The Supremes Surrender!

Michael Shrimpton is scathing about the Supreme Court's disastrous ruling in the great case of Texas v. Pennsylvania. He also comments on the new Covid-19 vaccines, the Brexit talks and the death of Dame Barbara Windsor, the most popular Windsor in Britain after the Queen!

The front of the US Supreme Court building in Washington, DC.

With every respect the Supreme Court’s decision not to even hear Texas v. Pennsylvania is baffling. Texas Attorney-General Ken Paxton, a good man with respect, and a fine lawyer, assembled some pretty powerful arguments. Whilst Texas, and the states supporting her, could not be heard to complain about the conduct of state elections in other states they had every right to complain about the corrupt conduct in other states of federal elections.

This is not the first time the US legal system has buckled of course. There was the same with respect unprincipled resort to arguments about standing when the DVD got their Manchurian candidate Barack ‘von’ Obama elected in 2008. I am aware of course that Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) has convinced himself that Barack Obama was born in Honolulu and is a US Citizen, which is absurd, no offense intended. Thankfully Senator Sasse isn’t a believer in perpetual incumbency, which in his case is probably just as well.

General Paxton’s arguments were sound, with respect (he’s getting a copy of this column!). Fraudulent votes discount the value of legitimate votes. Every state in the Union is entitled to expect that other states will conduct elections for federal office fairly. There is no reason at all why Texas or any other red state should be forced to subject itself to government by a corrupt blue administration which has lied and cheated its way into office.

There was wholesale fraud in PA, MI, WI and GA, as well as AZ and NV. It’s now perfectly clear that Dominion Voting Systems (DVS) machines can be opened up to the Internet and that they were manipulated from Frankfurt, Germany, on election night. A considerable body of expert evidence has now been assembled showing that DVS vote totals cannot be relied upon and that in every case the errors were in favor of the Biden/Harris ticket. No wonder the Democrats scarcely bothered to campaign!

It’s also clear that at least three million ballot papers were run off by the CIA, indeed the total is probably closer to four million. There was a systematic attempt in the six swing states to relax security checks on mail-in and double voting. President Trump won re-election, period.

The fraud in Georgia is particularly interesting. The Peach State’s economy would look a lot less peachy but for exports to China. This fraud has been four years in the planning and given how corrupt communist China is it wouldn’t be in the least bit surprising to learn that they’ve been spraying money around Atlanta. That’s what comes of trading with the Bad Guys. There appears to be no shortage of crooks in the Georgia state government, sadly.

Biden or Trump?

The DVD have a long history of blackmailing judges. These are the boys, after all, who blackmailed Chief Justice Warren into coming out with his ridiculous report on the Correa Group’s assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The DVD have complete contempt for the Rule of Law – to them a judge is simply a target for assassination (like Justice Scalia) or blackmail.

Whilst I’m optimistic by nature, I also have to be realistic. It looks as though Jerry has got the Supreme Court sewn up. I would like to think that I’m wrong and that the conservative majority are waiting for a case where there are no arguments about standing, but sadly I don’t think that I am.

I suspect that at least two of the male, conservative/nominally conservative judges are gay and that either the DVD’s Washington Station or the CIA are blackmailing them, probably the latter. It is very difficult to explain away the frankly bizarre ruling in Texas v. Pennsylvania in any other way. Of course Democrat lawyers and the MSM are saying that Texas’s suit had no merits, but then they would, wouldn’t they?

I’m not aware of any Democrat constitutional lawyer or MSM journalist with sufficient integrity to comment fairly on the merits. Manifestly the Democratic Party doesn’t care how it wins elections, as long as it wins them. The damage done to the constitutional fabric of the United States is a secondary consideration.

My admittedly gloomy assessment is that Joe Biden will be sworn in as the 46th President come January 20th. He has already been elected by the Electoral College. President Trump’s private intelligence group appear to be holding out on him, no offense intended, indeed everybody who can help the poor man appears determined to leave him swinging in the wind.

There is no sign whatsoever of his legal team having been briefed in on the crucial MI6 dossier. What’s more, with respect they’re still obsessing about communists and looking for Reds under the bed when the Jerries are in it. Put another way, none of them have read Spyhunter and they’re repeating the same mistake that Senator McCarthy made all those years ago.

McCarthy was right – the US federal bureaucracy was penetrated. Communism had nothing to do with it however – it was German intelligence. The poor man didn’t know that German intelligence had not been shut down in 1945. So far as I can tell Rudi Giuliani still thinks that Admiral Canaris was executed by the SS at Flossenburg Concentration Camp back in ’45, which of course begs the question of how he could have been photographed with his favorite dogs in the late 50s:

What next?

