White Nationalists ‘Vile Faggots,’ Brendon O’Connell


Rumble is totally a pain in the ass and glitching non stop. Upload, press submit…nothing happens. Sits for 20 mins…nothing happens. On my 4th attempt. Last night I uploaded 5 videos no problem – outside “work hours”. They will not want me there.

Brighteon STOPPED dead after 12 uploads in perfect unison and began doing very strange things when I uploaded Mike Adam’s friend Roger Stone and RATS IN THE RANKS. So far, it’s back in good working order but I want Rumble to be the main channel.

*Please support British Para Michael McCarthy. Lets get him a laptop. He is technology *clueless*. He is a conduit into MAJOR British Military Personnel.* He was a base jumper and closely associated with British Special Forces.



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  1. Keep up the wide ranging coverage, Editors. I appreciate the exercise of picking up the pieces of my Mosaic of Truth.
    I envy Mike for his certitude, I see a lot of grey.
    I admire RDS, his absolute optimism.
    And Brendan, a guy that makes my ADHD seem minor.

  2. I’m glad glad to see you give Brendon some time on VT. I may not agree with all that he says nor with all his theorizing on links alleged between some in the higher echelons of both Iranian and Israeli society and Gov’ts but it is a fact that he was arrested in Oz for exercising his rights of free speech in support of the Palestinians and some or much of his theorizing on The Great Game in the Middle East turns out to have been and continues to be true. Thanks for showing this and do please let us hear and read some more of his excellent investigative work.

  3. I have watched his videos over the last 2 years or so. In my view, O’Connell claims that: 1) Israel, through it’s high tech, has control of US (and major IT companies) and many other countries. 2) Israel has large control over Russia. 3) Israel closely tied in with China and shares it’s information from US, likely almost everything US has, with China, Russia and whomever pays for it. 4) Israel and Iran conflict a bit contrived. Alleges Iran elite tied in with the international financial system through Switzerland and Germany. Could be in the long term Iran and Israel will divide ME in to zones of influence with most Arab countries being under Israeli sphere of influence. 5) Israel has essentially abandoned the US and has pivoted to Eurasia with a key competent being the belt and road project. US will be a resource, labor colony for extraction purposes and will be on the losing end (think about the infamous declaration at Fink’s Bar).

    O’Connell is quite critical of VT’s chief editor and staff. But that criticism is almost solely pejorative rather than substantive. Not sure that he is fully read it but he raises some good points. Glad his views are on VT. Is RDS still contributing? He’s still convinced that covid is a hoax , Trump’s voter fraud claims are real, and Trump will be inaugurated on Jan 20, 2021.

    • Good summary of McConnell’s main themes
      While I don’t believe that everything he says is true, I think the VAST MAJORITY of what he is saying is true
      He is documenting everything, and providing a LOT of supporting information…a LOT

      I think he’s a legit dude, but who knows these days.

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