Assault On The Capitol

Michael Shrimpton examines the role of agents provocateurs in the assault on the US Capitol on January 6th and draws a comparison with Indian history. He also comments on the latest panic moves by the Johnson government, which is still pretending that Covid-19 is a naturally occurring illness.


VT Editors: Michael Shrimpton’s column will be published unedited but with the following warning, much of the information here is at odds with what MOST others at VT recognize as reality.  No censorship here.  

Just over a century ago, on April 13th 1919, German-employed agents provocateurs provoked Brigadier-General Reginald Dyer CB of the Indian Army, who had done good work in the Third Afghan War, into ordering his troops to open fire on unruly demonstrators in Amritsar in Punjab Province, India. The incident, known to history as the Amritsar Massacre, marked the first major German move to replace British rule in India with rule by German surrogates following the German Empire’s crushing defeat in the First World War by the British Empire and its allies. Barely 28 years later the German (DVD) agent Jawaharlal Nehru took control of India as Prime Minister.

General Dyer – a stout man and a jolly good chap.

Those who do not understand history are doomed to repeat it. The so-called massacre at Amritsar was misrepresented, in many cases deliberately, almost from the beginning. General Dyer, a brave man and a fine officer, who opened fire as a last resort, has been excoriated ever since by hysterical left-wing historians, if that is not a tautology.

Last Wednesday left-wing agents provocateurs in organisations close to known German agents, including Antifa and the Black Lives Matter movement, orchestrated an assault on the US Capitol in Washington DC, with inside help. Obviously under direct or indirect instructions from the Correa Group in Frankfurt, the same agency which masterminded November’s coup against President Trump, the Capitol Police refused offers of federal assistance and stood down, with a view to drawing demonstrators into a trap.

Ashli Babbitt

An un-named plain-clothes Capitol Police officer inside the Capitol, probably a CIA operative, executed former veteran and intelligence officer Ashli Babbitt. Babbitt’s role is unclear, although potentially vital intelligence was recovered from the Capitol, including a laptop belonging to TIPWNOI (Nancy Pelosi, for new readers!), who played a key role in the coup and in my opinion was aware of the CIA’s plan to rig the election in favor of her party. Being an ignorant politician, if that is not a tautology with respect, she may not have been aware that the operation was being directed from Correa Group HQ in Frankfurt. So far as I know the laptop has not been recovered.

The loss of this critical computer appears to have unhinged TIPWNOI. At any rate she embarked on a series of hysterical personal attacks on President Trump, launched a futile and unconstitutional attempt to invoke the 25th Amendment, intervened in the nuclear chain of command and in a final flight from rationality, no offense intended, started impeachment proceedings, seemingly unaware that impeachment is a procedure for removing unfit incumbents from office, not trying to win the next  presidential election, and that the Senate would not be able to consider the Articles of Impeachment until after Joe Biden is sworn in as dictator next Wednesday.

What are the Democrats afraid of?

What in heaven’s name was on that laptop? Why did the Democrats, and TIPWNOI in particular, get their knickers into such a twist, again no offense intended? Was it evidence of prior knowledge of the plan to monitor the results and the exit polls (most of which were never published), get the counts in key swing states stopped and have the Correa Group take over Dominion voting machines and switch votes from Trump to Biden?

Were the Democrats in the loop on the plan to murder Ashli Babbitt? Is there a connection to the failed extradition proceedings in England against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who appears to be in possession of pivotal intelligence on the murder of Democratic Party worker Seth Rich in 2016?

Seth Rich’s poor parents, with a photo of their murdered son.

Are the Democrats fearful of what President Trump might declassify on the murder of Seth Rich, possibly as part of a deal with Assange’s capable legal team? Or are they panicking about another coup, long ago, in which Democrat Lyndon Johnson involved himself in the assassination of a Democrat President?

President Trump is a calm, rational and likeable man, who dislikes war almost as much as his predecessor Woodrow Wilson (who unknowingly did so much to help Germany start a second world war). The idea that he would suddenly order an unprovoked nuclear attack, in time of peace, is both ludicrous and offensive. Only someone in the last vestiges of panic or a fit of hysteria could possibly suggest it.

Political criminals however tend to get hysterical when they’re on the verge of being found out. To even mention the 25th Amendment when the dictator-elect (if that’s not an oxymoron!) is suffering from senile dementia and very obviously under heavy medication brings to mind the famous old Australian saying that those who live in glass houses should not stand up in the bath.

There is no war with China

Disinformation is as much a German intel tactic as using agents provocateurs. A breathless text message this morning asserting that the US had declared war on China reminded me of the hilarious political satire Wag The Dog, where the CIA created a fake war with Albania.

The US is not, repeat not at war with China, even though Chinese intelligence are undoubtedly waging war on the US Constitution. I know the BBC’s Today program is not usually first with the news, but even they would probably find time to fit in at least a mention of a war between two of the world’s three superpowers. (No, Albania is not the third, nor, sadly, is Britain.)

