How Not To Rig An Election

Michael Shrimpton continues to expose the fraud in the US general election and explains who was behind it. He also reviews the latest series of the controversial Netflix series The Crown.


Disclaimer: Everything in this article is disputed by non-alternative facts.

It’s now clear beyond a peradventure that President Trump won the election by a landslide. His legal team, led by the able, albeit hair-challenged, Rudy Giuliani,  has enough evidence to overturn the results in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. That’s 73 Electoral College votes, folks. There’s even talk of Virginia and New Mexico coming into play. The name of the notorious George ‘von’ Soros, publicly identified by my distinguished Israeli colleague Dr Robert Kaplan as a German agent, keeps cropping up.

The fraud was on a scale never before attempted in a US election. The able Trump campaign attorney Sidney Powell, who is not given to exaggeration even though she’s a former federal prosecutor, is talking about 7 million votes having been switched from the President to Joe ‘Chinese’ Biden, who probably now eats his Corn Flakes with chopsticks. Sidney, with whose law office I’m finally in communication, has also identified an additional three million unlawful votes for Biden.

Roughly speaking the President obtained about 80,800,000 votes to the sleazy, corrupt Joe Biden’s 69,800,000, no offense intended. As predicted in this column it was a landslide win for the Big Guy, and I don’t mean ‘Chinese’ Biden!

The DVD are of course behind the fraud, as I suspect the Pentagon verified when they seized those Scytl servers in Frankfurt. Scytl itself operates from the Kingdom of Spain, a German client state, but the election fraud was co-ordinated by Correa/COREA Group, which is headquartered in Frankfurt. The Correa Group, which is sometimes referred to as the COREA Group, was set up by the Abwehr/DVD agent Matthias Correa, who at one point was US Attorney for the notorious Southern District of New York, an appointment normally reserved for German assets.

Lawyer in Dupont case, Mathias Correa, and his daughter, Ann, reading aloud to father story books from memory. (Photo by Martha Holmes/The LIFE Images Collection via Getty Images/Getty Images)

Correa acted as a liaison between the US Army and the German agent James Forrestal, implicated in the cover-up of the Amelia Earhart shoot-down, who was very properly terminated with extreme prejudice by the Office of Naval Intelligence in 1949. Involved in the establishment by the DVD of the CIA, Correa set up his eponymous group, with headquarters in the American Zone of Western Germany, with a view to controlling both the newly created CIA and the pro-German FBI.

The Correa Group is off-limits for the MSM. Most journalists are intelligence illiterate in any event, but even if they’ve heard of it the implications of identifying the unit of German intelligence responsible for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy 57 years ago today and the rigging of the 2020 US general election would be too terrifying for them to contemplate.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, cruelly assassinated by the Correa Group 57 years ago today.

Like the appeasers of fascism in the 1930s the MSM are simply in awe of the power of German intelligence. Most journalists, no offense intended, are so frightened of Germany that they are barely capable of functioning as human beings, never mind professionals supposedly interested in the truth. Terror has that effect on a person. Just look at the gibberish the MSM are churning out. It is not the product of rational minds.

The attempt to install Joe Biden as President by stealing President Trump’s votes has probably seen a new low in conservative contempt for the MSM. When they say they ‘have seen no evidence of fraud’ the MSM are being disingenuous – the evidence is in the form of hundreds of affidavits, many of which have been sealed at the request of affiants concerned about intimidation.

I suspect that the MSM has in fact seen plenty of evidence but is suppressing it, as they tried to suppress the stories about Joe Biden’s corrupt dealings with China and the Ukraine. There is no way that outlets like the New York Times, the Washington Post or CNN would ever tell the truth about vote-rigging in favour of a Democratic presidential candidate. You may as well expect them to be rational about global warming.


The recount in Georgia was a joke and the election result is likely to be overturned in the courts. As in Pennsylvania it’s clear that the purpose of keeping Republican observers away from what was really happening was to facilitate the fraud.

Georgia Republicans

What in the world ever made the Correa Group think that could rig an election in Georgia? Don’t they know that not all the election workers the Democrats sent out in Georgia’s rural counties have actually returned, and that ammo is flying off the shelves faster than MAGA hats and cages for their women for those who have Amazon Prime and have watched the latest Borat movie? I was pleasantly surprised to find that the head of the Republican Party in Georgia is called the chairman, not the Grand Wizard, and isn’t named Billy Bob.

Guatemala ‘54

The involvement of the CIA is inevitably provoking comparisons with their successful operation in 1954 to topple President Arbenz in Guatemala. However the United States is not Guatemala. You guys have laws. What’s more you’ve got lawyers to enforce them, unlike Guatemala, where they shoot lawyers.

Jacobo Arbenz

I know Guatemala has laws, but they’re enforced a bit like the Gestapo’s Internal Affairs Department enforced the Gestapo Code of Conduct, that is to say fairly loosely. (“Ve are from Internal Affairs!” “Gott im Himmel, Hans, I told you not to use so much electricity” “Ja, you boys are really for it – ve vill deduct ze cost of ze extra electricity from your salaries, be more careful in future.”)

