Times Says Trump Blocked from Nuking Iran During Last Days


President Trump’s advisors dissuaded him from a military strike, warning that it could escalate a conflict between the United States and Iran “in the last weeks of Trump’s presidency”, according to a report by The New York Times.

Donald Trump was mulling a possibility to attack Iran’s “main nuclear site” in “the coming weeks”, asking his advisors whether he had such an option during a meeting at the Oval office on Thursday, The New York Times reported, citing “current and former US officials”.

The advisors, among whom were Vice President Mike Pence, State Secretary Mike Pompeo, acting Defence Secretary Christopher Miller and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark A. Milley, reportedly dissuaded Trump from an attack, voicing concerns that it might escalate “into a broader conflict in the last weeks of Mr. Trump’s presidency”.

After advisors warned Trump on the possible aftermath of a strike, they reportedly left the office believing that “a missile attack inside Iran was off the table”.

The report emerged amid allegations that Trump is attempting to “sabotage Biden administration”, as the media projected the Democratic candidate to win the White House race, even though the official results of the presidential election are yet to be known. The sitting president refuses to concede, insisting that the election was “rigged”.

According to The NYT, the strike against Iran, if conducted, would “almost certainly” target Natanz – an Iranian nuclear plant that is generally considered to be a central facility for uranium enrichment.

The alleged Oval office meeting took place a day after the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reported a significant increase in the Iranian stockpile of nuclear material – 12 times larger than allowed in the nuclear accord that Trump unilaterally exited in 2018.

‘Throwback Thursday’?

Back in 20 June 2019 – ironically, on Thursday as well – Trump abruptly reversed an airstrike against Iran that was planned as a retaliatory move for shooting down a US surveillance drone. That time, however, the attack was cancelled just minutes before it could have been conducted.

“We were cocked & loaded to retaliate last night on 3 different sights when I asked, how many will die. 150 people, sir, was the answer from a General. 10 minutes before the strike I stopped it,” Trump wrote at the time.

US-Iran Tensions

Harsh economic sanctions against Iran immediately followed the US’ withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), as, without evidence, president Trump claimed that Iran violated the deal, even though Tehran repeatedly insisted that its nuclear program was exclusively peaceful.

A year after Trump decided to pull the US out of the agreeement in May 2018, Tehran began to step away from its commitments under the nuclear deal.

Tensions between the countries spiraled even more after the US President ordered the killing of the top Iranian general Qasem Soleimani in January.

In retaliation, Iran carried out airstrikes against two American military bases in Iraq, which did not claim any lives, but left more than 100 US servicemen diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries.


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  1. The punks last power move got thrown back in his face by Milley.

    I hope Milley takes the podium on Jan 20 and addresses the people. Inform them that protocols exist preventing any president from directly threatening their own people, and that Trump lost his CIC status due to fulfillment of a very unlikely and long list of behaviors toward the people. Too many people getting too many phone calls from terrified civilians, that need to know better. When Trump became a threat and fulfilled a most difficult list, he lost rank.

  2. I believe the only reason Trump didn’t attack Iran (I’m talking about an overt military attack) is because Iran didn’t take the bait and spill blood.

    Obviously Trump couldn’t care less about how many people he murders, thus the excuse of calling off the attack because of not wanting to kill 150 people is nonsense. Trump and his handlers and enablers needed a pretext of spilt American blood before risking WW3 which Iran didn’t give them.

    • “at the same time removing US from Iraq and Afghanistan”

      As I understand it, he’s not completely withdrawing, only pulling some troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan; big deal; if it even happens. And what about Syria? Apparently he’s still got thousands of troops there whose main job is to preside over the looting of Syria’s oil.

  3. The punk is delusional. The same way he suggested injecting disinfectant he was exploring the idea of a hit and run at the last minute. Someone told him that their beloved Israel would become a parking lot in the first few hours.
    Bibi must be fuming.

  4. WHAT WAS retaliation against the Iranian missle attacks on two US airbases?
    Nothing at all?
    The US showed “restraint”?

    Note how this article abruptly stops right there…and they always do.

    USA did nothing just “let it be”?

    In retaliation Trump did a covert biological warfare attack on both the huge unpenetrable underground nuke facility in Qom, Iran, plus a biological warfare attack on the Iranian government itself.
    Look it up figure it out.

    Earlier biological attack on China was meant to ruin its economy, forcing panic and lockdowns from the bioweaponed super contagious SARS “flu virus” plus a time-release feature of two weeks no symptoms but contagious as hell.

    What used in Iran different, guaranteed to kill “007 brand” perhaps trace sarin, all stuffed into a covid 19 flu virus as well (so cleverly China blamed)

    Virus engineered with CRISPR gene editing to kill Arabs and Persians but not Israelis and the nazi superiority genes of white people.
    Something Israel has bragged about for years they can use at will “just in case”

    With China successfully in panic early February, and with no cases but one in washington state inside the USA, they decide to “nuke” Iran with a biological weapon.

    The Iranian attack is what spread outside the population it was designed to only infect, and this miscalculation started the world pandemic of “unfortunate collateral damage” China a diversion, still is

    • “Virus engineered with CRISPR gene editing to kill Arabs and Persians but not Israelis and the nazi superiority genes of white people.”

      Since Iranians are caucasian and most Israelis are to that would be dumb of them to promote.

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