OANN: Biden and Harris Executed by Firing Squad Led by Trump (guaranteed true GOP news)


Published on VT by orders of the US DOJ per letter dated November 18, 2020, guaranteed to be true (by the DOJ)


President Trump has amended federal execution rules to allow death by firing squad, and has ordered that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris receive this ultimate penalty once the election is overturned in his favor following the Supreme Court’s decision on the massive voter fraud that overwhelming evidence proves has taken place, and contingent upon a military tribunal in which Biden and Harris will be tried for treason. This has sparked rumors regarding Kamala Harris’ mysterious disappearance subsequent to election day.

Harris’ disappearance is noteworthy – with her being the former top prosecutor in California, she knows America’s federal laws about fraudulent elections and treason, and also knows the grave significance of Attorney Sidney Powell having just revealed her evidence proving 10-million votes were stolen for Biden.

The claim that President Trump is going after traitors were also confirmed this week by retired US Army Major Jeffrey Prather, founder of the Warriorschool, that since 1995, has trained the US Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard special forces, as well as most US federal law enforcement agencies such the FBI, DHS, US Marshals and Border Patrol.

In an interview with Natural News, Prather laid out how President Trump, the Department of Defense and acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller were going to defeat Deep State traitors and save America from the attempted coup.

Partial summary as follows:

Confirms that multiple raids on the servers of vote rigging systems were conducted, in three countries…Confirms that the NSA has hard evidence on treasonous actors, and that this evidence is likely being leveraged by Trump’s people…Confirms that Trump can use the NDAA, combined with the Sep. 12, 2018 Executive Order, to declare domestic treasonous actors as “enemy combatants”…Says that the DoD and patriots inside the DIA have everything they need to defeat the deep state…Says Trump will be President on January 21st…Warns that the transition from information warfare to conventional (kinetic) warfare may happen very soon…Warns that the left-wing backlash against Trump’s victory will result in bloodshed that cannot be avoided”.

This is a developing story…


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  1. A nice piece for my Mosaic of Truth. That dark 40 percent corner that Gordon promised would always be here.


  2. That is why Putin was in no hurry to congratulate, as vassals and interested parties rushed to do it from abroad. There are a lot of intricacies. Russian barbarians usually say: don’t say gop until you jump over. So we will monitor the situation further.

    • How do you say Q-Anon in Russian ?! The only reason Putin is keeping his mouth shut is to not give a heart attack to the two diaper babies sandwiching him, Bibi and Dodo. Plus I wouldn’t be too surprised if deep inside he’s wishing for a civil war. Lol.
      Do they put butter on popcorn in Russia ?!

    • NewRallyt, keeping his mouth shut waiting result of the Electoral College voting in december 14th is technically a properly behavior. Wait until after legal steps are completed

    • Other than the fact that the big Trump’s congratulations from Putin back in 2016 was immediately after the election night in November, which you could challenge by saying there were no legal cases pending, the Q-Anon narrative is being pushed in Russia: “of the Kremlin’s most prominent mouthpieces, Dmitry Kiselyov, repeated Trump narratives about mail-in ballots on his flagship “News of the Week” program on state television — that an overwhelming majority of them were cast for Biden and that “voting by mail allows for cheating.”

    • @Adrian2MiL18:
      Absolutely right, Sir!
      Comrade NewtRallyt just loves my comments very much, he likes to tease me. But, pluralism of opinions is normal. For only in a dispute is truth born. I respect his opinions.
      1. Sir, I’m afraid that 99% of Russians have not even heard about Q-Anon))
      2. Mr. Putin has his own head on his shoulders and, as history shows, he uses it not only to eat food. He also has a certain circle of people who possess the rarest quality of analytical, strategic and global thinking, predicting situations and planning, plus forecasting and assessing risks. But even normal people understand how dire the consequences will be in the event of a civil war in the United States. Strange as it may sound from the Russian, but it is not profitable for us. We will try to prevent this))
      3. To be honest, I hate popcorn and kill popcorn eaters within 7 meters of my movie theater chair. But cinemas have been closed for 8 months due to the pandemic. I train on empty bottles in the forest so as not to lose my shooting skills)

    • NewRallyt, my opinion is electronic machines and postal voting should be banned because it leave open to fraud, undue influence, theft and tampering many chances. Should be only electors alive in person with a valid id voting in a polling station and if with only one day of time that’s not enough allow two days, or three, or four, as time available to vote.

    • Comrade Andy, I appreciate your posts as well. Iran and Russia have more in common than you know. Iranians have been drinking and producing vodka for as long as I remember but we’ve always flown under the radar because of the religion that imposed 5000 years into our history. Me too at the farm, when I go, I practice with label-less empty bottles as well ! And I hate the smell of popcorn as well which is very murican but exported all over the world. In Iran it’s called “elephant fart.”

      The big difference between Russia and Iran is that Iran doesn’t pay attention to what Tel Aviv has to say or do to their banks. That’s why they want war with Iran even with their 63 synagogues and 25,000 strong jewish community.

      That said, Putin shouldn’t blame the US liberal democrats for the frictions between the two countries, but rather the revenge of the exiled oligarchs who are pushing Likud to monopolize the US foreign policy for more wars such as the Syrian conflict that has transformed and divided the region into the brink of a major war.
      But again I doubt if he cares as to who’s the landlord of the leases he has at Khmeimim, Tiyas, Tartus and Shayrat.

      The only thing that would stop the bloodshed would be a US civil war.

    • @NewtRallyt: thank you, Sir. I appreciate your answer big time. I think this American election is really terrible. Ordinary Russian people do not care which party wins and who exactly will become the president of the United States. But any reasonable person wants to live normally and calmly, to be confident in the future. The only thing I hate is the power of the militarists, the hawks in the United States. And the lobby of Israel. These bastards make the whole world miserable, and their people are driven into financial slavery. For us in Russia, both candidates are lousy. So let them fuck it. Let the Americans themselves clean all this shit out of the Augean stables. They always have someone to blame. The US cannot exist without an invented threat. Of course, all this is sad. I’m 41 and i’d still hope to see a better world.
      Best wishes!

  3. OMG ! Two of my Heroes: Gordon and Jim are being forced to print Faux Noise because the haters hate the VT Truth so much!
    I am wounded!
    I wonder what George Orwell would say about this ? Let’s Ask Him :
    ” The Further Society Drifts From The Truth,
    The More It Will HATE Those Who Speak It.”
    The Next Thing You You Know All Americans Will Be Forced To Recognize:
    Yes! There Really Are Hasbara Cyber Terrorist Destroying Democracy Around The World !

  4. To the Trumpsters, tens of millions of whom are Christian Zionists, this article is not as far-fetched as it might appear. Remember, they already believe the Earth was created exactly 6024 years ago because they’ve counted up the “begats” in the Scofield Reference Bible. They already think the election had to have been rigged so that Trump could declare martial law and turn the USA into some kind of pseudo-Christian theocracy. They already believe that Trump is their ticket to the Rapture. All he has to do at this point is attack Iran and their Apocalyptic wet-dream will come true.

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