Caught: Trump Planning to Have Secret Service Murder Biden Before January 6 (updating)

When all else fails...murder


Everyone is thinking it, all insiders know it, only VT will say it

VT now being flooded with reports of Trump’s private detail covering for drugs, sex trafficking and protecting Russian gangsters at Trump facilities, Trump Tower and Mar a Lago, from investigation.  

Trump properties, without Trump’s presence, a safe haven for crime bosses

VT: Below is the cover story, from the Guardian, with Biden’s secret service detail being changed out in an emergency measure because of a history of laxity in mask wearing.  The truth is something very different, that the Secret Service, as we know it, no longer exists after 4 years of drugs, whores and corruption under Trump’s mob connections.

“Joe Biden is expected to receive Secret Service protection with a new team that is more familiar to him and replacing some agents amid concerns that they may be politically allied with Donald Trump.

In a changing of the guard as well as the man to be guarded at the White House, Biden’s security detail will undergo some staffing changes, the Washington Post reported on Thursday.

Several “senior” Secret Service agents are poised to return to the president-elect’s protection team and Biden knows these agents well because they guarded him and his family during his time as vice-president, according to the article, echoed in a report by CNN, citing a law enforcement source.”

Biden handlers got more and more suspicious when more and more secret service agents were assigned him, first after the election then more as Trump got crazier and crazier.  Biden knew the Secret Service well after 8 years as vice president but found he was assigned agents he had never met…and he knew them all.

Something didn’t seem right.  Biden’s no fool, these weren’t just “third stringers” sent in at the orders of Roger Stone or Steve Bannon, who have really been running the Secret Service since Trump was put in office.

They were something else.  It came down to hiring top level Tier One contractors to protect Biden from…the Secret Service.

Meanwhile, Trump as been screaming about Biden being the anti-Christ and how John Hagee and Benjamin Netanyahu have sworn that if Biden is allowed to take office, Trump, who really believes he is Christ risen, will be denied his rightful place at the right hand of god.

…if only we were making this up…



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  1. Rumour control has it that elements of the secret service detachment surrounding Don were not too pleased at being considered covid expendables, reference
    “As recently as Friday, Secret Service agents were expressing their anger at how Trump’s perceived recklessness was placing them at risk.“He’s never cared about us,” one agent told a confidant, according to the Washington Post. The newspaper said some agents had become convinced in recent months that the president was oblivious to them being in harm’s way, citing as evidence a policy that agents on duty at Trump rallies were no longer routinely being tested when they returned home.”

    Don compromised Alles a defenestration is overdue

  2. The Secret Service, as wrongly was expected would be, no longer exists from 1963 or earlier when they left a “open door” to kill JFK…

    • Harry, you don’t need whole agent team be corrupt for the job be done, only a few to send at right places in right time….

    • I sold a house for an agent, in Baltimore. My first sale. And you always remember your first. Chris was a stand up guy. I would trust him to do the right thing, even if it cost him his life. Do not denigrate the Secret Service. Without being able to back up what you say. Oh and Chris A. We both have shitty golf games! Best to you! SZ

  3. The SS was complicit in JFK assassination and RFK as well. Why would anyone think they are safe with them? They are the last line of defense for those that would dispose of a president. That said, I can imagine just how many are Mossad controlled as well. Factions in the SS? Why not, they are apparent in every facet of our so-called government.

    • After Reagan was shot by a son of a GHW Bush friend, it is reported that he had himself taken to a USN hospital ship where on his orders he was guarded by Marines instead of his assigned Secret Service detail.

      The late Roi Tov made a case that the Shin Bet let Rabin be assassinated on the orders of Shimon Peres.

  4. This will be overshadowed by the USA starting WWIII by attacking Iran, the pretext being a redo of 9/11. No one wants this except the Christian Zionists and Likudniks who surround Trump.

  5. This gets crazier with each passing day. “…agents were politically aligned with Trump”? These people need to be terminated immediately. My god, every segment of government is populated with traitors!

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