Texas is already talking of seceding, although I think it’s a bit early for that. The President might just have something up his sleeve. Should it come to a secession battle, which I hope it won’t, the strategic situation will be very different from 1861. Joe Biden is no Abe Lincoln, no offense intended. Lincoln was honest, whereas ‘Chinese’ Biden is a crook on a foreign intelligence service’s payroll. Moreover Lincoln, being opposed to slavery, commanded great moral authority.

Joe Biden will have cheated his way into office in a deeply flawed election and wouldn’t have any democratic legitimacy. As General Mike Flynn put it yesterday, this is a battle between Good and Evil, the Good Guys being the Republicans of course.

The South had Prussian military advisers. There’s no way that the blue states could borrow German military advisers without being spotted. In any event, apart from small-scale operations in support of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the Bundeswehr hasn’t engaged in combat since it was created.

The US military are likely to back the red states, not least after the theft of military ballots in the swing states. Biden’s pick for Defense Secretary, General Austin, is unlikely to get the necessary waiver from Congress. Why would the military want to back a bent President, no offense intended, who wants to trash NATO, hand Afghanistan back to the Taliban and allow Iran to hang on to her nukes?

Moreover the red states aren’t just in the South, but in the Mid-West as well. Blue forces would face being cut off from each other, with only the easily-blocked Panama Canal for east-west troop and AFV movements. Britain would be unlikely to repeat the pro-Union position we adopted in 1861, which allowed Lincoln to win, not least since Biden is pro-EU.

Whilst I think a Second American Civil War unlikely, thankfully, all major states in the Western world will be drawing up contingency plans for a possible break-up of the USA. Forced to choose, the United Kingdom would probably back the red states (in other words the Good Guys) in battle, should we be asked for our support. You have lasted longer than most republics, but your future is now uncertain, sadly. The CIA and the Correa Group must have been crazy to think that they would get away with rigging an American federal election and installing a dictator in the White House.

My analysis is that they were surprised by the scale of support for your lovely President, who is clearly a nice man and a patriot. A comparatively small-scale vote-rigging operation suddenly had to be conducted on such a scale that even Blind Freddy could spot it. The Guardian newspaper hasn’t spotted it yet, but then they believe in global warming!

The Strategic Implications

Assuming that Peking and Frankfurt get their man in the strategic implications would be awesome even if the USA does not break up. NATO would be toast – there is no way that the UK could place reliance on US security guarantees under Article 5 of the Washington Treaty if Biden were President. Whilst Boris Johnson would welcome a Biden Administration he isn’t going to be around for much longer, thankfully.

The new British government would be likely to pivot towards Moscow, not least as Biden’s support for Iran would threaten our natural gas supplies from Qatar. (Gas supplies from Russia wouldn’t go via the Middle East.) The need to switch UK energy supplies away from the unstable Middle East would also highlight the need to develop the vast South Atlantic oil and gas field, which would annoy the Argies, who want the oil for themselves.

Antony ‘von’ Blinken, Biden’s ludicrous pick for Secretary of State, is known to harbor a deep hatred for Britain, no offense intended, so much so that he’s opposed to Brexit. Not only is he pro-EU, he’s also pro-Argentina. A Biden Administration would almost certainly back Argentina’s baseless claim to the Falkland Islands, a territory they’ve only ever occupied by force, and even then only briefly, until they were gloriously kicked out.

Desperate for British blood, a Biden Administration would probably encourage a second Argentine invasion of the Falklands, leading to a second war in the South Atlantic. This time we would be unlikely to repeat the crass strategic mistake we made on Foreign Office advice in 1982 in failing to declare war. We would attack the Argentine mainland with much greater force second time around, in an effort to settle the issue once and for all.

British war aims in a Second Falklands War would probably include the break-up of Argentina and in particular the annexation of Patagonia. Being Welsh-speaking it would make a good fit. We would probably encourage Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay to join in, in exchange for discounted oil and gas and territorial concessions. Put shortly, ‘von’ Blinken would be likely to start a major war in South America within a year of taking office.

Given the probable intelligence yield on Joe and Hunter Biden from capturing Kiev the Administration might manage to trigger two wars within its first year, at the same time as coming under tremendous domestic pressure as the evidence of fraud is led in betting cases. Don’t forget that over a billion dollars seems to have been bet on the outcome of the 2020 presidential race. As I have observed before, no bookie is obliged to pay out on a fixed race. The courts won’t be able to chicken out of hearing those cases and not all the betting was Stateside anyway.

