Mass Suicide Predicted: As QAnon Collapses, Adherents Expected to Kill Themselves (great read)

8chan decoder to give the suicide order any time now


The countdown is set, the events line up, the end times are near—you are all prepared for the apocalypse. And then you wait. And wait. And time passes, events go by, and the apocalypse doesn’t come. The teachers disappear, the scriptures are pondered, and the surviving believers are forced to deal with the inevitable question: What now?

This scenario has play out countless times—so many apocalyptic movements have come and gone over the centuries, be it the White Lotus Rebellion or the First Crusade, the Millerites or the Branch DavidiansISIS or Aum Shinrikyo, or, in the United States and particularly relevant to the upcoming election, QAnon.

As broad as QAnon is, the central conspiracy focuses on the idea that the United States is being run by a cabal of Satan-worshipping pedophiles who are simultaneously running a global child sex-trafficking operation. For the QAnon adherents, President Trump takes on the role of their messiah, and his prophet is a supposed high-ranking government official who posts pseudo-prophecy on 4chan and 8chan under the pen name “Q.”

If this strikes you as completely absurd, good: It is. But that nonsensical core is fleshed out by progressively more bizarre and dangerous theories on 4chan, 8chan, YouTube, Facebook, and other sites.

The predictions and promises of Q are consistently wrongdon’t forget, this is all completely false—yet from its start in 2017 it has moved from fringe internet conspiracy to mainstream Trumpian belief, embraced by the president and supported by dozens of candidates for state and federal office.

In a poll conducted in mid-October, more than 50 percent of the respondents who described themselves as supporters of Donald Trump said they believe in at least some aspect of QAnon.  Read more…

When the QAnon Apocalypse Doesn’t Come



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  1. @ Gordon Duff re: Corbett Report

    quote: “We stopped listening to him awhile ago with reason.”

    Sir Gordon, could you please elaborate as to why, ‘We’ have stopped listening to the Corbett Report?

    Perhaps direct reply enabling on your account could help too.

    • Corbett has, from time to time, ‘blended’ into his message talking points of political groups we disapprove of. Guess which ones.

  2. “If this strikes you as completely absurd, good: It is.” – GD

    Change “messiah” to “cutout for the cabal” in the paragraph it references and it makes sense.

  3. I would like to think that Qanon will just disappear, like so many cults have before it, but they have a habit of morphing into something “otherworldly” that they cling to for dear life. Hence, no suicide. Christian Zionism is the perfect example of this. They have made an idol of the Scofield Reference Bible, a product of the Rothschilds, as has been noted on this site. They are a death cult if there ever was one. They embody the “chosenness” that brought Europeans to Turtle Island and the “Israelis” to Palestine in the present context. It justifies genocide, grabbing someone else’s property, raping, and pillaging. Problem is, Pompeo is one of them. He is trying to find some way to attack Iran and bring on their hoped for Apocalyptic climax to human history. That’s why they are a death cult and Trump is the most dangerous man on the planet.

  4. “Cults” throughout history have used sigils, symbols and signs to convey messages and ideas-
    “There is no physical rainbow existing somewhere out there in space; the rainbow is only to be found within—and not separate from—the very mind that is observing it. The highest Buddhist teachings—and now quantum physics—says that our physical universe is similar in this regard to a rainbow”.
    Paul Levy – The Quantum Revelation: A Radical Synthesis of Science and Spirituality)

    “The microcosm is an exact image of the Macrocosm; the Great Work is the raising of the whole man in perfect balance to the power of Infinity.
    “Now there is a traditional correspondence, which modern experiment has shown to be fairly reliable. There is a certain natural connexion between certain letters, words, numbers, gestures, shapes, perfumes and so on, so that any idea or (as we might call it) “spirit”, may be composed or called forth by the use of those things which are harmonious with it, and express particular parts of its nature. These correspondences have been elaborately mapped in the Book 777 … not only is his aura a magical mirror of the universe, but the universe is a magical mirror of his aura”.
    Aleister Crowley – Magick In Theory And Practice

  5. My hope , my very serious hope, is that people will start to see the parallel’s between Qanon and Christianity in the US. The carrot on a stick. Very old trick.
    The danger of herding the gullible, and directing them with malice, can have real world consequences just like Trump and Covid decisions.
    Oh, wait, it already did to the tune of millions dead over centuries. We are now five hundred years behind in development due to this propensity to Cult. Enough is enough. There was no dude, and the higher ups need to come clean.

    • According to Corey Goode, FULL DISCLOSURE will reveal the ICC (Intergalactic Corporate Conglomerate) earth human slave trade with ET”s. They threaten that if any of Their activity is revealed, they will light off nuclear bombs positioned under the oceans where undersea volcanos and strategic fault lines are located.

    • Well, I’m not going to embarrass Goode and Wilcock , but I will say,…you shouldn’t waste your time, that stuff is a notch next to Qanon.

    • My definition of the “higher ups” , are the people who own and operate this world, and They are increasing their allowance of what They want people to witness. Qanon is reserved for groundlings.
      This was shown off 5 days ago in Hawaii. Last week it was in Show Low, Arizona. No military jet interceptors, no police helicopters, just one big easy silent float across the night sky and a lot of over excited groundlings.

    • Anyone who believes the Roman contrived story or that a dude named Jesus actually existed, and that the book they wrote to ‘prove” it is somehow infallible in any historical sense, is a christian in my opinion. It is a Catholic invention,.anything in it, worth anything, was stolen.
      They stole a car, changed the paint and tags, and invented a driver.

    • On my computer monitor screen these type of videos can be very lame, when these type of videos are watched on a smart TV big screen the resolution is more real and has greater detail. From what is being said, the highest group, the ICC (Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate) is multi-national.

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