How Safe is Air Travel?


Health Editor’s Note: Is air travel safe?  What are your chances of getting COVID-19 while being on an airplane? This study offers an example of one airline trip to Ireland. Seven hour flight to Ireland, only one-sixth capacity, everyone wearing masks and the end result was 13 infected passengers which resulted in a total of 59 cases after visits to family and friends. 

With everyone wearing a mask, and with one-sixth passenger capacity…..that would seem safe enough because there would have been space for physical distancing.  This did not work because at least 13 were infected on the flight and the extra numbers came from those 13 spreading the virus to others.

For me, no air travel……Carol

A large national outbreak of COVID-19 linked to air travel, Ireland, summer 2020

Air travel has accelerated the global pandemic, contributing to the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) throughout the world. We describe an outbreak that demonstrates in-flight transmission, providing further evidence to add to the small number of published studies in this area. This study depicts the nature of transmission on board, despite implementation of non-pharmaceutical interventions. We demonstrate widespread in-country transmission as a result of imported infection and give recommendations to reduce the risk of importation, and to curtail onwards spread.

Fifty-nine laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19 from six of the eight different health regions (Regions A–H) throughout the Republic of Ireland were linked to an international flight into Ireland in summer 2020 (Figure 1). An outbreak case was defined as positive PCR for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) (naso-pharyngeal swab) in either a passenger or a contact of a passenger. Thirteen cases were passengers on the same flight to Ireland, each having transferred via a large international airport, flying into Europe from three different continents (Groups 1 and 2; Group 3 and Group 4).

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  1. I have to fly from Minsk Belarus to Seattle Washington with my wife early December.

    Long flights!

    Mr metal flyer obviously full of shit.

    We will be packing lots of masks changing for new ones every few hours,
    pack our own food, try not to go into the smelly airliner toilets too much, (where it’s really going to get you) we will pack lots of anti bacterial wipes too, stay away from others. It’s going to be scary…the lines at check ins and into customs lots more concern too.
    It just takes one person infected “without symptoms” to fuck up a hundred.

    I wouldn’t think a pilot would have to worry much, he has his own personal space doesn’t have to sit back there for hours and have to use public toilets in very confined space that 200 people have just taken their runny crap into Plus he can walk right through customs and the check-in line ups.
    At least the fight to Ireland was last summer sometime, I couldn’t find the date June July August?

  2. Absolute nonsense. I am tired of the absolute BS of the so called positives. There is no test for Covid-19. The RT-PCR is not and has never been a test that diagnose anything. It amplifies detected RNA/DNA matter that can come from any virus/bacteria that we all have and the positive/negative outcome will change depending on the cycle threshold used. The inventor of the PCR always reiterated this. But here we are, the constant fearmongerig of infections that are not. Stop the stupid testing and just treat and care for sick people and the plandemic disapears. This is all an orchestrated scam to give absolute power to Big Pharma and Big Tech over people’s health and life. The Big Banks are using the scamdemic to get their wanted currency reset to implement their digital currency and enslave us into their planned cashless society. The Bill Gates promoted vaccine industry will become a TRILLION $$$$$ industry if the useless vaccine gets rolled out.
    Think you will get Covid or anything on an airplane??? Total nonsense. That is what I do for a living. I do not vaccinate and never get sick. I do not wear stupid masks eather. Wake up people, this is the NWO rollout of total control on humanity and it is dressed as Covid-19.

    • Huh? ” Think you will get covid or anything on an airplane??? Total nonsense.”
      This has to be one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard.. That’s what you do for a living??? Holy mother of god… Trump… Making fake news real again…

    • metalflyer11, Of course there are tests for COVID-19, both by nasal, mouth, throat swabs and blood tests. While some testing, especially early on was not always accurate, the accuracy has improved along with the turn around time for a diagnosis. You can get COVID-19 anytime you get a droplet laden with novel cornavirus onto your mucosa. On a plane is a pretty good chance, as the air in planes is crap and always has been. People have been getting sick from being on planes, rebreathing the air everyone else is breathing,long before COVID-19 showed up. Gates has nothing to do with COVID-19 and wanting to harm us. Trump has given us a leadership vacuum, does not follow proper practices for not spreading COVID-19, denigrates science and medicine at every turn and has been the cause of why the U.S. has not stepped and lead by example to stop this pandemic. Surely, you will eventually get coronavirus, if you do not physically distance yourself from other humans, wear a mask. Trump got it. As of this morning the unofficial count is 8,779,839 cases and 226,728 deaths — up 74,712 and 989, respectively, since this time a day ago. Why do you think these people are sick and dying? If you believe there is no COVID-19, well I cannot really think of anything to say about that. I guess you will also believe that up is down and down is up. Good luck with that also. Your comment is purely bunk.

  3. Yup, I’m a covid refugee, fleeing Idiot America for a country requiring a negative test within 48 hrs…

    But of course my initial thought was “What about the plane ride”?

    I wouldn’t let me in so easily, if I were them.

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