Disturbing: Bodycam footage hidden by Chicago police shows why ‘defunding’ may not be enough…not hardly


Watch the video, the whole thing…and be prepared 


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  1. You can defund the slow way, which has no return for the community, or you can defund the fast way, restructure the contracts with the unions, hire back the good ones immediately and reset the DA’s offices to adjust for the new rules.
    The slow way, is keep paying the massive payouts from the law suits, and filling the courts with ‘things to keep them busy”, filling the jails with good people convicted of victimless crimes, and spend untold billions quibbling about a bad process.
    Either way, defunding is coming. One way ends with good law enforcement, the other with reduced force comprised of super soldier cops ….and no recourse for the victims.
    Defunding is not getting rid of police, it is a badly needed reset, so we can replace archaic “qualified immunity”. It can’t be done with the current unions having power. We got rid of the wrong unions.

  2. Nothing shocked me here. Lazy cops at the managerial level not doing their check off list. They will now be working to put it off on the raiding cops. And of course this lady is going to retire a millionaire. The goof here will be similar to an airline old crash simulation video I saw last night, on a plane taking off in stormy weather. The pilots got off their normal game when they missed a turn on getting to the right takeoff runway, which they corrected. But what they skipped in the process was doing their pre-take off check list which included that that flaps were full down for maximun lift. They did not realize they have a problem that they have a problem when they were nearing the runway end and were only a few feet off the ground. They did not know that the power to warning signal that flaps were no down has failed. When they tried to pull the plane up the stalling warning ringing began and they slowly rolled over, hitting a major road overpass, with one survivor. Investigators never found the cause of the power failure, which seems very strange.

  3. Day will come for you can be quiet and easy at your own home you should be set a Claymore mine behind your front door to prevent unexpected visitors

    • Sounds better than calling the police. Have you ever used one? I have. They are messy and illegal. Suggest something else.

    • Not Gordon, sadly I never got to use one 🙁
      Maybe you right and a Claymore it’s too much, a toe popper perhaps ?? 🙂

  4. Electronic tracking devices are, in my modest opinion, heavily overrated. I do like human touch, like when the policemen stop by just to watch u from near distance. Happened me 3 times today. Record. Did they want a hug or a kiss? Im still wondering.

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