Police planning to murder public officials “in their homes” as part of Trump plan…


Repost: Meet Aaron Hoffman, PWC Sheriff Deputy, Proud Boy associate. Likes long walks on the beach, killing liberal judges and former Presidents.

This is what “the police” are planning…reads like terrorism, not a “firing offense”…from Deputy Aaron Hoffman of the Proud Boys…

Hoffman, a leader in the Proud Boys, is also a country musician known as “Grant Tucker”

And a direct death threat against a Supreme Court Justice…

Daily Beast: A sheriff’s deputy in Prince William County, Virginia has been fired after posting threatening messages on Parler, the social media network beloved by many Trump followers. “Early yesterday our agency was notified about disturbing comments being made on several social media outlets by a deputy sheriff. Sheriff Hill was notified and ordered an Internal Affairs investigation.

The investigation has concluded and the deputy has been terminated from employment with our office,” the Prince William County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement Saturday.

The investigation came after a freelance journalist shared a thread of Sheriff Deputy Aaron Hoffman’s Parler posts on Twitter. Using the “WeThePeopleWarrior” handle, Hoffman reportedly asked his followers to find the homes of their local public officials and representatives and “remove them from their sanctuary,” adding that his followers should “bring the nightmare to where they lay their heads and kiss their loved ones.”

Hoffman had also apparently made threatening comments on his account about former President Barack Obama and Chief Justice John Roberts, among others, and had said he would kill anyone who forced him to vaccinate his children against coronavirus or who tried to make him wear a face mask.


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  1. Thanks Zabwe, The first hard proof that I have seen of what I believed happened to me as a child in California. Looking at that list made it very real. I have always been scared of looking for help to understand what happened to me. I live in another country now and don’t want them to find me again. Who do I trust to get help?

  2. I say welcome to social media. This is was ‘profiling was all about’, to identify people like this and then slow drip material supporting their extreme beliefs via their personal weaknesses, but it a religious twist, etc. Notice how he uses “serving the people” as a moral shield but then conveniently leaves out the Constitution aspect. You see this consistently with these warped people, they are like conspiracy moonshiners, but who drink their own hooch until their brains are disfunctional. Notice there is zero information on his background of family, something that is routine in such cases to get a quick handle of where they came from. The ABCs of Intel analysis first include looking carefull of what is in front of you, AND, what is not visible that should be, as that is a big clue of where to look closely next.

  3. Demonic possession, that’s the only thing I can think of at the moment. Trump is a psychopath and he has inspired others to be the same. It’s ironic that Christian Zionists are his true-believer supporters, until you remember that the Scofield Reference Bible is a creation of the Rothschilds.

  4. Aside from his odd selfies (my better right side thing), i agree with him a 100% on his social assertions & his position on how to hunt down the traitors and how there’s the only way, and emphatically so the only way to restore the constitution of the USA, however the way he is channeling that energy either knowingly or unknowingly towards Russia or China is big frickin red flag. The missing culprits here are Israelis and the Likudnik/Bolshevik Evangezionists/Rothschild banksters but he ain’t never gonna name the names much like Alex Jones of the world and for that I mark him a subversive agent at best unless he calls a spade a spade.

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