Times of Israel: 100 times Trump supported Israel over America (the ones admitted to)

Sure, he moved the embassy to Jerusalem, paved the way for the Abraham Accord and recognized Golan sovereignty, but there's more. Much more, America looted by gangsters, crippled and destroyed as was predicted long ago at Fink's Bar


DISCLOSURE: Sourced from Russian government funded media

VT: Israel is a socialist nation, really communist and always has been as is their right.  The population, once mostly Islamic is now about 1/4th Jewish and another 1/4th Russians resettled to rig elections on behalf of organized crime.
The list is written by a Rabbi and published in the Times of Israel, bragging to the people of Israel about how Donald Trump is a puppet of “Jewish gangsters.”
We didn’t say it, they did.
This is why Israeli Jews demonstrate daily against Netanyahu and Palestinians die daily.
Trump’s love of Israel is his love of his masters, the Kosher Nostra of Russia and Ukraine, of Brighton Beach and Turkey and of Israel who run world organized crime, who own the Federal Reserve and who have paid his bills since 1991.
Over half of these ‘deeds’ are war crimes, most violate treaties or UN resolutions and most violate US law, giving military aid to a nation that has illegal nuclear weapons and has used them over and over, something kept secret by total control of the US press and government.
  1. President Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel
  2. President Trump moved the American Embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem
  3. President Trump closed the Jerusalem consulate and made it an Embassy branch
  4. President Trump has never publicly criticized Israel
  5. President Trump pulled America out of the Iran deal
  6. President Trump raised military aid to Israel by $400 million
  7. President Trump raised sanctions on Iran as soon as pulled out of the deal
  8. President Trump recognized the sovereignty of Israel on the Golan Heights
  9. President Trump designated IRGC (Iranian special forces) a foreign terrorist group
  10. President Trump banned BDS head Omar Barghouti from America
  11. President Trump banned the head of ICC and staff from coming to America
  12. President Trump backed Israel’s right to self-defense in Gaza
  13. President Trump left the United Nations Human Rights (sic) Council
  14. President Trump cut off all aid to the Palestinian Authority
  15. President Trump closed the PLO office in Washington, DC
  16. President Trump was the first president to visit the Western Wall as President
  17. President Trump sent the first official American visit to the Western Wall with an Israeli Prime Minister
  18. President Trump allowed consulate and Embassy staff to meet with Jews of Judea and Samaria
  19. President Trump allowed consulate and Embassy staff to visit Jews living in Judea and Samaria
  20. President Trump announced that America will not support Israeli soldiers being tried at the ICC
  21. President Trump called out the anti-Israel antisemitism of Ilhan Omar
  22. President Trump flew to Israel on his first foreign trip
  23. President Trump issued no waivers on increased sanctions against Iran
  24. President Trump offered a $10 million reward for information on Hamas and Hezbollah financial networks
  25. The Trump administration wrote op-eds blaming Hamas and the Palestinians for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  26. President Trump stopped the lame-duck last-minute Kerry and Obama $221 million payment to the Palestinian Authority on January 20, 2017
  27. President Trump signed the Taylor Force Act
  28. President Trump supported Israel in the May 2019 flare-up with Gaza.
  29. President Trump refused a visa to Israel hater Hanan Ashrawi to America
  30. President Trump sanctioned three leading members of Hezbollah in July 2019
  31. The Trump administration blocked an attempt to get the UN Security Council to issue a formal condemnation of Israel’s demolition of Palestinian homes on the edge of Jerusalem in July 2019
  32. President Trump sanctioned Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.
  33. Ambassador Friedman refused to advocate for a two-state solution unfavorable to Israel
  34. President Trump removed “Palestine” from the list of countries on The State Department list of nations.
  35. President Trump stopped a French $15 billion credit line to Iran
  36. President Trump stopped a UN Security Council statement on tensions between Israel and
  37. Hezbollah that did not single out violence by the Lebanese terror group
  38. President Trump cut a $120 million from aid to Lebanon to ensure it didn’t get to Hizballah
  39. President Trump sanctioned 9 Iranians in November 2019
  40. President Trump supported Israel after rocket fire in its skirmish with Islamic Jihad.
