Georgia to Investigate Lindsey Graham for Election Crimes


Disqualifying valid ballots would constitute such an offense and constitute a crime in itself. State law also forbids interference with the performance of the secretary of state’s official election duties—by, for instance, asking him to falsify records. An individual is culpable even if they failed to induce fraud.

Slate: A former U.S. attorney has asked Georgia to open an investigation into Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham’s potentially criminal interference in the state’s election.

Michael J. Moore, who served as U.S. attorney for the Middle District of Georgia from 2010 to 2015, sent his request to the Georgia State Board of Elections on Thursday. Moore cited multiple public interviews given by Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, a Republican, in which Raffensperger said that Graham pressured him to throw out valid mail ballots.

According to the secretary of state, Graham asked whether he could toss all mail ballots from any county with a high rate of “signature mismatch”—signatures that don’t match those on a voter’s registration form. (Under a federal court order, Georgia is required to let voters cure a mismatched signature.)

Signature mismatch disproportionately affects racial minorities, who lean Democratic overall. Graham requested that even ballots with matching signatures be rejected in precincts with large populations of Black voters. It thus appears that Graham wanted Raffensberger to throw enough Democratic ballots to swing the state toward Donald Trump.

In his letter, Moore noted that Graham’s alleged conduct might constitute a criminal offense under Georgia law. The state prohibits solicitation to commit election fraud, which occurs when an individual “solicits, requests, commands, importunes, or otherwise attempts to cause” another person to commit an election-related offense.


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  1. I read that the ‘call-boys’ in DC (who call him “Lady-G”) have launched a lawsuit against him.
    Mossad must have pix of him in full drag playing a ukulele on a garden-swing surrounded by young boys.

  2. Asked my pal whom is president of the APWU about the mail sorter machines being smashed with hammers. He is president of the union over seeing 15000 employees called the Lakeland district.

    No machines were destroyed however, machines were removed due to extreme drops in mail volume and huge increases in package volume as he put it they were responding to mail volume needs.

    The USPS is America’s package delivery king. Which party hates them the most? Who hates unions and fair wages? Above my pay grade of course.

    • Thank you for that well-sourced information.
      As a Unionist, I’d love to hear what your friend at the APWU has to say about the USPS’s head-honcho: “De Joy” who was a Drumpf donor and appointee. ‘If it walks, talks & acts like a creep, it’s a creep!’
      And please, dear sir, inquire of your friend if there’s even a slim chance that the USPS will one-day become a Public Bank. It might alleviate the masses from the chaos engendered by ‘Private Banks.’
      IzRealHell is a Rothscild project and they want to own Iran’s Central Bank. HollowHoax-Hysteria??

  3. Linsey Graham laid in on the line, “If Republicans don’t do something about mail-in voting they will never win another election in the USA.” Given how they have traditionally suppressed the vote in our major cities by providing pitifully few poling stations you can hardly blame them for being upset. Mail-in voting clearly overcame their voter suppression. Trump tried to suppress the mail-in vote by removing post boxes and smashing mail sorting machines with hammers but that didn’t work either. Damn, it looks like Democrats have figured out how to win elections! It’s about time.

    • Exactly, in other words it takes one to know one. These riggings of votes have been going on behind the scene with both parties being in on it, specialized in their own schemes, since time immemorial but it just so happened that democrats twigged the game a bit more this time. This wasn’t the first & certainly wont be the last.

    • My brother lives in Colorado where they don’t even have poling stations. All ballots are either mailed in or dropped off in local ballot boxes. Every vote is a paper ballot that can be counted by hand if necessary. This avoids the whole issue of “voting machines” and suppressing the vote by reducing the number of poling stations in our major cities which has been going on since forever.

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