The Welfare State in Britain would be history. No longer able to rely on the American umbrella we would need to ramp up our defense spending at least fivefold, even without a couple of Biden/Harris wars. The expensive tax credit system and the National Health Service would also have to go in the clear-out as we adjusted from a comparatively stable pre-Covid, pre-Biden world to an unstable, dangerous world with a semi-deranged tyrant, no offense intended, in the White House and a bunch of homicidal maniacs in charge in Peking. Obviously we could no longer afford to waste billions on overseas ‘aid’ and global warming ‘mitigation’.

The first vaccines are here!

Nice to see the UK being first, albeit followed closely by our gallant ally Russia! Yes, I have been offered the Pfizer vaccine, even though I’m now in remission from my diabetes, and yes I will be getting the jab, probably early in the New Year.

Anti-vaxxers can take a running jump, frankly. We can expect a lot of pseudo-scientific arguments from them but they won’t be any stronger than their arguments against MMR, which may have caused tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths. (Thanks partly to MMR worldwide deaths from measles have been slashed from over 800,000 in 1990 to under 100,000 by 2016, with a slight jump since.)

Of course the murderous Chinese, no offense intended, are trying to defeat the new vaccines by developing new strains of their bio-weapon. Thankfully it looks as though the vaccines will still offer immunity. Peking really need a good smack for this one! And they still have the cheek to complain about the Opium Wars!

Convicted killer Brandon Bernard

The Bernard execution

All legal moves to stay the execution having failed the Administration were fully entitled to execute convicted murderer Brandon Bernard. I know that liberals have been whingeing on about him having a made a ‘poor choice’ as a teenager.

Excuse me? A poor choice? He burnt a wounded woman to death and willingly participated, as a member of a gang, in the murder of her husband, having hijacked their car. Choosing Microsoft Outlook is a poor choice. I made a poor choice a couple of Sundays ago when I used too much boiling water when making the stuffing for my lunch, with the result that my stuffing balls ended up looking more like cookies. Carjacking and multiple homicides are a bit more than a poor choice.

Having asked the courts to exercise intellectual rigor, however, it is only fair that I exercise it myself. Whilst Brandon Bernard could not be heard to complain too loudly about mistakes in the sentencing phase, given that he wasn’t disputing his guilt, with respect I find the procedural arguments in Justice Sotomayor’s dissenting opinion to be compelling.

Justice Sotomayor – her dissent in the Bernard case was closely reasoned and displayed remarkable rationality for a liberal, no offense intended.

The prosecution (remember this was in federal court, where prosecutors typically have low ethical standards) lied to the jury in the sentencing phase about the gang’s structure. The prosecution’s egregious misconduct only came to light much later, after Brandon’s first petition. In those circumstances I fail to see how the tougher, second petition test should have been applied.

The Anglo-European Negotiations

Yet again I’ve delayed my column in the hope of being able to report on the final collapse of these farcical negotiations! The talks are staggering on, with the MSM hyping the prospect of a deal at every turn. Nobody appears to give a damn about businesses trying to plan for January 1st. Extending the talks comes with a price-tag for British and European business.

I still anticipate that the talks will collapse, possibly as early as tomorrow. The EU should understand that their bullying and intransigence will also come at a price. The EU is now hated even more!

Dame Barbara Windsor (1937-2020)

Dame Barbara, a national treasure famed for performances in the Carry On movies, sadly passed on Thursday. She was huge fun and a wonderful, warm human being. Her friends the Kray Twins were admittedly less warm, but they were more her husband’s friends than hers.

In any event you can’t always judge a person by his or her friends. Every person is entitled to be judged on his or her merits. Dame Barbara was a fine actress, as she showed in the BBC’s long-running soap EastEnders. Her most famous scene was the one in Carry On Camping (1969) where her bikini top flew off, but she didn’t write the script! If you’ve got ‘em, flaunt ‘em, as the saying goes. ‘Babs’ Windsor will be sorely missed. Carry On Camping is bound to get another airing over Christmas!



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  1. Michael, what is your take on this supposed hack by the Russians?

    It seems that Putin is perfectly fine playing the role of the sock puppet for all of the US’s evils. What is their angle in playing this role all the while letting China off the hook? Have they been captured by the Chicoms?

    It seems that a sovereign nation would vehemently protest and out the real culprit of these intel operations against the US, from hacking and stealing proprietary intellectual property, to cultural sabotage and election interference (i.e., unrestricted warfare). Russia cannot contest US financial and economic hegemony; there is only one contender in this arena.