  41. President Trump said nothing about Israel limiting retaliation.
  42. President Trump and America was the only country besides Israel to vote against all 8 UN 4th committee resolutions in November 2019
  43. President Trump declared that Jewish towns in Judea and Samaria (“settlements”) aren’t illegal under international law
  44. President Trump hasn’t supported two-state solution as the only solution in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  45. Vice President Pence visited Israel during his first year in office
  46. Secretary Pompeo wrote a letter to Congress clarifying that Jewish towns in Judea and Samaria have traditionally enjoyed bipartisan support
  47. Secretary Pompeo says that claims that Jewish towns in Judea and Samaria have impeded peace are foolish
  48. President Trump didn’t comment when Defense Minister Bennet green-lighted a new Jewish neighborhood in Hebron
  49. Secretary Pompeo announced that Iran is behind all the unrest in the Middle East
  50. President Trump blamed Iran for Lebanon protests
  51. President Trump’s US deputy national security adviser Victoria Coates reportedly meets with envoys from UAE, Oman, Morocco, Bahrain to gauge willingness Israeli-Arab non-belligerence agreements
  52. President Trump denounced Iran brutal crackdown on protesters
  53. New US Ambassador to the United Nations Kelly Craft says she’ll defend Israel. In first United Nations press conference, Kelly Craft also warns Iran that Washington has ‘other tools’ if Tehran continues its bad behavior
  54. President Trump regales Israeli-American group with tales of his pro-Israel moves retells extensive account of embassy move, tells Israeli American Council that he’s Israel’s best friend in the White House
  55. President Trump signed an executive order on anti-Semitism that protects Jewish students on college campuses. The order includes anti-Israel activity
  56. Robert O’Brien tells Meir Ben-Shabbat that ‘common interests between Israel and Arab states… have made new regional partnerships possible to counter Iran’
  57. The Trump administration denounced Iranian human rights abuses and imposed sanctions on Iranian judges
  58. After President Abbas hailed the ICC declaration that it will investigate Israel as an historic day for Palestinians, Secretary Pompeo said US ‘firmly opposes’ ICC announcement on alleged Israeli war crimes. He said the International Criminal Court’s move ‘unfairly targets’ Jewish state, calls for direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians
  59. The Trump administration announced seven joint US-Israeli clean energy projects — including an energy-storing system for electric cars and a hydrogen-powered drone that takes off vertically — have received $6.4 million in funding from the US-Israel binational research and development program for energy
  60. America struck Iranian-backed militia in Iraq; 19 reported killed. Israeli Air Force chief said ‘US strike on Iran-backed Iraqi militia is a ‘potential turning point’
  61. President Trump ordered deadly strike on Iran’s Soleimani
  62. President Trump said new Iran sanctions have come into effect. President Trump said, “We’ve increased them. They were very severe, but now it’s increased substantially.”
  63. President Trump mocked Iranian supreme leader, and wrote in support of the ‘noble people of Iran,’ after Khamenei attacks America and Europe in speech
  64. President Trump releases his incredibly favorable-to-Israel peace plan to end Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  65. Trump administration official Jared Kushner slams Palestinian leadership, urges giving up ‘fairy tales’ for peace. Kushner said Palestinians have been lied to, chiefs ‘screwed up every opportunity in the past’; rejecting Trump plan shows they aren’t ready for a state
  66. Secretary Pompeo said If Palestinians unhappy with the Trump peace plan, they should present counter offer. He warned that Trump proposal could be last opportunity for Palestinian state
  67. Jared Kushner says that if Palestinians are unable to meet the conditions of the new Middle East peace plan he crafted, Israel should not take “the risk to recognize them as a state.”
  68. Israeli and UAE officials met in secret in US to discuss countering Iran
  69. National security adviser Robert O’Brien warns Palestinians that resurgence of anti-Jewish hatred around the world means more Jews will immigrate to Israel and West Bank
  70. Jared Kushner says Abbas responsible for spike in violence since release of peace plan
  71. Jared Kushner tells UN Palestinian leadership has long history of ‘inciting intifadas when they don’t get their way’
  72. Due to American diplomacy, Abbas, lacking votes, pulls request for UN vote against Trump peace plan
