World Revolution Strikes as Trump holds America Hostage


by Richard Cook  for VT

Don’t believe in conspiracy theories? Let’s look at what is going on in Washington, D.C., as Trump golfs in Florida while the coronavirus relief bill and major government authorization bills await a signature that may or may not come.

Of course, the revolutionists who target America couldn’t be happier.

First some history. In the run-up to World War I, the more astute European military analysts had begun to realize that the size and firepower of armies and navies would not be the decisive factors in modern warfare. These forces had grown to the point where millions of men could be deployed by either side. But in the exponential growth of technology and its ability to inflict death and destruction on the enemy, all the great powers were on approximately equal footing.

From a tactical standpoint, armed struggle would now be simply wars of attrition. Therefore, how long nations could hold out in the face of military stalemate would be more important than trying to achieve decisive battlefield victories.

Rather it would be socioeconomic factors, including civilian morale on the home front, and the ability of the population to sustain the war effort, that in the end would prove decisive. This brought into play such elements as financial infrastructure, the effectiveness of propaganda, and the health and resilience of workers, families, and soldiers held in reserve.

In 1898, Russian-Polish banker Ian Bloch wrote in Is War Now Impossible?, “The future of war is not fighting but famine, not the slaying of men but the bankruptcy of nations and the break-up of the whole social organization.” (Cited in War of Attrition: Fighting the First World War by William Philpott, p. 52.)

Increasingly during the recurrent wars of the 20th century, these “intangibles” came into play. Most recently, in the series of horrific wars launched by the 9/11 attacks, the ease by which a nation can be stampeded into military action was vividly illustrated. The domestic opposition to such wars, on the other hand, illustrates that a nation’s staying power cannot automatically be assumed. For this, new and constant provocations are needed.

Today the U.S. has by far the largest military on the planet. The declared doctrine of the U.S. armed forces of  “full-spectrum dominance” has largely been achieved. Our warfighting capabilities are the most potent in world history, including our nuclear arsenal. The military gets money from Congress for anything it wants.

Constitutional declarations of war are not needed for the military to be deployed. The president says “jump,” and the generals and admirals say, “How high?” Behind the scenes intelligence apparatuses issue frightful pronouncements or concoct false flags at will.

Civilization has leapt forward in leaps and bounds! We now have a Space Force, though no one knows what it does. The Pentagon even controls how Hollywood is allowed to portray the war machine.  If politically acceptable, we could take on any other nation or combination of nations anywhere on the planet, even at the cost of huge casualties, or, with full-scale nuclear war, planetary extinction.

Yet the U.S. as a nation grows weaker by the day. Why?

Partly at least, it’s because our social fabric is rent asunder by internal political divisions. Our gigantic consumer economy depends on a huge but shaky financial infrastructure that has never completely rebounded from the Great Recession of 2008-9.

Our population has been devastated by the Covid-19 pandemic that rages more aggressively even as a vaccine has begun to be rolled out that many say they will not submit to. And, in the aftermath of the most divisive election since the Civil War, a majority of the defeated voters who lined up behind presidential loser Donald Trump claim the election against him was rigged, while many openly to support a military coup to keep him in office.

Were a war with any other nation to arise, the U.S. would be a divided nation with serious non-military disadvantages. But I would like to argue that we are already in a war and that we are losing it. The main tactic being used by our adversaries is an attack on our socioeconomic health and readiness, combined with stirring up segments of our society to a fever pitch against each other. Fox News and its ilk have been assigned a leading role in this subversion, along with Twitter and other social media.

But who is the enemy in this war? Who is attacking us?

Much is alleged, particularly on the internet, about the presence of a worldwide “conspiracy” whose aim is to impose some kind of “world government” run by “global finance” or some similar entity.

I do believe there is a worldwide conspiracy, but not of the type that is alleged by such fanatics as Alex Jones, “Q”, or rightwing media. In fact, all of these conspiracy theorists are themselves likely the creations of the real worldwide conspiracy that few recognize.

The existence and identity of this conspiracy was described most thoroughly by British journalist Douglas Reed (1895-1976), whose masterwork The Conspiracy of Zion only came into print posthumously. Obviously, as the title indicates, the Zionist movement, which Reed documents up to the year 1955, is a piece of the puzzle, but he also makes clear that it is not the only piece.

