Forgive and forget for Trumpers? Not Hardly


By Rick Wilson

Daily Beast: The dark is rising for Trump’s sycophants, toadies and enablers. Their tough-guy acts and fuck-your-feelings shit-talk have become a furious whine of complaints and recriminations, as a toxic slurry of rage and despair has left a stinging bile in the back of their throats that won’t go away. Trump lost, and they can’t spin their way past it.

Even as his lawyers are all but chased out of each town where they file their absurd, doomed lawsuits, the true believers still imagine some miracle emerging from the wreckage of Trump’s campaign. The media apparatus that monetized the moronic state religion of Trumpism is still pumping their slowcoach followers full of stupid, easily disproven lies.

The Professional Class of Republicans, though, know that the bitter end is here—that their dirty half-decade of personal abnegation and degradation is coming to a sick, sad finale. It would leave them with a sense of shame if they had any. Most of the GOP, Inc. types long ago lost that sensibility. Still, America is watching them experiencing a combination of fury and humiliation as Trump heads to the door before even dropping the cash on the nightstand.  read more…paywall/members only



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  1. I thought the lawsuits were about the illegal voting procedures. Does anyone doubt that there were many illegal voting procedures?

  2. Good synapsis of the short game, but the play in the long game is to recognize Trump as a catalyst and get out front. When a wave passes, water always fills the void created, and as such, is welcomed as a return to normalcy. The situation is, the fight for truth and exposure going on before Trump ever showed up, was put on hold, or discarded. It is the case where the bank robber, is relieved that the serial killer is grabbing all the negative headlines, and the chance to viewed in a favorable light in comparison, is present. One old trick of monarchy is to install a vicious lord, to quell the dissent against the former. Being back at the former, is expected to be seen as a relief rather than the victory for the original tyranny which existed.
    Blind loyalty and comfort are dangerous at this time, and the obvious play is to get out front and demand no more looting and corruption. This is a false victory we are seeing. My prediction is, we are about to be robbed blind, but with a polite smile and handshake. Glad that we were able to help. A false dichotomy.

  3. Sheldon Adelson will continue to be the single-biggest supporter of Republican campaigns. In 2020 alone he’s thrown $50 million at Trump. This “30 pieces of silver” comes with strings attached, support Israel and attack Iran. Trump has certainly made good on the first promise but he only has a few weeks to fulfill the second.

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