  73. The US military seized Iranian-made weapons in Arabian Sea. The USS Normandy warship seized 150 ‘Dehlavieh’ anti-tank guided missiles, which are Iranian-manufactured copies of Russian Kornet ATGMs.
  74. Trump advisor Jason Greenblatt warns that if traditional positions on conflict are readopted, ‘Israel will likely continue to thrive and the Palestinians will continue to suffer’
  75. Secretary Pompeo says UN settlement blacklist shows UN’s ‘unrelenting anti-Israel bias’
  76. The US State Department expressed concern over a report that Iranians were threatening to raze an ancient shrine revered by local Jews as the burial place of the biblical Esther and Mordechai, in an act of revenge against Israel and Washington
  77. The US gave Israeli prime minister the green light for Givat Hamatos construction
  78. Israel advanced plans for nearly 1,800 new settlement homes America doesn’t criticize
  79. Ambassador Friedman said under the Trump administration, the Biblical heartland of Israel, Judea and Samaria, will never be judenrein
  80. An Israeli delegation traveled to the United States for talks on coordinating a joint US-Israeli campaign against the International Criminal Court
  81. Secretary Pompeo said the Israelis will ultimately make the decisions about annexation. That’s an Israeli decision, but we’ll work closely with them to share our views of this in a private setting
  82. American diplomats circulate draft of Security Council resolution that would scrap expiration of 2015 nuclear deal’s ban on weapons sales to Tehran
  83. State Department says Washington ready to approve ‘sovereignty and the application of Israeli law’ in some areas
  84. US officials emphasize West Bank annexation not contingent on Palestinian state
  85. Ambassador David Friedman asserted that Israelis across the political spectrum supported the Trump plan and that “just as Americans would never relinquish the area on which the Statue of Liberty stands, even though it’s a very small area, Israel would never agree to give up settlements like Beit El and Hebron
  86. Secretary Pompeo praises Israel on visit, “You’re a great partner, you share information, unlike some other countries that try to obfuscate and hide that information.”
  87. Secretary Pompeo warned the International Criminal Court against asserting jurisdiction over Israel, saying the United States will “exact consequences” for any “illegitimate” investigations
  88. Secretary Pompeo called the ICC a “kangaroo court” and announced that sanctions in the form of asset freezes would be enacted against chief prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda and another senior ICC official
  89. Serbia announced that it would move its embassy to Jerusalem, while Muslim majority Kosovo is to recognize Israel. The moves come as part of US-brokered discussions to normalize economic ties between Belgrade and Pristina
  90. In a rare move, US sanctions 2 Lebanese politicians allied with Hezbollah who are former cabinet ministers that ‘provided material support’ to terror groups. America warned of new measures targeting organization’s allies
  91. US envoys helped broker a framework agreement for Lebanon and Israel to start discussing their disputed maritime border
  92. Jared Kushner says Saudi Arabia, Bahrain to allow all Israeli flights to use airspace Saudi flights also able to use Israeli airspace; White House advisor says Arabs losing patience with Palestinian leadership, will do ‘what’s in their best interests’
  93. The Trump administration warned Palestinians if they continue to reject Trump peace proposal ‘the situation is just going to get worse and worse for them’; The US won’t ‘chase’ Ramallah
  94. President Trump brokered peace between Israel and the UAE
  95. President Trump brokered peace between Israel and Bahrain
  96. US sanctioned 2 Lebanon-based firms, Hezbollah-linked businessman, Arch Consulting and Meamar Construction targeted ‘for being owned, controlled, or directed’ by terrorist group
  97. Defying the UN, the Trump administration unilaterally asserts sanctions on Iran are back in effect. Secretary Pompeo vows Trump administration will ‘impose consequences’ on any state violating ‘snapback’ sanctions to ensure Tehran ‘does not reap the benefits of UN-prohibited activity’
  98. The Trump administration unveils additional ‘UN’ sanctions against Iran, will enforce arms embargo
  99. US, Israel, UAE announce establishment of $3 billion regional investment fund
  100. The Trump administration brokered peace between Israel and Sudan and the two signed a normalization deal.
Rabbi Uri Pilichowski is an educator. As a teacher, author and speaker, he teaches Torah and Politics, where he specifically emphasizes rational thought and conceptual analysis.

