Bill Barr? He gone.

Barr began the Year of Our Lord 2016 as a well respected member of the conservative legal establishment. He concludes 2020 with his reputation destroyed, destined to be remembered as the most dishonorable attorney general in a century. The fact that he tried to salvage his legacy in the closing weeks of his tenure looks less like a man standing up and more like Meat Loaf.

He would do anything for Trump. But he won’t do . . . that.

A wise man once prophesied that everything Trump touches dies. And while this turns out not to be as reliable as a law of thermodynamics, it works just fine as a general rule of thumb.

Every presidential administration chews up and spits out one or two people. There are always guys who enter an administration looking like normal, upstanding citizens and exit having been revealed as hucksters, frauds, or criminals. G. Gordon Liddy. Pat Buchanan. Cap Weinberger. John Poindexter. Sometimes the people who get rendered by a president are good guys who catch a bad break, like Mike Espy.

But the sheer number of people who had their lives and/or careers destroyed over four years of swimming in Donald Trump’s slipstream is kind of staggering.

So let’s take a walking tour through the human wreckage of the Trump years.

Because, with just a few important exceptions—most notably the Republican Senate majority—pretty much everyone Trump touched, died.

They Lost Everything

(1) Paul Manafort was an anonymous conservative consultant who had parlayed his years as a political operative into untold riches. Until he took a call from Donald Trump and agreed to become his campaign manager. That was June 20, 2016. Manafort was fired on August 17, 2016.

Because of the 58 days he spent working for Trump, Manafort wound up losing everything. He lost his license to practice law. He was arrested, tried, and sentenced to 47 months in jail. In separate charges, he pled guilty to conspiracy to defraud the United States and witness tampering, and for this was fined $22 million and had an additional 30 months tacked on to his sentence. Probably not worth it. (Unless the alternative was getting whacked by some Russian mobsters, I guess).

(2) Michael Cohen was Donald Trump’s personal fixer, a guy who skated on the line of the law. Had Trump not become president, Cohen would have lived his comfortable life indefinitely. Instead, he was arrested, charged, convicted, and disbarred. He’s currently serving a three year stretch in prison.  read more…



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  1. Lol. They are leaving your comments up so you can an ass out of yourself. I forgot it was you who was spitting out this bs about Biden’s anti gun rhetoric a month ago before the elections. As if you don’t know that they are great for the sudden surges in gun sales.
    West coast has a lot of Ukrainians in retail sales and they are rolling in dough right now.
    And as far as your Clinton regurgitation aka changing the subject because your guy lost and you’re sore but mostly known as “Clinton Body Count” it is a full on debunked conspiracy theory like the rest of your rant. Time to update your hasbara handbook.

  2. Most people already know all this. Does it change the article? No. I find it humorous that Trumpets will always try to counter any accusations or facts concerning Trump as a challenge to one-up his crap by quoting Dem crimes. Get this…regardless of what crimes anyone else did, Trump is and always will be a POS criminal. Anything Clintons did or didn’t do has diddly to do with what Trump is accountable for. I’m waiting for the one-up on Depends…oh, yeah…Hillery still uses maxi-pads. As long as you are going cite this stuff, where is your mention of Pedo-Rapist Diaper Don vs Handsy Sleepy Joe. Lets do a comparison of indictments on rape…or any other list of pending charges.

  3. “Barr began the Year of Our Lord 2016 as a well respected member of the conservative legal establishment”….In whose eyes? Maybe in the eyes of the other thieves in CONgress. Barr’s initials are POS.

  4. Read more… Then, stop running at the mouth over things that happened decades ago. Face the fact that your boy Trump will be escorted from the White House by federal marshals on January 20th and then be transported to Rykers Island where he will be charged with money laundering for the Kosher Nostra and tax evasion, if Sheldon Adelson hasn’t spirited him off to Israel by then.

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