Eugenics and the War of the First Ladies Unretouched

If you can't match Trump beauty, surgery, photoshopping and slathered on deserve to per the fake Nazi science of Eugenics

Melania and Jill, same age, different senses of personal style...

VT: The Trump’s are fake people, uglier and stupider than all but their most ardent supporters, fake people who justify their role in murdering 323,913 Americans they judge as genetically inferior…

Even the Nazi’s took care of their own older Germanic citizens…(chances are Trump’s might not have fared to well under Hitler…who had a ‘hard on’ for degenerates)

Martial law, a Russian occupation of Washington, a full Red Dawn led by Mike Flynn and all we can do is trash Melania? What have we sunk to?

The Trump’s weren’t born beautiful.  Melania was, as we note, an average Eastern European young lady, prior to surgeries and photoshopping.  She certainly wasn’t any Jill Biden but she was certainly pretty.

Donald?  Chin surgery, liposuction, continual scalp surgery and endless photoshopping along with continual threats and litigation regarding real photos…add to that the huge lower half that Trump’s have…these aren’t attractive people.  There are no Trump athletes, simply ugly people who have bought  an image spending millions to appear as they are not.

But why?

Let’s talk eugenics…the Nazi science that led to theories like “herd immunity.”  To make use of this Trump policy, you first have to make a disease that kills what they say are “inferior people.”

How do Trump’s differentiate?  How to they place themselves “above?”  Here are some ideas…

  • Secret vaccines?
  • Up to 4000 Americans a day die of COVID but why don’t they get the monoclonal antibodies that Trump, Giuliani and Carson got?  According to ABC News, nobody gets them but the Trumps and a very very few.  Why?
  • Why the endless photos cutting off Trump’s jowls, his huge ass and thighs and his gut?  Google is doing this across the internet…

The “clean up” that isn’t done by Google is done out of Russia, cleansing the internet of images such as those above, which include several of Trump soiling himself in public.

The Trump’s are fake people, a fake family that doesn’t really trace back to Germany.  We have his mother and Scotland, she seems just fine but nobody really knows where the rest of them come from except for stories made up just like the ones about Melania and her college degree, her 5 languages and denying she was involved in lesbian pornography…


If as Jim Fetzer so often points out, the planes on 9/11 were likely CGI fakes, what about the one we have had in the White House? Think this is bad, get a look at the real Ivanka…



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  1. Undoubtedly culling the herd is happening. It’s not something to be proud of.
    People who are happy about the demise of others reveal their true self to the world.

    People who wear slogans on their garments proclaiming that they don’t care, reveal themselves.

    Whether or not El Mania was as useful during her service to the country as a freezer is to the eskimos could be endlessly debated.

  2. The takeaway is we are not just getting rid of a would be ‘king” and his drooling cult, we are getting rid of the worst first lady in history and the spawn. Jill Biden will be a vast improvement, as she has experience in public service, and it is unthinkable that she would rip out the rose garden, or spit on children in cages. It is actually horrible, that I can even say that as a measure of improvement. It is not a personal endorsement.
    The direction we go, depends on proper pressure from the people, instead of a naked ego massage. I think most people still have not realized how bad Trump actually has been, and what is “wife” is really like. No person is fit for leadership of this magnitude without a capable spouse, unlike Monarchy,…’s not a solo job. Basic understanding is severely lacking in our voting populace. Look into history, and find a politician you think did a decent job, and examine the particulars. We need moldable , open minded, experienced people. Is Biden great, NO, and that is far from the point.

  3. Does not seem fair play and yes a low blow and of little avail, a comparison on both of her in how were aesthetically in the past instead of the kind of people they are in present day.

    • Real Donald Trump screws kids and pays porn stars to provide him cover, according to our review of legal documents. For those of you less literate, imagine sticking your arm inside an inner tube and complaining how tight it is.

    • Ok Gordon but anyway you argument against Trump don’t explain or justify what is the usefulness comparing how looks Melania and Jill in past. That’s why I say it seems a low blow nothing more. Melania is an irrelevant secondary character in this comedy and in the other hand I don’t see as likely that Jill could be turn into Eleanor Roosevelt or Nancy Reagan

    • Senaca, in my own opinion, Nancy Reagan she was the next one first lady after Eleanor Roosevelt who redefined the first lady role in White House

    • By the way, the “contribution” of Melania about redefine the first lady role in White House, well, that doesn’t count…. 🙂

    • I never said her to have accomplishments, indeed she doesn’t have any, but only at least avoided paint White House bedroom walls in golden like Trump tower penthouse…. 🙂

  4. Where is Trumps family from on his father’s side if not from Germany? Are they walk ins if they exist? Will we ever know the real deal with Melania?

    The martial law talk seems like hot air. It appears no substantial steps have been taken but I am worried about the next 10-30 days.

  5. Like MSNBC, VT just continues to place an unbalanced twist on bashing Trump. What happens when Trump is no long the president? What will they pound on next? Surely not the Democrats. I am neither support these parties, they are both criminal and un-American within the text of the US Constitution.

    (REPLY) Ronnie….let me describe how you got offline as it were. It is a common disease of the fearful to take the ugly and frightening around them and try to ‘normalize’ the extreme, the evil, the overwhelming in order to make lives that seem out of control more survivable.

    You have a criminally deranged motherfucker threatening us all with a military dictatorship that would require us all to possibly give our lives to save our homes and families and you simply stick your head in the sand. Do consider you may have issues with both reality and excessive fearfulness and personal weakness.

    You also write like someone who is morally ambivalent.

    • Ronnie…for 8 years, Biden and Obama fought a GOP congress to restore America. Where were you? Slept through it?

    • Biden will get pounded the moment he does something dumb,. as unlike the “loyalists” who worship personalities like Trump and never properly criticize his actions, it is way under 50 % of the Biden vote who actually care who he is , or what he is about to do.
      The ideal politician is someone who can be influenced and directed by the people. The People in turn must do their job to Influence and Direct, not follow, like drooling puppies hoping for a treat. This was the immature error of Trumpers. They did not care what he did, they trusted what he said, and did not question his multitude of ego driven blunders,….or spending.

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