Matthew 13:24-30
New International Version

The Parable of the Weeds

24 Jesus told them another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field. 25 But while everyone was sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and went away. 26 When the wheat sprouted and formed heads, then the weeds also appeared.

27 “The owner’s servants came to him and said, ‘Sir, didn’t you sow good seed in your field? Where then did the weeds come from?’

28 “‘An enemy did this,’ he replied.

“The servants asked him, ‘Do you want us to go and pull them up?’

29 “‘No,’ he answered, ‘because while you are pulling the weeds, you may uproot the wheat with them. 30 Let both grow together until the harvest. At that time I will tell the harvesters: First collect the weeds and tie them in bundles to be burned; then gather the wheat and bring it into my barn.’”

VT: We failed to heed the words of Jesus, we are now ruled by the ‘weeds’

VT Editors: Ivanka and Jared have visited the tomb of Lubavitcher rebbe, known as Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, a cabalist/occultist, the leader of an extremist offshoot of Talmudic Moloch Luciferianism.

Something to think about, what do you think goes on in America’s gulag of private prisons?

In an election polluted with claims the Democrats are all Satanists, this was expected.  Too much has happened. The failed COVID response, using a pandemic to loot the US economy, decimating (10% targeted for death) America’s over 60 community isn’t incompetence.

It is a sacrifice.

With Rudy (watch him on Amazon Prime) telling audiences the Chinese made COVID in a lab and then carried it around the world as part of a massive biowarfare plot (speaking for the President?), we can see the game.

Something to think about, what do you think goes on in America’s gulag of private prisons?

Our guys, who helped run the real 9/11 investigation, place Giuliani and Bernie Kerik, his high school dropout Police Commissioner, at the center of the plot.

Increasingly, 9/11 has to be viewed as what it was, a sacrifice. All involved are Moloch worshippers. If you don’t know the history, keep reading, we can take your political favorites and show you what they really believe, what is behind the screen on Wahhabist Islam, Cabalist Judism and Evangelical Christianity, how the Muslim Brotherhood, the Freemasons and Young Turks joined with the Jesuits to serve Moloch, the best of the names for “the dark one.”

Something to think about, what do you think goes on in America’s gulag of private prisons?

If only we were kidding. Chances are you spend part of your film/TV life watching occultist dramas where the “fools” are those who don’t take it seriously. VT learned long ago from Fr. Martin that it is all real. If you are a fan of the TV drama Evil, you begin to get the picture.

If you wonder what glues the cop filled  Boogaloo gang to the Incels and the St. Hubertus gang in congress and SCOTUS, pay attention now. Yes, it’s witchcraft, it’s about destroying children, it’s about sacrifice and it’s about people who believe in and follow either a very real supernatural power or who have convinced themselves it is real.

Something to think about, what do you think goes on in America’s gulag of private prisons?

For Evangelicals and Talmudists, the move to Moloch worship is miniscule.  We begin:

Does Ivanka think Lucifer will help dad win again?  Did the Lincoln Project just call them on this?  Is COVID a human sacrifice?

Is this why it wasn’t really “Russia” that is interfering? Luciferian-Masonic-Kabbalist. The Qabalah is a form of Jewish based occultism taken from the Babylonian Talmud, based on worship of Moloch.

Something to think about, what do you think goes on in America’s gulag of private prisons?

If you are asking why America has 233,000 dead, maybe you have written off the occultist Trumps who were Moloch/Frankists in Swabia long before being sent to the US as human traffickers for the Rothschilds. This is the real Ivanka:

and this….

and this:

JTA — Ivanka Trump visited the tomb of the Lubavitcher rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, as an election approaches that could oust her father from the presidency or give him another four years.

Something to think about, what do you think goes on in America’s gulag of private prisons?

Smartphone video posted on social media captured US President Donald Trump’s daughter emerging, masked, on Thursday night from the “ohel,” a modest structure in Queens where Schneerson is buried with his father-in-law. The structure is adjacent to a cemetery.

Something to think about, what do you think goes on in America’s gulag of private prisons?

Trump had just completed his second debate with Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee, in Tennessee.

Ivanka Trump was praying for her father’s reelection, according to Yeshiva World News, which did not give attribution for the claim.

In 2016, she and her husband, Jared Kushner, visited the ohel to pray for her father’s election.

Something to think about, what do you think goes on in America’s gulag of private prisons?

Ivanka Trump and Kushner are Orthodox Jews. Praying adjacent to the tomb of Schneerson, who died in 1994, is considered by many Jews to be especially powerful.

VT: Five hundred years ago, European Christians believed Talmudic Jews murdered Christian children to gather blood. This blood was used in making crackers (matzah). This is called “blood libel” and is a predominant belief among many Europeans, or was, and the basis of much of what is poorly named anti-Semitism. You see, very few European Jews are Semites, the most common race in the Middle East and much of North Africa.

To catch your attention early on, we include this comment from a review of a banned book on Amazon. The book is banned but the comment remains:

Nazism was a Sabbatean-Frankist Jewish creation, and Adolf Hitler a Sabbatean-Frankist Crypto-Jew, conceived during an orgy after the celebration party in honour of Sabbatai Sevi’s 262nd birthday. See To Eliminate The Opiate Volume 2 by Rabbi Marvin Antelman, Chief Justice of the Supreme Rabbinic Court of America from 1974 to 2004. Antelman will show you that Zionism, Communism and Nazism came out of one and the same source: Sabbateanism.