Reed is the most important writer of the 20th century that no one has ever heard of. He wrote many other books, including the account of his journey to America around 1949 which he describes in his book Far and Wide and his book on Europe prior to World War II entitled Insanity Fair. He was so much on the mark in describing accurately what really was going on, that his books were removed from bookstore shelves and his name forbidden to be mentioned in print. But today his books are available and increasingly read.

Reed writes of a deep, historic conspiracy whose aim was to destroy Western Christian civilization and enslave it to an elite of controllers who would run society as a totalitarian dictatorship for materialistic ends, for self-aggrandizement, and for power.

The roots of this conspiracy are lost in the mists of time, but Reed identifies two specific events as manifestations of the workings of a hidden elite. The first was the English Civil War of the mid-17th century, and the second was the French Revolution of 1789 and its aftermath.

The Bavarian Illuminati founded by Adam Weishaupt and outlawed at the end of the 18th century is cited by Reed as a notable example of the workings of the hidden conspiracy, but by no means the only one. The key figures in the early stages of the world revolution were lawyers, professors, priests, and the disgruntled lesser nobility who, as a group, disdained Europe’s traditional ruling class and longed to seize power. They also infiltrated the continent’s Masonic lodges and began to use them to leverage influence.

Reed characterizes the hidden conspiracy as using covert subterfuge and control of the press to overthrow all existing institutions of class, government, religion, social life, education, etc., and replacing them with a society more resembling an anthill or beehive, characterizations in actual use at the time as representing the human ideal. The French Reign of Terror with the lawyer Robespierre at its head was an early example of what was coming down the pike.

The world revolution continued to develop behind the scenes during the 19th century, but its imprint can be seen in a series of events that furthered the aims of the hidden leaders in sowing chaos throughout the Western world, including the revolutions of 1848, the publication and distribution of Marx’s Communist Manifesto, and the American Civil War, ending in the assassination of Lincoln. The anarchist movement that assassinated U.S. President William McKinley in 1900 was another of its manifestations.

The fingerprints of the world revolution can be seen in the assassinations of many other national leaders across Europe and America who wished to work for the peace of humanity, all the way up to the killing of U.S. president John F. Kennedy in 1963. Because America was so obviously a great-power-to-be with a wealthy and open society and without a secret police, it was an environment where conspiracy could easily maneuver. So the U.S. became a particular target.

The revolutionists saw early on that whoever controlled America could rule the world.

Reed also describes in excruciating detail how, by the end of the 19th century, both the Zionist and Communist movements of Europe had been taken over and run under the leadership of the Khazar Jews of Russia. It would make this article far too long to describe how this happened in detail, but Reed’s books are now available for anyone to examine.

Suffice it to say that by the start of World War I, the world revolution was largely in the hands of this Asiatic tribe residing in southern Russia that had converted to Judaism in the 5th century CE. In 1917 the Khazars realized two of their main objectives. One was the fomenting of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, and the other was the Balfour Declaration whereby Great Britain promised Palestine to Khazars representatives as a Jewish national “home.”

Among the most strenuous opponents of Khazar-controlled Zionism were the Sephardic Jews, descended from the Hebrews of the Bible, who had largely assimilated into European and American society. But they were gradually subsumed into the Zionist/Communist enterprise and contributed greatly to the financing of its subversions.

Both Communist Russia and Zionist Israel were created by the same people, with the same sources of funding and support and with the same terrorist tactics and objectives. The final goal was to be worldwide Communism with Jerusalem its capital and Israel its spiritual head.

According to Douglas Reed, this was the real conspiracy, a word used by the Khazar protagonists themselves. In his books, Reed provides an assessment of most of the major events of the 20th century as being controlled or influenced by this revolutionary element. And we can see today, in the early part of the 21st century, how the story continues.

This, then, may be the “real” world revolution, the real worldwide conspiracy that is tearing America apart. The world revolution sees America as its prize and its primary enemy. For decades, American democracy has been the main obstacle that stands in its way. Fox News and the rest of the right-wing media are actually conscious agents of the world revolution that are doing its dirty work in tearing American society to shreds.

