Gamma Radiation in America - Your Radiation ThisWeek - TOP TEN CITIES
Gamma Radiation in America - Your Radiation ThisWeek - TOP TEN CITIES


Russian Nuclear Radiation Attack on NE US

YRTW 2020.14 Published December 12, 2020


VeteransToday (December 12, 2020) This really is a sorry sign of the times.

The primary source for RadNet Gamma Radiation data disappeared from the InterNet December 2, 2020.

Until the RadNet source returns this is the partial Gamma radiation report. This partial report includes top radiation data on 10 radiation leading cities in the States.



2020.14 PARTIAL NUMBERS PUB DEC 12, 2020

40,909,222,361 Rad counts, 2010 to Nov 30, 2020

3,281,855,228 PARTIAL 2020 INCREASE

44,601,752,704 PARTIAL TOTAL 2010 TO NOV 30, 2020

When I started this Gamma radiation chronicle the idea of a million counts of Gamma radiation per week was a bit far fetched.

Now we are the walking dead being cooked alive in this Gamma radiation hell.  Deadly Gamma radiation from 2010 to 2019 increased Ten Times!

Never mind that the Million Counts a week theoretical top radiation was way over the Gamma Radiation Maximum Safe Level.

All of us, the Perps included, are already irradiated forevermore. The Nuclear weapons makers and private nuclear businesses are truly a sloppy Nuclear death cult that claims sway over everyone.

Gamma Radiation data from government officials display recent Total Gamma Radiation reports showing huge failures to tend to business.

A weekly report is supposed to have 168 hourly readings for the designated city. 7 X 24 = 168. Recent reports show 3 readings instead of 168 reports for Portland, Maine.

Gamma Radiation in America

It is utterly evil to cover up high Gamma radiation readings. That is the sort of thing criminal psychopaths do.

Nuclear reactors are still out of control in Raleigh, North Carolina and Portland, Maine. The nukes have been since Putin’s RadCloud descended on the North East United States months ago.

The nuke reactors are Broken or sabotaged and neglected. Shut them down now; if that is even physically possible anymore.

What does Dictator Putin have to do with the rich peoples nuclear reactors, anyway? Is there a big For Sale sign on them?

The nation’s most populated area is plagued by radiation poisoning from surging nuclear reactors to the North and South and Russia. This does not end well.

This was a Russian nuclear attack. Trump’s Buddy Dictator Putin played him PERFECTLY

Citizens and officials must do the right thing and shut these stationary nuclear weapons down. Realistically, the chances of that happening are Slim and None. Big money Rules the nukes, NOT President Trump.

The chances of the rich owners closing their poison factories are non-existent. If YOU live within 300 miles take direct action and leave now.

If that was Putin’s plan – it worked perfectly. Who was involved Stateside? President Trump? The questions must be asked and the answer or answers found.

01-01-2010 to 11/30/2020, 95,688 Hours 1/1/2020 to 11/30/2020, 8,040 Hours TGR CPM 2010-2019 TGR CPM City, State 2019 TGR CPM
803,186,147 74,817,852 728,368,295 Portland, ME. 78,648,600
880,082,628 72,292,173 807,790,455 Raleigh, NC. 72,873,751
882,707,575 69,020,213 813,687,362 Colorado Springs, CO. 75,522,720
711,980,741 58,938,522 653,042,219 Worcester, MA. 57,573,062
688,340,896 58,535,664 629,805,232 San Diego, CA. 54,623,638
701,470,895 57,609,912 643,860,983 Navajo Lake, NM. 57,770,886
416,426,473 56,867,072 359,559,401 St. George, UT. 57,334,267
566,791,947 56,400,963 510,390,984 Riverside, CA. 62,324,878
579,364,688 53,397,432 525,967,256 Hartford, CT. 50,974,926
542,404,712 50,762,830 491,641,882 Boston, MA. 53,002,490

Summer time Rads Unusual Event

Summer time one hour radiation count highs annualized – so far. Hold onto your hats, people. These are really nasty one hour CPMs, annualized. 