President Trump is not President Arbenz, and although the Democrats are as vicious as the United Fruit Company they don’t have quite as close a relationship with the CIA. (I seriously doubt that much fruit turned up in the canteen at Langley that wasn’t from United Fruit.)

I suspect that this election battle is going to end up in either the Supreme Court or the House. There’s no way that the vote count can be allowed to stand. In years to come the attempt to rig the 2020 US general election in favour of Joe Biden will come to be seen as the biggest German mistake since launching Operation Barbarossa back in ’41, after the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht bought into global warming and decided that they could dispense with winter woollies for their troops.

The ADF report on Aussie Special Forces

I was sorry to see the ADF wasting a lot of time and money on a silly report about the conduct of the excellent Aussie SAS in Afghanistan. Seems the boys have been topping some captured Taliban terrorists after their ‘surrender’, a distinctly relative term for Terry Taliban.

Special Forces tend to engage the enemy quite closely. It’s therefore not a bad idea to blood new guys fairly quickly, less they freeze in a combat situation, putting their comrades at risk. You’re not supposed to practice on prisoners, however!

As a former Adjunct Professor at the American Military University I’m familiar with the US marking system. I’d have to grade the boys A+ for effort, but a B- for compliance with international humanitarian law.

Given the way in which Terry Taliban treats captured prisoners he can hardly be heard to complain, however. None of the terrorists slotted by the Aussies had their goolies chopped off, for example. The answer may be to go back to Hague Convention notions of reciprocity, under which the rules only apply to you if the other chap obeys them.

I was first introduced to the concept by that nice man Julian Amery, then an MP, when we appeared against each other on the BBC’s Sixty Minutes current affairs program in 1984. (Julian’s brother John, sadly, was a traitor and was very properly executed in 1945 – Julian remains the only person I’ve ever met whose brother was hanged for treason.) This would mean Australia, and other Western democracies, withdrawing from the 1948 Geneva Conventions, but they’re outdated anyway. As Julian told the viewers, “you can’t obey international law if the other fellow doesn’t”.

The Anglo-European talks

MSM excitement last week about the prospect of a deal proved to be exaggerated, although pro-EU outlets like Sky News continue to talk up a deal. Sir David Frost is still our chief negotiator and the EU continue to stall him.

The sides are still far apart, thankfully. The differences are fundamental – the British Government believes in free trade, whereas Johnny European does not. He also want our fish and wants to continue wrecking the British economy after January 1st. The talks were always a waste of time and should be abandoned forthwith.

The Crown, 4th Series (Netflix, airdate November 15th 2020)

Whilst the first three series were not entirely unfair to the Royal Family, and occasionally told the truth, Series 4 has degenerated into an outright attack upon our beloved Royal Family and HRH Prince Charles in particular.

The latest series is riddled with factual errors and plays up the strains in the marriage between the Prince and Princess of Wales. HM the Queen, outrageously, is portrayed as cold, cruel and remote, which is a gross libel.

Sadly the Royal Family can’t sue for libel, but that doesn’t mean that ways could not be found to smack the program makers about. They should be treated as Enemies of the State. I’m not suggesting that they should be handed over to the Australian SAS and shot, well not all of them anyway, but their cards should be marked, indeed probably already have been.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Don’t eat too many Bidens, sorry turkeys.


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  1. I’d be interested in your analysis of the defenestration of prague May 23, 1618 and the role of the Corea group that day lol! Its obv that they have mastered time travel and are behind a lot of shady historical stuff! Have you heard that they actually fast forwarded the executioner of Anne Bolyn (an earlier royal slapper) to recent times to play an instrumental role in the final days of Princess Diana!? In fact the success of that op was actually to send the signal, ‘royal slapper mission accomplished’ to the Duke of Edinburgh. DVD are expected to have the US secret service shoot Don in the face before he destabilizes things irretrievably for the 0.01% because as any fule kno no matter who wins the eleckshun the .gov always gets in and they in turn are prawns of the illuminati paedos who supply the Duke of Edinburgh among others, with the blood of white middle class virgin kids (not that easy to get these days!) Anyhow nice chattin gotta toodle pip lol

  2. Correa’s death on December 5, 1963 of internal hemorrhage is interesting timing, coming as it did only 13 days after JFK’s. Stress? Part of the assassination coverup? Maybe retaliation?

  3. Today’s a historic day! 57 years since JFK was assassinated by Correa Group, and it’s about time Mathias Correa was finally outed. This points to a successful raid to nab those servers! His committee, which he chaired, was responsible for the drastic reorganization of the CIA in the 50s. As of several years ago, the report that they had produced for Congress was still being called the Correa Report, perhaps as a way to hide its importance. But interestingly, I now see it is called the Dulles-Jackson-Correa report, or just the Dulles Report for short.

  4. “…unlike Guetemala, where they shoot lawyers…”

    It’s a good policy, the King John should have demanded in 1215 shoot lawyers as a right to were included in your british Magna Carta

  5. Powell: “I don’t make comments without having the evidence to back it up.”

    Having the evidence and showing the evidence are two different thing.

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