The leading Sabbateans, the Rothschilds, financed Hitler, and own now 80% of the land in Israel, according to the Jewish historian Simon Schama. So, it’s not strange at all to compare what happens in Israel today with what the crypto-Jewish Nazis have done in Europe. Certainly not if you know about Theodor Herzl’s plan to let increase anti-Semitism to such heights, that the European elite would be very helpful in creating a Jewish State. See also Hennecke Kardel’s Adolf Hitler, Founder of Israel.

On YouTube you can find Eustace Mullins’ video Only One Political Party Today: The Nazis, in which Mullins explains his vision on Hitler, Holocausts, World War Two, and the founding of Israel.

This is a short interview with Eustace Mullins by Jeff Rense:

We strongly advocate that readers hit YouTube and listen to as much as they can by Mullins and begin reading Ezra Pound as well.

What conspiracists claim they are discovering today can be clearly shown for what it is, childish disinformation to keep the public away from what had been figured out long ago.

Most Jews are Khazarian, a mix of Europeans and Turks, perhaps 95% according to Johns Hopkins “Jewish Genome.” Of course none of this is important or should not be. We all, however, know better.

What we are going to take a “rambling” look at today is just enough to demonstrate that the mess we are currently in with Trump at the center is a very real occultist conspiracy, just much older than some know.

Most don’t have a clue as to the real players either or why Evangelical Christians are such dicks. You will learn that as well, why they have race hatred, wealthy and debauched leaders, both political and religious, and why they are so stupid.

Things forgotten?  Did you forget that Trump allows himself to be called a Messiah by Evangelical Christians?  Did you know that Scofield’s version of Christianity is actually Cabbalistic Judaism, an occult that worships evil. Their messiah accepts the sexual sacrifice of young children, just like Qanon says, except, of course, totally backwards.

What is different about Evangelical Christianity is that its occultist side, the one not shown the rank and file worshipper, carries aspects of the proto-Christian beliefs of some Cabbalistic Jews in Poland and around Frankfurt, this is who the Drumpf/Trump family is and why they are so important.

Evangelicalism, a Cabbalistic belief that exalts evil over good, leaves the door open for new messiahs like Trump. Jesus of the gospels is pushed aside largely for occultist prophesy, and the teachings of Jesus are, in the process, obliterated by doctrines that stress sexual debauchery, ritual child sexual abuse and the glorification of wealth.

Thus, the Evangelical priesthood of today is steeped in money and trappings of Satanism and worships the sons of the Frankist families, Bush, Trump, Romney, all wealth and power, all gained through occultism, something too easy to prove.

When VT talks about Moloch, Baal and the other occult deities that are behind Evangelical Christianity, Freemasonry and even sects within Judaism and Islam, when VT talks about jinns and demons, it is because our history has been laundered.

We live in a world ruled by the occultist beliefs that drove Naziism across Europe but when it came here, brought from Europe in the 1830s, to form the basis of what is now Christian Evangelicalism, history was cleansed.

Freemasonry, always satanic, became a social organization. The many messiahs of the Jews disappeared and the schisms of that religion and, of course, the Cabbalistic Christians who peddle fake messiahs like John Hagee and now Trump himself…

We are going to dispense a few historical tools today. We will also present some hard questions about ritual Satanic pedophilia, about Maxwell/Murdoch, the Drumpf’s and their history and why a quarter of a million Americans have been sacrificed to Moloch in the name of 17th century occultism.

Are “Hollywood Jews” part of this process?  We don’t know but we will give enough history here for you to decide. Nobody gets away free today.

What we will say is that a marriage between occultist Christians, now “Evangelical” and messianic Jews who followed certain Talmudic teachings, occurred centuries ago and has taken root in rural America.

Donald Trump is part of the line dating back to the 17th century that is one of their many gods, in a religion based on worship of what most call “evil.”

We are going to be touching on a history lesson that many need. If you wondered why all the talk about satanic pedophiles and why Qanon is being peddled to ‘Evangelicals Christians, a new look at the period around the Reformation needs to be done.

You see, Jews at that time were looking for the Messiah, yet they weren’t ready to say they screwed up and accepted Jesus. They were willing to negotiate with Christianity, taking on Jesus as an interim messiah until a better one came along and, for the Jewish religion, messiahs came all the time. A brief historical overview from Greenfield:

The 15th, 16th and 17th centuries were an age of tremendous progress.
It saw the Renaissance, the reformation, the arts and Sciences were reborn after the dark ages.

Yet it was also an age which saw the occult secret societies flourishing as they had not done for many centuries.

Many leaders in this new age of science were occultists. The Rosicrucian, free Masonic and cabalistic sects were leading in this occult revival.