I would like to list a few of the actions I believe have been taken by the world revolution in its project to destroy our country. This only includes actions that show signs of having been planned or executed in a coordinated fashion by the international controllers. Obviously, the list could be much longer, but these are highlights:

  1. All major wars of the 20th and 21st centuries, including World War I and II and the Korean and Vietnam Wars. (In this connection I would like to make note of the observation that Hitler was likely an agent of the world revolution through his connection with Soviet Communism which controlled him. See Douglas Reed’s analysis of Hitler’s “lost years” and how he was viewed by his closest associates. Hitler’s status as a communist agent explains Germany’s suicidal attack on the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941, which may have been the decisive geopolitical event of the 20th century.)
  2. Election of Woodrow Wilson as president of the U.S. in 1912 and passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. (Following this event, the world revolution gained control of the money supply.)
  3. Wall Street sponsorship of the Bolshevist Revolution in Russia and of Hitler’s Third Reich.
  4. Development of nuclear weapons and the passing of nuclear technology to the Soviet Union by moles within the U.S. and Great Britain.
  5. Roosevelt’s actions in giving away Eastern Europe to Stalin at Yalta in 1945.
  6. Founding of the League of Nations and the United Nations as assaults on national sovereignty.
  7. U.S. recognition of Israel in 1948 and gradual subordination of American political interests to those of Israel since then.
  8. Assassinations of John and Robert Kennedy.
  9. U.S. support of communism in China, starting with failure to back the Chinese nationalist government after World War II and continuing through Nixon and Kissinger’s “Opening to China” and the eventual outsourcing of massive numbers of U.S. industrial jobs to China over the next generation. (The suicidal stripping of the U.S. industrial base has been one of the major attacks carried out by the world revolution against our country over the last half-century.)
  10. Takeover of the Republican Party, starting with the election of Eisenhower in 1952, and its formation as a revolutionary party in the U.S. Stages have been Nixon’s “Southern strategy,” the election of Reagan in 1980, the first Iraq War under George H.W. Bush, 9/11 and the wars following, and finally the election of Donald Trump in 2016. (This includes the creation of the Republican Tea Party as a major obstructionist force in U.S politics.)
  11. Interference of the Russian government in U.S. domestic politics via the Russian Mafia and control of Donald Trump. (This is a result of the acquiescence by the U.S. in the recreation of Russian communism by Vladimir Putin after the “fall” of the Soviet Union in 1991.)
  12. Merger of the world revolution with organized crime, and control of gambling, prostitution, pornography, drugs, human trafficking, “entertainment,” and social media as an assault against the consciousness and integrity of the entire U.S. population. (Trump himself is an organized crime boss.)
  13. Use of the internet to undermine elections and to promulgate ludicrous conspiracy theories such as “Q”, combined with the massive growth of cybercrime and state-sponsored hacking with Russia in the lead.
  14. Formation of the rightwing media as a bloc of influence, with Fox News in the vanguard. (Fox News is a propaganda machine in support of the goals of dividing and radicalizing public opinion. The Rupert Murdoch media empire is a radical front of the world revolution.)
  15. Subversion of the Christian church community, especially fundamentalists and evangelicals, through infiltration, bribery, and promotion of apocalyptic theories favoring Israel with the aim of promoting the world revolution’s war aims in the Middle East.
Theodore Hall, nicknamed Godsend, was the alleged 4th spy in the Manhattan Project, passing proprietary information paid for by the American taxpayer under the table to America’s adversaries. He died in 1999.

I do not intend for this list to be complete, but I do want to give readers something to think about. I also want to make clear that this article is not an attack on Jewish ethnicity, on the Jewish religion, or on legitimate Jewish community interests.

And even though I have identified the Khazars of Russia as prime controllers in the world revolution, they are by no means the only party that has been involved or that has profited from it. They have acted as a center of gravity for much of it and do so today. But there have also been countless Jewish people within the U.S. and elsewhere, both Sephardic and Khazar, who have assimilated into our culture, have intermarried with other races, have been good citizens, have respect for other human beings, and have contributed much of value to our national life.

Meanwhile, as we dither, Donald Trump and his backers have launched the greatest attack on America in our history. It was easier for us to send vast armies to Europe, Asia, and the Middle East than it has been to get rid of the mole in the White House.

As all this happens, the conspirators are engineering a “flight forward” through a U.S. war against China, after which Russia and Israel will stand supreme. Trump’s role has been to prepare the groundwork.

I’d even go further by venturing to say that we may be going through the time when the world revolution was already primed and ready to make its next “big move.” Trump was certainly slated for a second term, and, as he himself signaled at rallies, probably a third or more. Yes, the trap was being prepared to snap shut. If the release of Covid-19 was a false flag to soften up China, that move certainly backfired.

