Trump’s political suicide charge on the Covid Battlefield

Trump calls those working to kill Covid "Dumb Bastards"


CNN’s Brianna Keilar responds to President Trump’s comments at a rally where he said that people are “tired of the pandemic” and those who continue to cover the crisis are “dumb bastards.”

…from CNN

[ Editor’s Note: CNN took a page from the VT playbook. When someone takes a shot at you, you just double down and go back at them.

It still is hard to believe all he has at stake here, not just the presidential loss, but being wiped out financially in all the lawsuits waiting, taking his family down with him, and the prosecutions that could see the first ex-President in jail with Secret Service protection. What a reality TV show that would be.

Brianna Keilar and CNN put a wooden stake through Trump’s heart by showcasing family after family devastated by Trump’s Covid that he had claimed would just go away some day.

Despite his track record of being endlessly wrong, he felt that still gave him the right to claim that he had done a wonderful job. Dictionaries might even change their definition of sociopath to Donald Trump.

I am convinced now that he knows he is going to lose and wants to keep his base liquored up to put them out into the streets when he claims the election was stolen from him. I see no effort from him at all to win over those who have stopped drinking the Koolaid.

Earlier in the day he was pedaling the Hunter Biden fake computer story again, after that had already crashed and burned. That was followed by his request for AG Robert Barr to launch investigations into the “Biden family crime syndicate.”

It can only get worse. There is no telling what he is going to be saying as the curtain continues to go down. Meanwhile the country is adrift, the White House having abandoned its Covid efforts to throw fuel on Trump’s giant funeral pyre, the Bonfire of the Vain.

Thus ends my cheery missive for today… Jim W. Dean ]

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  1. Glenn Kushner has pointed out legally that Trump’s interview with Wooward where he admitted that he new the virus was spread through the air and suppressed that (to keep the markets up) was legally 4th or 3rd degree murder, on the grounds that information was withheld that knowing led to deaths. He will claim immunity of course, and I am afraid he will has historical with 9-11 where no one got charged over what was withheld.

  2. We could go on about Balzac’s declaration that “behind every great fortune lies a great crime”, but that would only be saying that Trump is just like all other people of wealth and privilege in the USA who have risen to the top. That just isn’t so. He is uniquely narcissistic and psychopathic even among the ruling class. And, he is a consummate con man who can whip his no-nothing Christian Zionist base into a frenzy of race hatred, misogyny, and especially hatred for the ruling class. He poses as a political outsider while in fact he has been beholden to the real “powers that be” laundering drug money for the Kosher Nostra and avoiding having to pay income taxes for decades. And then there’s the pedophilia thing, that even his own daughter has remarked about. All in all, the Emperor Nero is the only one I can think of that even comes close to being the embodiment of pure evil that he is.

    • Have to disagree – Lev Bronshtein is the clear leader in being evil (he would have been much worse than Stalin, which is saying something).

  3. I still like Trump for:
    – Showing people how morally bankrupt those of his class are;
    – Demonstrating to the people just how corrupt the federal government is;
    – Proving how the media can create a fake image of someone – promoting Trump as a model businessman, now revealed that he is an incompetent idiot;
    – Waking people up to that “It is morning in America” was a lie, and that things are not alright and have not been for a long time.

    I hope Trump gets the chance to snivel on television during prosecution and sentencing for his crimes.

    • He’s been digging his own grave since day one. Exposing crime is not called failure, it’s a duty. If people want to stay blind it’s their prerogative.

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