One such scientist of the late 15th Century was Theophrastus Bambastus Von Honeium, who is commonly called Parcelsus, believed by many to be the founder of modern medicine, Parcelsus was a Rosicrucian!

These groups were a revival of the pagan mystery schools of Egypt and Babylon and that mixture of the Jewish religion and freemasonry known as ‘The Cabbala’.

The Cabbala had its origin in the Babylonian captivity of the Kingdom of Judah and claimed to throw new light on the old testament scriptures by looking for occult mystical interpretations in the biblical text.

In 1754 Matinez de Pasqually, a Portuguese Jewish Rosicrucian and mason, founded ‘The French Illumines’, also known as ‘The Order of Elus Cohens’ (elected priests).
After his death the movement was led by Louis Claude de Saint-Martin and became known as the Martinists.

In 1760 Dom Pernetti started ‘Illumines d’Avigion’, all these secret societies were based upon the Cabbala. Jacob Frank was a Polish Jew who founded a movement in 1755 called ‘The Frankists’, sometimes known as ‘The illuminated’.

The doctrines of The Frankists were based upon the cabalistic book ‘The Zohara’ or ‘Book of Light’.

It is upon this book that all modern occultism is based.

Rabbi Marvin Anteiman has stated ‘The Frankists glorified evil as holy, even as a means of salvation, and quoted cabbala authority Gershom Scholem as saying that Frank will always be remembered as one of the phenomena of Jewish history.

The Frankists followed cabalistic priests and false miracle workers were known as Zaddikim or Ba’al Shems.

There is evidence that Amschel Mayer, the founder of the Rothschild banking dynasty may have been a Frankist, the symbol of the Frankists was a Red Shield.

This very sign was placed over their family shop in Frankfurt. Amschel Mayer chose that red shield as the family name, Roth=red, Schild=shield==Rothschild.

Upon that shield was the ‘Star of David’, though this star has nothing to do with the biblical King David.

The 5 or 6 pointed star has always been the most important symbol of the occult, Magick, Witchcraft and Satanism.

This symbol is a cabalistic sign, first used by an Ashkenazi Jew Menahem ben Duji, who changed his name to David Al-Roy.

This man was a leading Ba’al Shem of the Cabalistic, who also claimed to be the Messiah.
The best known British Ba’al Shem of the 18th century was Hayim Jacob Falk, known as ‘The king of the Jews.

Falk was a leading Free Mason, and a leader in other secret societies, he was a supporter of The Duc du Orlen in the French revolution.

However one order was set to combine all the malignant features of all these groups, The Illuminati.

As things are coming together, we are seeing considerable effort made by occultist organizations, all Jewish, nominally at least, very strong again in Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and Iran, pushing Donald Trump as a new Sabbatian messiah.

In the 1660s, the roots of Trumpist, as it is now called, Judaism, getting rid of the Torah and worshipping through child rape, swept across Europe. The Drumpf family of Frankfurt were at the epicenter of this growth of satanic Judaism and its later marriage with Christianity, now expressed as Christian Evangelicalism. Watch our good friend, now deceased, Barry Chamish give a short history.

Some wonder why Trump seems surrounded by Jews but not ordinary Jews. Jews are lined up behind Biden despite his problems with Israel and his very poor relationship with reviled Netanyahu, the Israeli version of Donald Trump.

We are seeing, though Qanon deception, a Trump regime steeped in the occult, steeped in ritual child abuse and in hatred of conventional Christianity.

Through what they call themselves, Christian Zionists, we are seeing a 17th century melding of occult Cabbalistic beliefs, ritual satanism, a new satanic messiah and Christians who are, as they were centuries ago, obsessed with getting a new ‘friendlier’ version of Christ, one that was a bit more in love with racism and torture.

As we will show, this is also the root belief that led to Frankism and Nazism, and the root belief behind the real Donald Trump.

The Jewish religion as we know it really doesn’t exist. Where typical American Jews follow traditional beliefs, occultist Judaism, under the Talmud and Cabbala, is followed by those who run AIPAC/ADL/SPLC/JDL/MEGA-MAGA.

These are ‘Frankists.’  Allen Greenfield discusses their origins here:

“Uno avulso non deficit alter. ” – Virgil

A century before the European Enlightenment produced the conditions in which modern European Judaism arose, the ghetto world of the Jews of Europe and Asia Minor was wracked by a messianic fervor virtually unknown today outside Judaic intellectual circles.
The influence of the Qabalism of the late medieval period reached a final flowering in the works of Isaac Luria and other mystics of the 1600s.