131,654,040 CPMs/Year            Raleigh, North Carolina July 28, 2020

119,784,240 CPMs/Year            Portland, Maine   August 11, 2020

Huge reported one month increase at Raleigh, North Carolina annualized: 51,967,285cpm.

131,654,040cpm – 79,686,755cpm = 51,967,285cpm One Month Incr  


These are the Highest Total Gamma readings in 10 years of recorded data. Yes, there is an official record.

That’s 8,589,504 official Total Gamma Radiation readings taken by a division of the government over 10 years.

No publicity at all. I wonder who the intended audiences were and currently are. The Senate? Hmm, wonder who the Perps work for, too, don’t you?

WIND MAP – YRTW 2020-14

In ten years there has been Zero official publicity. Gamma radiation in America increased steadily over the past 10 years Plus and is well past the Kill You Dead level. How much more Gamma radiation have you absorbed today?

If the government routinely gets a hold of your body upon your death they remove your Anus and eyeballs for radio-logical analysis. These body parts give maximum and minimum absorbed radiation measurements. 

Your stolen body parts are then used as a natural born animal Dosimeter. As a result the Feds know exactly the level of radiation poisoning is America.

It only takes a few minutes to steal these body parts from a cadaver. After all, who is going to check? Certainly not you; you’re very DEAD.

More Summer time Rad Events

The recent High Radiation events this summer (2020) were started near Moscow with a nuclear reactor 30 Miles outside of town under Russian Dictator Putin’s control.

A radioactive cloud was released. The RadCloud immediately headed West for hundreds of miles / kilometers, across Russia and Europe to the States. So the story goes.

It did not take long for the giant RadCloud to head across the Atlantic Ocean and park over the North Eastern United States. No warnings were issued by Federal authorities, though that IS their Job.

I have no idea why the RadCloud “parked”. It could have been caught in a natural weather circulation above the North Eastern United States or caused by humans. Many countries have that capability.

RAD IS THE ROCK THAT BURNS Example: Strontium and others burn at room temperature.

Local American reactor owners could have seen an opportunity to purge some of their built up Rad and blame it on the Russkies.

Theoretically the NRC distributed their classified notifications. Secondly, the Nuclear Weapons Labs would launch “sniffer” planes to collect Rad samples. Not a word has been released.

Within days the Nuke Weapons Lab knew not only what country did it. They would also know the mine(s) that produced the Uranium and H-Bomb factories that made the Plutonium.

Putin Makes his move

Does anybody think it was Trump’s pal Putin or local sold out rich guy nuke operators; or both?

Make no mistake about it the Perps will be found. President Trump should demand their arrest. Will he do that and stand up to Putin? Don’t have a clue.

However, I Do Know the unusual and dangerous RadCloud was “parked” over the North Eastern United States; it still is. That’s weird.

That I know of, Not One, None, Zero, Zilch of the expensive TV Weather Caster operations “noticed” the RadCloud.

I do not know why the lethal RadCloud did not move for weeks. Rad readings are still elevated 18cpm from a summer time (annualized) high of 131,654,040cpm recorded in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Of course, in terms of Highly Radioactive America, the Gamma radiation has declined to an annual rate of 80 Million Counts a year at Portsmouth, Maine and 90 Million Counts a year in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Both towns host old, embrittled, most likely leaking nuker power plants. No mystery there. Except, these terror monsters are gushing Gamma radiation; not just leaking a few Gammas. Rad Counts remain severely elevated.

Gamma radiation in the wild escapes from nuclear reactors and detonated nuclear weapons.

At the surface of the Earth there are no other sources.

Gamma radiation is and always has been incompatible with life on this planet.

How much Gamma radiation is it? It is more than enough Gamma radiation to kill every living thing on Earth.

Two questions are: How much Gamma radiation have YOU absorbed … Today? … from 10 years ago?

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    3) Russian involvement.
    4) 25 (?) Russian vessels going west, seen orth of UK last week.
    5) The virus that kills.

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