  2. I believe that SCOTUS unconstitutionally ducked its responsibility when it rejected the TX case, which was joined by 17 other states that filed an amicus brief in support. (They are: AL, AR, FL, IN, KS, LA, MO, MS, MT, ND, NE, OK, SC, SD, TN, UT and WV.) SCOTUS’ pathetic excuse was that TX lacked standing. But the US Constitution, which set up the Supreme Court, set it up to adjudicate in state vs. state cases such as this, and gave SCOTUS no ability to duck that responsibility. Furthermore, the 14th Amendment (specifically Sec. 1), adopted shortly after the Civil War, prohibits states from abridging the rights of citizens of other states, which is what those 18 states allege happened in the 2020 election. ALL of the federal races (Congress, Pres/VP, federal courts, etc) are the business of ALL US citizens.

    This is the 14th Amendment, Section 1, and start with ‘No state’: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

    • I will add that Arizona also joined the case on their own, without saying whether it supported TX or not. So that’s a total of 19 states with serious concerns about serious fraud (enough to overturn the outcome) in a federal election, and SCOTUS thinks they can summarily abridge them of their constitutional rights to have SCOTUS hear the case?

  3. I don’t mean to let the Supremes off the hook regarding blackmail, in my earlier comments below. Yes, it’s true they are intimidated by the Dems’ threat to pack the court with extra Justices. But it’s also the case that they have been blackmailed, since Feb 3, 2009, when Brennan/Clapper moved HAMR and Scorecard and weaponized this surveillance system against the American people for the first time. SCOTUS, other judges, Congress, businesses, private individuals, all surveilled, and blackmailed as they saw/see necessary. This system cannot be discussed by active, briefed personnel, but retired personnel have been discussing it. Time to partially declassify?

  4. Thanks Jack, JS and Fabio for your kind comments! And no Tommy, there were no nukes on 9/11 and no Israelis, dancing or otherwise! (Come to think of it I don’t think I’ve ever met a Mossad officer who was a good dancer.)

    • I think it’s a question of semantics. State sponsored terrorism, but by which state? In the case of the DVD, they have plenty of branches in other countries, like GO2 in the UK and Correa Group (branch of the CIA, based in Frankfurt). In addition to their branch offices, they have assets in every country, including Israel. And why wouldn’t they, as they set up that country to begin with? Every country will have to do its own hard work of ripping out the DVD and its tentacles from their country.

    • And, are you saying that the presented evidence for nukes bringing down those buildings rather than airplanes is just a question of semantics?

    • No, Tommy. I agree about the nukes and the HOW, but not on the WHO of State sponsorship. I also expect that this will all be exposed sooner rather than later, now that Frankfurt has been raided.

  5. The disinformation for dollar campaign continues even by Israelis, Russians, Italians, Brits, and they say there is no foreign election interference to elect this clownish administration.
    Trump has corrupted the system to a whole new low to the point that the Saudis are doing all the funding of these ambulance chasers.
    It will take decades to clean the swamp he has created.

    • This is the same Michael Shrimpton who told me a while back that Israel didn’t nuke us on 9/11. That was the litmus test for me that, with respect, he’s totally full of it. I think Gordon keeps him on for amusement.

  6. “My analysis is that they were surprised by the scale of support for your lovely President, who is clearly a nice man and a patriot”. Nufced…this observation negates everything else the author thinks or writes.

  7. I agree that SCOTUS was blackmailed into refusing the Texas case. However, I do not think it was normal blackmail at all. I believe that what did the trick was the incessant focus by the Democrats and the media on the idea of packing the Supreme Court with extra justices. The justices are terrified of the idea of court packing, which is not explicitly forbidden yet. Dick Morris wrote an article about that today, btw.

    • For those who are interested, Dick Morris’ Dec 14 column is titled: Dems Raised Court Packing Issue To Intimidate The Justices…And It Worked.

    • I think Shrimptons proved your case on Canaris JS, by the way Michael the deeper we go into the Bormann faction the more respect I’m developing for your body of work, outstanding really, no wonder Mr. Duff likes you.

    • Thank you, Jack. The faked execution of Canaris and his dog, on the same day and at the same place as Dietrich Bonhoeffer and other spiritual leaders who really were executed, stands as part of the biggest deception of the last century, that being the Abwehr’s secret segue into the DVD. He planned this in 1943, well ahead of time. They probably did actually kill Canaris’ dog, but Canaris and other German Intel got fake executions.

    • Agreed, but he is more pessimistic than I am. Btw, I read your columns, some very good stuff there, especially on Covid19.

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