 An outright messianic movement developed around the person of one Shabbetai Tzvi (1626-76 EV) and his prophet, Nathan of Gaza.

This movement was shattered when, faced with martyrdom or conversion, the would-be messiah Tzvi chose conversion to Islam.

Nathan became a Roman Catholic, and the movement largely collapsed, though some followed Tzvi into conversion, and there is down to the present time an Islamic sect in Turkey that follows Tzvi’s teachings.

In recent years there has been some effort made among Jewish revisionist historians to more-or-less rehabilitate Shabbetai Tzvi as a kind of protoZionist leader.

It is certainly true that the messianic movement’s collapse led in the 1700s to the development of the mystical-ecstatic Chassidic Judaism. Under the leadership of Israel Baal Shem Tov, this has been far more widely accepted as a legitimate Jewish religious trend. Scholars of the stature of the late existentialist Martin Buber have done much to establish the legitimacy of Chassidic thought and practice. It has nonetheless continued as a movement to have both a Qabalistic and messianic undertone, as witnessed by the messianic expectations centered on the Lubovicher Rebbe that reached a peak shortly before his recent death. 

At approximately the same time that Chassidic Judaism was developing, another trend which for many years was almost lost to history was bubbling up in the Ghettoes of Eastern Europe in the wake of the Tzvi messianic expectations. Indeed, most older English-language sources relegate this rather substantial movement to a footnote, usually couched in the most unflattering terms.This was a sect known as the Zoharists or Frankists, after Jacob Frank (1726-91 EV), originally named Jacob Leibowicz1.

Like the Chassidim, the Zoharists were deeply steeped in Qabala and magick and ecstatic religious expression.

Like the followers of Tzvi, they were also messianic. Unique to the Frankists was a doctrine of salvation through sexual ecstasy that had not characterized these other tendencies. Indeed, the Zoharists anticipated the sexual magick that emerged a century and more later under the influence of such luminaries as P.B. Randolph, Max Theon and, ultimately, Aleister Crowley.

We will offer up another Chamish video, this one covers the Frankists and their influence on the origins of Naziism and Zionism.

VT: I am thinking Trump won’t have a passport, but read this here and then hold on for more.

Daily Beast: More than an hour into his latest rambling campaign rally speech in Macon, Georgia, on Friday night, President Donald Trump briefly imagined a future where he loses the 2020 election to Joe Biden.

“You know what? Running against the worst candidate in the history of American politics puts pressure on me,” Trump told the crowd. “Could you imagine if I lose? My whole life—what am I going to do? I’m going to say, I lost to the worst candidate in the history of politics! I’m not going to feel so good. Maybe I’ll have to leave the country, I don’t know.”

Currently trailing Biden by double digits in most national and many battleground state polls, the president faces multiple potential prosecutions should fail to win a second term next month.

VT has been looking at the Drumpf family, the supposed German family from “Frankfurt” that ran human trafficking operations in the gold fields for Amstel Mayer. Trump’s father, as with the Kushner’s, ran whore houses in New York and New Jersey. This was their primary source of income as slumlords.

First of all, the claims by many that Trump is a messiah are expressions of his Frankist background and rifts within the Jewish religion dating to the 18th century. Trump’s family were Jews who followed Jacob Frank, a Polish Jew who challenged Judaism and the “blood libel.”

Frank wanted Jews to stop using goyim blood in making crackers. You just can’t make this stuff up.

For many years, Chamish, Heart, James and others at VT have written about this but never before has it been so important.



…by Jonas E. Alexis


In his book The Encyclopedia of Jewish Myth, Magic and Mysticism, Rabbi Geoffrey W. Dennis unequivocally writes that:

“Virtually every form of Western mysticism and spiritualism known today draws upon Jewish myth and occult teachings—magic, prayer, angelology, alchemy, numerology, astral projection, dream interpretation, astrology, amulets, divination, altered states of consciousness, alternative, and rituals of power—all have roots in the Jewish occult.”[1]

Dennis moves on to add: “But for the millennia, many of these core teachings have been unavailable to the general public, concealed by barriers of language and by the protective principles governing the teaching of Kabbalah, which has both nurtured and guarded such knowledge.”[2]

These esoteric teachings have indeed been “censored” out of the general public because the Powers That Be obviously love to keep the masses in the dark.

The striking fact is that Dennis hasn’t been called an anti-Semite or self-hating Jew for saying devastating things like this. But if the Goyim dare to even point these out, they would be accused of all sorts of nasty names.

