First Those in Care Facilities, NO ONE ELSE!!


This war on the aged has to come to an end. It is a war on all of us, Trump’s final insult convincing his ‘base’ to betray their own parents and grandparents.

Vaccinate everyone in care facilities before Christmas, you have 48 hours, 100,000 people to do it and 20,000,000 vials of vaccine illegally held back by Trump.

Millions of our aged have been in total and utter isolation lockdown for a year. 200,000 have died and another 200,000 are dying under purposefully engineered fake ‘blunders’ by Trump and his goons.

Veterans are next in line for eradication. Trump moved 350,000 VA employees up the queue ahead of the few surviving VA home personnel who were purposefully infected.  Are we making this allegation? Yes, of course we are, it was no accident.

This wasn’t carelessness.

Then we give vaccination chits to veterans based on a health assessment scale.  Healthcare team leaders already have this information, done long ago, along with category levels at the VA that put former POWs and totally disabled vets at the top of a secret list.

I am one on the top of that list and I would pass on my vaccination to my daughter who works at extreme list…no wait…that’s two daughters. Let the vets decide but this is their right, they earned it.

Do remember, Trump and his vet hating, his very real statements about “suckers and losers.” Vets can’t trust Trump or Perna, his stooge general.

We would let Pfizer distribute the vaccine. They refused Trump’s money, so why are their vaccines being withheld out of cheap politics?



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  1. Physician Tells Senate, Ivermectin Is a COVID ‘Wonder Drug;’ ‘If You Take It, You Will Not Get Sick’
    And nothing but Crickets!

  2. First I find it hard to consider any rushed and shoddily tested – let alone assured, vaccine thinking of the 35,000 victims of the anthrax vaccination that caused more casualties in the Gulf War than anything else. Somebody mentioned hydroxychloroquine and its positive results on a well and truly tried and tested history over decades. Well this morning, and on cue, reports are coming through that the second largest hydroxychloroquine plant on the planet just blew up in Taiwan. That should put hydroxychloroquine out on a limb for a while. Meanwhile, Ivermectin has been removed from sale by Walmart and who knows what other outlets. And listening, as I sometimes to, to a Dr. Marshall online at the weekend discussing Ivermectin he mentioned in passing how the authorities in the ciudad, town or whatever of Trinidad in Bolivia had the local outbreak of the virus well under control when Gilead, yes Gilead, came to town and opened an office. Why would they do that? he wondered. He suspects they are there to buy administrators off. Meanwhile the duplicitous and perfidious Brits are busy spreading goodwill and festive cheer to the masses corralling them to vaccination posts for the good of their health. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

  3. In our republic, when the elected officials view themselves as privileged rather than in service, it is time to bring them to heel.
    In the US, we treat our elderly as something to be drained, and yes the churches are the quiet co-conspirators, because the easiest quick payday is a massive influx of
    { whatever the widow has left at the end} , we should make it a law, that any monies obtained by way of estate to the church, must be spent 100% direct to causes, and cannot be used for real estate, lawyer fees or admin costs. Welcome to how church finance gets around “trouble”.

  4. I am beginning to doubt all sources of news (haha) (not). Is ivermectin the new hydrochloroquin though it has been studied since at least March. Unless these 300 Doctors at least 30 clinical studies and over 7000 patients with excellent outcomes is a hoax why the f### is no one but YouTube posts covering this. Once bit twice shy does not apply when so many lives are at stake. This is a repurposed drug that has been taken safely by billions.

    • I did ask at a pet supply if they had been selling more of it, and the person did know what I was talking about, and just said, yea , a few people have been buying it.
      It should be the human stuff, and it does not prevent getting it again, is my understanding, but it does knock it out if you have symptoms. The question is, if you get it again, or how long , etc etc…

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