conspiracy theory and racist extremism, would be an easy target under Mike Huckabee, Pat Robertson, Rick Warren, Jerry Falwell, Mike Pence and John Hagee, a coven of warlocks.

Gingrich brought Murdoch in, had laws changed to turn Fox News over to Israel and began the surrender, as the internet through first Google, then Facebook and Twitter and Youtube (Google) began coordinating.

CNN along with British papers like the Daily Mail and many Australian and European papers as well, coordinated with Sputnik News and Russia Today, create a fake ‘good guys/bad guys’ dialectic narrative to stave off anyone getting close to the truth.

Past that, InfoWars is only one (we do love Alex Jones…he is a hoot), the fake anti-Zionists are worse, much more insidious.

Then Rupert Murdoch was tasked with a psychological war against America,

  • 1990 Freemasons through the Chaplain’s Corps, gain control of military academies and use them to recruit “end times” Dispensationalists while cleansing the military of pro-American dissidents.
  • 1992 America’s nuclear command structure falls under control of “End Times” religious cult through Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota.
  • 1993 A private nuclear arsenal is built with 350 nukes stolen by Victor Bout backed by Israel and their Neocon friends (and a few Dems)
  • 1997 Wolfowitz and Pearle plan invasions of Iraq and Iran based on a ‘super-terror’ attack on the US
  • 2001 Kosher Nostra, the arm behind the Neocons, plans 9/11 with Saudi Arabia, Israel and key traitors in Canada, South Africa and many many Americans, their ‘Capos’
  • 2002 A total surveillance state put in place under Patriot Acts and various defense authorizations with control coming from local police and sheriffs, with the Kosher Nostra taking direct control at a local level across the US
  • 2004 Joint Special Operations Command expanded into a non-governmental operational control over new Pentagon secret programs, mostly false flag terror related, and turned over to Cheney and Rumsfeld in case the Mossad failed to rig the 2004 election.
  • 2005 The CIA falls under total control of private contractors paid by Saudi Arabia
  • 2007 America’s banks, all pension plans looted, America’s middle class is broken while the New York Federal Reserve sends $3 trillion to the Rothschilds, laundered through the Royal Bank of Scotland
  • 2009 Obama and Biden take over, DOW at 6000, 5 major banks closed, unemployment at 11% and GOP in control of both the House and Senate while JSOC controlled the Pentagon
  • 2010 Dempsey and Hagel regain control of America’s nuclear command.

This is how the civil war now being waged across America began.  Now to today.

VT:  First of all, VT thanks Meidas, the Lincoln Project and Sarah Cooper for making this a much more factual and entertaining election than ever before.  All of their material has been fact based, if anything understated and has used humor and talent to destroy some very bad people.

Those who find VT’s support of these organizations unseemly must remember, VT is an organization that, above all, supports human rights and opposes evil.

VT believes these reforms are needed:

  • The US Senate must be consolidated so that districts are created with between 3m and 5m people, cattle and trees don’t count.  This complies with constitution that never empowered 100 senators, nearly half serving empty constituencies.
  • House districts have to be reapportioned to undo 30 years of gerrymandering which has removed representation illegally from 35% of Americans.

Let’s talk ‘Supreme Court’:

  • The Constitution says nothing about how many justices, it can be changed any time by congress.
  • Judges can stay as long as they behave, whatever that means.  This is what Article 3 really says.
  • Confirmation as outlined in Article II is 2/3rds for Ambassadors and then it says nothing about justices for the Supreme Court, the next line.  We might assume that they require 2/3 vote as well but this is clearly a typo/omission in the Constitution.  In fact, little is said about the Supreme Court, one of the many huge failings of the Constitution.

Let’s remember the real issue, that the Constitution was written by grifters and bankers, not the Founding Fathers (Beard, Colombia Univ. 1935).  Senator’s were chosen but little was said by whom or how.

Almost nobody could vote, not women, not slaves, not renters, not city dwellers, not most farmers, almost nobody was allowed to vote but rich land owners, this is what the Constitution gave us.

It also gave us no recourse is protecting ourselves from tyranny other than by overthrowing the Constitution for its shortcomings, all carefully written in by interlopers hidden among the Federalists.

The whole thing was decided during the War of 1812 when the Federalists and British declared war on the US on behalf of the Rothschilds.  Strange version of history?  If only…

Now they’re back powered by control of media and the internet, control of above all America’s churches which are, in themselves, the scandal of the world.  What passes for religion in the US is, by standards of most nations, beyond bizarre.

