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…by Peter Thorleif for VT

Looking at the events surrounding all of us and the chaos enveloping the globe there is the question of why? Why the carnage and the race that’s accelerating to an ever changing global landscape.

et the evidence points to no where else. Did it begin with the manipulation of spacetime in the first detonation of nuclear devices? Perhaps it did.

There is without a doubt a transformation of our species that is occurring on a global scale that is clandestine and unseen.  Over a forty year period various people have been studied as to their experiences with abduction that strings together a continuity that can not be denied. The results have concluded that our race is being infused with what could only be called with “hubrids”.

These hubrids are the end result of a fusing of our species genetics and that of what we will call the insectilins. The new species has differences however in  one key aspect in that they have the ability to willfully manipulate and control our native species through neurological control.

This process of splicing and fusing genetics are very likely the means to why we are here on number 3 in the first place. This threat effects all nations on the planet and there is no way to effectively combat this. In the hierarchy of what we would call “others” we can say that there is an order that at the top appears to be guided by the insectilens followed by what would be called reptilian.

These species of “others” are all but two of many that may have created the progenerated species that we call man.  Now our species is being “bread out” and replaced with a newer version.

One of the things that caught my eye ten years ago was VT. Here I found a website where there was a collective group from various adversarial backgrounds that were working together for a common goal.

The fact that we could have the worlds most bitter enemies working together was uplifting in that there was an understanding that doing so was necessary in order to survive as best we can into the next century.

The main hurdle now however would be that of China who have established a relationship with an off planet “group” which does not have the interests of all the nations on earth.  These species that are altering our species may not be doing so by there own will alone. My hypothesis is that these beings are themselves hived with a hostile parasite.

The bifurcation of nation states around the world may have a common thread. What can be referred to as the “dvd” or what mistakenly has been a “jewish” issue may be what I refer to as “hive”. The term is from a tv series in the late nineties where the governments of the world have been infiltrated by an infection which “hives” the mind into a collective that has nefarious intentions. Were these people “hived” by what is referred to as “black goo”?

Were the ritualistic ceremonies conducted by the “vril” and the likes of what I call the “nine”, in the U.S., an event that opened the door to our planet to a nefarious species? A substance that has been reported to be in Antarctica that was the alleged reason for the Falkland war. Despite the differences on the planet the co operation between actors is cracking or perhaps has cracked due self preservation interests.

There is a definite crossover of fiction and reality where a continuity is formed that paints a bleak future to “man” as we know it. These thoughts are as a result of a cumulation of veterans today articles over the last ten years. My interest was sparked by a strange interaction I had over ten years ago with a woman that for some reason was obsessed with me.

She had a family and a husband yet told me that she had a unique relationship which allowed for her to have an “open” relationship. Now I am stupid now but at least I recognise that I’m stupid, but over ten years ago I was even dumber. I communicated with this girl whom could only be what I would call a “sabitaen frankist”?

It was if she knew where I would be, what I had done, and where I would go. She would sometimes send me emails with the address “inwind”. Did I meet a Hubrid? I don’t know but after all this time I have decided to focus on the important things in life, like spending time with my family (as safely as I can), and changing my old habits such as limiting or eliminating harmful substances.

This article is sophomoric and written with haste so please excuse my poor English and “crazy talk” as I felt compelled to write this on a whim…


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  1. I guess I would offer my 20 year end report of human progress. I have found many hypothesis to be completely wrong, and everything appears to be running on time and at a comfortable pace. Humanity has never been exposed to mass communication so we don’t have a precedent, but we do have a time map that contains characteristics, such as the industrial revolution, and the music of the 60’s and 70’s and now, the flood of mass communication.
    Many people report feeling like they don’t belong to the earth, but that was predicted many decades ago, in great detail, as we separate from nature, this feeling is expected, though should be considered a flashing red light on the dashboard of the species. This will now turn around over the next 10 years or so. This year and its events were highly predictable, and were predicted even to the day of the George Floyd catalyst and protests. Stay connected to nature. The planet is symbiotic.

  2. Omg. This and environmental destruction are the two biggest threats to humanity. I’ve been involved in this my entire life. The military and security state actors are hiding this not because they fear panic but because they fear the anger that their foolish treason will bring. There are a few books appearing that address the issue of our slow assimilation into an alien collective. This isn’t a benign event.

  3. Solitude. It is the only way to stay clear of the hive.

    I so appreciate the perspective in this article. I have researched Black Goo deeply, but somehow, it no longer seems relevant. Possibly the insectoid, reptilian and dragon races are no longer relevant.

    I believe there has been a mass exodus.

    So what is this madness we are now living in? What have we become?

    I believe it is an AI. A powerfully “evil” is in full control and covering us in its snares like that SKYNET or STARLINK.

    It is an AI.

    I have not researched this yet, but recently came across the term NECROMONGER.

    It appears to be a race of artificial beings who believe anything “natural” must be eliminated.

    Really scary stuff that reads like an X-Files episode, but I believe they are real, much like the 30+ episodes that deal with the subject of black goo.

  4. I was surprised in topical conversation by comments that seemed to resemble the neurological control you elude too. An unexpected congruence of opinion by two women, co-workers stating agreement that if large numbers or elders die off from this pandemic it would be good for their social security benefits and they were lighthearted and earnest, remorseless in their statements. I am finding myself in discussions with others who appear to be happily content and un-inquisitive of the roots to the corruption that abounds. The hive seem eerily content.

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