But if Dennis is right, then what are some of the implications here? If “virtually every form of Western mysticism and spiritualism known today draws upon Jewish myth and occult teachings,” then it stands to reason to assume that both Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism are part of this “Jewish myth.” Numerous writers have drawn similar conclusions.[3]

E. Michael Jones has argued that “Freemasonry is ultimately Judaizing.”[4] It follows logically that the ultimate goal and purpose of Freemasonry is to turn the moral and political order upside down. In fact, this was exactly what happened during the French Revolution. But the Freemasonry itself has a bigger purpose: it seeks to assassinate Christ. Jones writes:

“The deeper the adept penetrates, the more Talmudic are the mysteries revealed to him. The Rosicrucian, for example, is taught the inscription INRI which was nailed to the Cross means not Iesus Nazarensis Rex Iudeorum, but rather the  ‘Iew of Nazareth Led into Iudea,’ a reading which deprives Christ of his divinity and reasserts the Talmudic calumny that Christ was a common criminal who deserved to be executed:

“‘as soon as the candidate has proved that he understands the Masonic meaning of this inscription INRI, the Master exclaims, My dear Brethren, the word is found again, and all present applaud this luminous discovery, that—He whose death was the consummation and the grand mystery of the Christian Religion was no more than a common Jew crucified for his crimes.’

“To be initiated into the higher degrees of Freemasonry, the adept must agree to become an assassin of the assassin of Adoniram. He must be willing to assassinate Christ and his representatives on earth. The revolutionary intent of Freemasonry becomes clear when the adept is informed that he must be willing to kill the king.

“Mystical Masonry is synonymous with Revolution. Freemasons ‘looked upon the Revolution as that sacred fire which was to purify the earth and these credulous adepts were seen to second the Revolution with the enthusiastic zeal of a holy cause.’ When the adept is introduced to the degree of Knights Kadosh, ‘all ambiguity ceases.’”[5]

If “Masonry is synonymous with Revolution,” and if “Revolution” is like “fire” which purifies the earth, then the Israeli regime must think that they are purifying the Middle East by wiping out the Palestinians and creating political chaos in the United States.

Thankfully, many decent people have dedicated their lives to expose this political chaos, and one of them is my good friend and colleague Mark Dankoff:

[1] Geoffrey W. Dennis, The Encyclopedia of Jewish Myth, Magic and Mysticism (Woodbury, MN: Llewellyn Publications, 2016), 1.

[2] Ibid.

[3] See for example Vicomte Leon De Poncins, Freemasonry and Judaism: Secret Powers Behind Revolution. We will discuss the content of this book in more detail in the future.

[4] E. Michael Jones, The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History (South Bend: Fidelity Press, 2008), 546.

[5] Ibid., 547.


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  1. The most dangerous Zionism in the USA calls itself Christian. They have idolized the Scofield Reference Bible, the dude who put it together paid by the Rothschilds. That has justified all the “chosenness” that brought Europeans to Turtle Island and the “Israelites” to Palestine. It legitimized genocide, rape, and the plundering of “lesser” people’s lands and resources. If there’s any takeaway from this article it’s that their ultimate fantasy is to push the USA into a war with Iran that would bring on the Apocalypse. They are a death cult if there ever was one. That’s why Trump and Pompeo are the most dangerous men on the planet.

  2. West Point class of ’84. What a bunch! I read they have a meet-up/wing-ding once a year.
    One is CEO of 7/11 and a couple of others were likely part of 9/11.
    My travel agent advised me that now’s a good time to visit Hell since all the devils appear to be here.

  3. MIGA. MSNBC just brought in Richard Haass who spouted a bunch of nonsense on the legitimacy of the Israeli settlements then automatically started to pounding Iran and spouting the latest MSM bull on Iran which is that the possible new administration Biden will be harsh on Iran and things would get worse.
    Both Biden and Harris have said over and over that they will restore the JCPOA on day one just as Trumpstein canceled it on day one.
    The Israeli spin is everywhere in the news even in CNN and they are all rooting for a second term of Trump because he’s the best thing that has ever happened to Israel.

    • The MSM is stuck is a spot where they can’t talk about Trump’s 1000% commitment to Israel, and when they bring in their pundits to entertain the viewers they parse words and dance around the issue but ultimately they all say we don’t know what it is that makes the Trump’s base/cult still support him after being left out in the cold for hours at the Omaha’s Eppley Airfield … etc.

    • As if . But on this planet anyone would be better than Pompeo. He even put sanctions on Fatou Bensouda. How much of a loser can you be ?

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