Trump himself faces TEN YEAR sentence because of his Monuments Act and execution for murdering Officer Brian Sicknick

Charges for Trump family members and associates, Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, Rudy Giuliani and others await the confirmation of Biden's new Attorney General.


Donald Trump and all who entered the Capitol illegally are guilty in the murder of Officer Brian D. Sicknick who died of injuries after being attacked by terrorist cadres under orders of President Trump and Rudy Giuliani.

Officer Sicknick’s head was caved in by a terrorist wielding a fire extinguisher inside the Capitol Building.  Anyone with information please contact your local FBI office.


  • 1500 Trump supporters face 10 year sentences, their photos here .
  • Others face murder charges in the death of a Capitol police officer and other charges in placing bombs.
  • Some Trumpsters face espionage charges in the theft of classified laptops from congressional offices
  • This initial study confirms Trump’s pardons of Russiagate associates are criminal acts with pardons facing recension and Trump facing criminal obstruction

  • Acting US attorney for DC Michael Sherwin on Thursday said ‘all options are on the table’ for charging members of the pro-Trump mob 
  • FBI and DC Police are still searching for at least 36 suspects who stormed the Capitol building on Wednesday
  • More than 90 people have been arrested so far in connection to the violent siege that came as Congress was certifying President-elect Joe Biden’s win 
  • Photos of the suspects were revealed at a press conference on Thursday, as authorities vowed to find and bring to justice anyone involved in the insurrection 
  • Four people, including two men and two women were killed in the massive insurrection 
  • Ashli Babbit, 35, a US Air Force veteran from San Diego, died in the chaos after being shot in the chest by cops
  • Another three victims died after suffering unspecified ‘medical emergencies’ related to the breach
  • They were identified as: Benjamin Phillips, 50, of Ringtown, Pennsylvania, Kevin Greason, 55, of Athens, Alabama, and Rosanne Boyland, 34, of Kennesaw, Georgia 
  • Of the arrests, five were related to unlawful firearm possession and two were for other prohibited weapons 
  • Acting AG Jeffrey Rosen said the violent protesters could face up to 10 years in prison for ‘injury of federal property,’ under President Trump’s executive order signed in June
  • Experts said some could face the rarely used seditious conspiracy charge
  • Do you know any of the people involved in yesterday’s riot? Email tips to

UK Daily Mail


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  1. martsiva, 93% of the protests this summer, hundreds of thousands of people were peaceful, and had a very just cause. This band of children have no cause, and are simply led by a white supremacist butt hurt feeling. There is no comparison.

  2. Did any of these thugs notice that Trump wasn’t out in front of them when they attacked the Capitol like he said he would be? He’s not going to go over the cliff with you, Trumpsters. You’ve drunk the kool-aid and will take the fall for him but Sheldon Adelson will spirit him off to a beach in Tel Aviv where he will molest little boys and girls until he croaks. He will be in Heaven until he goes to Hell.

  3. Some people just don’t get it. Now that Trumpets are on the receiving end of the provocateurs, as has been those that tried to peacefully demonstrate and were co-opted by the usual suspects, they cry foul. Hint: there are a lot of people out there that do care, they demonstrate, they march. Along comes the paid instigators to turn peaceful rallies into riots and looting. As was said by a Trump supporter (Jones) the DC protestors were infiltrated and led into this and things just got out of hand. How strange this excuse is supposed to work for Trumpets, but not for others victimized in the same way. Those other protestors have detained those they saw committing crimes, but whatever happened to them? Nothing. Did any of these Trumpets try to detain or stop any of this? So, now that you’re seeing that what goes around, comes around, you don’t like it? Wise up and realize we’re being gaslighted from every direction. Then you mention Israeli firster Harris? What GD world have you been in? One look at the crap Trump has done for Israel should make you puke. But it doesn’t though, does it? Funny that, huh?

  4. Do not report tips to Britain.

    The best place to report tips is your local rag, and cc your rep and the FBI. Then put it on social media also for back up and save everything.

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  7. What color does the People Chooses for the Revolution in USA !? Jew biden has stolen the election and it is an act of heroism ! ? What will be the end of civil War, what will happens to US nukes and US army , NORAD and other Tunnel system aliens ! ?

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