Does America have one last chance? We’ll see.

Richard Cook is a retired federal government analyst.  


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  1. There is a straight line from Lenin/Stalin to Putin. Russia hasn’t changed, except that what was Europe was able, in the confusion, to break away after 1991. Ukraine, and Belarus, are European. Russia is Asian. Read Otto Strasser. Stalin himself declared that he was an Asian. It was Roosevelt who allowed Russia to keep Eastern Europe at the Yalta conference. This was treason, handled by Alger Hiss.

    • Russia is Russia. And we don’t need to be smth like EU or Asia. We have our own culture, history, values.

  2. A perfect storm that didn’t exactly happened. 200 years of history recap and not a word of the biggest enemy to the Khazarian mafia, the old Persian empire, the Eye Ran of today, the axis of resistance, the reason for Adelson’s hiring this thug. That resistance is what convinced Putin to bring his backup to Syria to help Soleimani. And Likud thought by eliminating Soleimani they can stop Iran.
    Caspian Sea in Iran is still called the Sea of Khazar.
    Flights from TLV to GYD should be labeled the real Aliyah, lol.

  3. The entire overview is difficult at best for most people, and I saw this lead in paragraph from a story this morning that feels like it captures the microcosm of your summary.
    “A man wearing a Santa Claus beard and hat and President Donald Trump mask shot his brother-in-law twice in California on Saturday, authorities said.”

  4. Hitler was an agent for the international freemasons. He was also a member of the FOGC lodge, wich has 99 members. The seat number 100 is for, believe it or not, a daemon. There are 99 of these organizations around the world. Lucky for us, they also fight each other. The full name of the lodge is difficult to obtain. if you can read in german i recommend the book Frabato from Franz Bardon. Every fu….. german shoud read it to know there own history!

  5. “Hitler was likely an agent of the world revolution through his connection with Soviet Communism which controlled him. ” VT Editors.
    Where is the evidence for this extraordinary claim?

    “(This is a result of the acquiescence by the U.S. in the recreation of Russian communism by Vladimir Putin after the “fall” of the Soviet Union in 1991.)” VT Editors.
    This is a ludicrous statement! What ” recreation of Russian communism ” are you talking about? For a start, The USSR was NOT communist and secondly the organizations, structures and social policies of the USSR have not been reinstated. Russia today is more like a liberal, capitalist “democratic” country. (To be continued)

    • I often notice mistakes, they are common to many in the West. I’m not talking specifically about VT in this case. Most in the West confuse many concepts and terms and, in order not to go into details, they simply hang labels and operate with generally accepted numbers, which they themselves cannot verify. We in Russia, and in particular I, have long ceased to pay attention to this. If a foreigner is deeply convinced that Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels are 4 different people, then it is useless to argue with such people. And I’m not even talking about the victims of disgusting education, propaganda and modern mythology.

    • Read Douglas Reed and you will understand Hitler. This includes Reed’s bio of Otto Strasser, the man who fought Hitler to the bitter end and lived to tell the tale.

  6. Then, “state-sponsored hacking with Russia in the lead.” There seems to be no presentable evidence that Russia is behind the hack of various US entities. Snowden said, a long time ago now, that the US intelligence had programs that could make any hack look as though it came from anywhere the hacker chose. If USI can do it so can others. It seems that the hacker(s?) broke into Solarwinds’ system and installed backdoors and Trojans in their software and they (Solarwinds) did not notice(!) and then sent out an update to their clients with all these flaws incorporated. Brilliant, but where is the evidence that it was Russia wot dunnit?

    How did the “Fall of Communism” in the USSR further the aim of imposing World Communism? What was the Intra-communist war of the 50-60s about in terms of furthering the aims of imposing World Communism?

    There may well be a conspiracy to impose some sort of NWO. That seems very likely in view of the actions over the vaccinations and other pronouncements coming out of Davos and the like and going way back. No doubt that Bill

  7. And i was told that since 1 January 2021, if nothing change, the house evictions will start. Approx. 40 millions of people will be thrown outdoors. That would be craziness. And you need to avoid that.

    • Probably they can stop eviction. How can they throw the families to the streets, especially it is winter time. They need to protect people from this crime against the society. And the helicopter money will not help. Only some law.

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