America was ‘engineered’ to be disenfranchised and radicalized.

  • Each group of immigrants were programmed to hate the next
  • Each region was programmed to hate all others
  • Each economic sector was programmed to war on the others

Class distinctions in the US were engineered to reward criminality and corruption with the Constitution feeding it all, a fake senate, a fake supreme court and obscure language used everywhere allowing, eventually, the US to fall under the control of Europe through the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, something obviously ‘sort of’ prohibited by the Constitution in childish language about ‘coining money.’

Truth be told, those who wrote the Constitution were no better than those who fabricated the bible out of scraps at the Council of Nicaea.  The document hasn’t grown, its shrunk to nothing.

The framers turned away from issue after issue and, what we do see covered in the Federalist Papers is a clear effort to steer dialog away from the real threats.  Europe had become embroiled in war upon war and nations had fallen under control of central banks owned by the Rothschild family that played nation against nation for profit.

The voice of the Rothschilds rung loudly when the Constitution was framed while individuals, Jackson for one.

It was Jackson that closed Hamilton’s 2nd Bank. Jackson believed the Rothschilds were destroying the United States and would eventually start a civil war.  Jackson put the governments cash in state banks.  The Rothschilds had a candidate in every American election, and always held to the same principle, expanded federal power under ultimate control of the European banks.

Trump is the culmination of their endeavor.  As a populist, he promised to address the Fed and close it down.  As a Rothschild’s stooge, he brought in their agent, Steven Mnuchin, who ran up debt in the trillions, created a balloon driven market and began taxing America’s middle class out of existence.

VT saw all of this in Trump, we knew him, we knew his weaknesses.

This means we are and have been from day one, even as far back as the 2015 GOP debacle, opposed to Trump and his Zionist masters.  Yes, that’s who he works for.

Even the Israeli’s hate us now for saddling them with their own Zionist masters, it seems torturing Palestinians grew a bit old after awhile, a sideshow while Israel itself was enslaved and Jews who thought they were running the US through Murdoch, MEGA and the GOP now know they were targets too.

Live and learn.  As of this morning, 213, 595 Americans have given their lives in a war against world organized crime. 

COVID has become the biggest economic debacle, looting America and weakening her economy, since the last GOP debacle in 2007-8.

Each America death of COVID is a combat death in a war against tyranny.

We have absolutely no reason to trust Trump. When they show us Trump on a ventilator, we might believe him but after 27,000 lies and 212,000 Americans dead and it all caused, according to Trump, by Hope Hicks, a flaccid former “model” who can’t keep her hands off police and the military…except. Go to Google as we did and type in ‘Hope Hicks kissing military and police” and see if you get one photo with either one. Nothing came up. Maybe Google hates her but we don’t think so.

First, let’s let Trump explain why Obama really killed all those people, more than were killed by Hitler:

Here’s Mr. Dementia on the bible:

That Joe Biden, a real person, was forced to share a stage with Trump was a travesty.

This has been a great year for videos.

You will love this one…you can hear Trump crying, on the inside at least:

bragging about death totals…

Dementia or low IQ?

Dementia, Low IQ and AIDS vaccine???


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  1. I also suspect the Orange Fat Man of perpetrating a COVID fraud. Why not, everybody else does? That he’s got something up his sleeve is a given, possibly just another turd to throw at a media that literally eats it up, but I’m reserving judgment I hate conjecture.

  2. What were you smoking while you watched Demo Man?

    There weren’t shortages of tp toilet paper.
    They just advanced technologically beyond it… and were laughing at how crude it was in the past.

    Same thing with “physical contact” (sex).

    No physical contact in an action movie with Wesley Snipes & Sly Stallone, LOL!!! 😅😂🤣

  3. When the world hangs on every word of the health of an idiot, …the system that brought it about, does not have checks and balances.
    Our sights are set very low, if this is the best we think we can do.
    What people need to realize, is religions and monarchs, have no interest in seeing our US experiment succeed. In fact, it is their daily intention to overthrow it and control it, and keep it under their thumb. The only difference between the two, are operational methods, and areas of expertise. Clearly, morality is not one of their products. Never has been.

  4. It’s no accident the idea, that government depended on the consent of the governed and that any government not based on that consent could be justifiably overthrown and replaced, is found only in the Declaration of Independence, and has no legal bearing to or for US citizens.

  5. This would be a great time for Trump to “die in his sleep” like Antonin Scalia did. Dead men tell no tales.

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