Fixing the Constitution

Understandably, Americans are taught to revere their Constitution. It goes with liking apple pie and respecting motherhood. However the ease with which Germany and China have managed to install an asset on the Chinese payroll in the White House is alarming.

The principal failure of course is a counter-intelligence one. Correa Group control of the FBI and DNI means that the US has no effective domestic intelligence agency, making it easier for the CIA to manipulate elections, as in November. There are very few checks on Members of Congress taking cash from the CIA (Teddy Kennedy used to get regular ‘wodges’ deposited in his offshore account, which I think was in the Caymans.)

The situation is aggravated by the intelligence illiteracy of the Republican Party, which even now is still looking for reds under the bed, McCarthy style, apparently laboring under the delusion that both Stalin and Mao were communists. (I’ve known intelligence officers and diplomats who knew each and trust me, they were no more communists than my late Aunt Agnes.) So far as I know no senior member of the Republican Party knows which agency co-ordinated the rigging of the election, which President Trump won by a landslide. (Apparently a map has been circulating in Germany showing that the President won 410 Electoral College votes.)

However the US Constitution clearly needs amending. The farcical events of January 6th revealed great confusion over what happens when the House and the Senate cannot agree on whom to confirm. The failure to limit the number of Supreme Court justices in the Constitution itself leaves SCOTUS exposed, just as poor counter-intelligence by the FBI leaves them open to blackmail. (The Fibbies, typically, haven’t arrested anyone involved in the coup, preferring to indulge in wild conspiracy theories about Trump supporters taking guns to demos.)

State election laws and practices also need overhauling, fast. Using voting machines open to the Internet is clinically insane, as is allowing people to vote twice, or after they’re dead. A whole raft of corrupt officials will need to be forced out of office and preferably put in jail. (Given the likely tenderness of the Biden Regime towards narcotics traffickers there will probably be plenty of space in American jails, indeed it’s going to be whoopee time for organised crime after January 20th.)

The Pentagon also needs fixing, even more than it did after 9/11. That was just a hole in the building. Ethical holes are more difficult to fix. The DOD has stood idly by whilst American democracy has been trashed. They’ve failed to execute a single Democrat, which is ludicrous, and concealed intelligence from the President. The department should be abolished and America should go back to having independent Departments of War, the Navy and the Air Force. They could still be housed in the Pentagon and the Joint Chiefs could remain as a coordinating body.

Conservatives are going to have think radically. Democracy is in grave peril.

Sir Patrick Vallance, the British Government’s chief scientific advisor, who thinks we humans are warming the planet!

More Covid nonsense

The British government and National Health Service have become almost as hysterical as TIPWNOI. The UK is now in her third lockdown, although at last limited controls have been put in place on arrivals from overseas. (President Trump got it right nearly a year ago!)

Civil servants are still pretending that the Covid death stats are real. Oddly enough the total number of deaths in the UK for 2020 does not seem to have been much higher than for 2019, or for that matter 2018. (We know that Chinese carriers brought the bioweapon into the UK from late November 2019, but the first UK deaths from Covid don’t seem to have happened until December.) It’s a bit hard to hide dead bodies in the UK (it’s not China, after all).

I still think the official figures should be divided by about three to get an accurate result. The UK’s R number also looks as suspicious as the sausages in Mrs Miggins’ Pie Shop in the famous Blackadder episode. As more people are tested of course we’ll find more people with Covid. The tests don’t tell us however when the unfortunate victims caught the Chinese bug.

NHS executives are crying foul, but I’d have more sympathy if they actually treated their patients, as opposed to having hospitals act like hospices, and stopped putting bureaucratic obstacles in the way of the vaccine program. Boris needs to go, and the government’s senior health and science advisors need to go with him. The non-eponymous SAGE committee needs to be abolished, indeed they might count themselves fortunate not to be arrested for corporate manslaughter, no offense intended.

It’s also high time that the British government followed President Trump’s courageous example and told the truth about this nasty little Chinese bioweapon. China’s nasty little dictator, no offense intended, needs a good smack for this one. We should never have let them off so lightly in the Second Opium War.

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The Second Opium War, where we gave Johnny Chinaman a good hiding.


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  1. If you were to ask me for my most concise summary of what is going on, I would say, “Slave rebellion, all over the world.” And not a moment too soon. Massive, heartrending, immediate environmental problems in Missouri’s 1st Congressional District alone. These predated CV19, and are far worse. In particular, I would like to say that the beautiful people of North County, of all races, have suffered far too long. (We call it North County. That means the north side of St Louis County.) 1st District has: 1.Coldwater (or Cold Water) Creek, uranium, massive cancer cluster found in 2008. 2.Maline Creek, friable asbestos all over. 3.Bridgeton, old underground fire approaching buried hospital radioactive material. Etc. And now, of course, we have CV19 and crazy political times. We need federal help to fix all this!

  2. I watched everything live on TV this year, all the primary debates too. And I watched the 2nd impeachment, the fastest national lynching I have ever seen. The national focus has of course been on the President and the Congress. There is also way too much focus on Parties (why?) and on the general elections in November. But the truth is that most elections are lost (or stolen) in the primaries. That is how we got into this mess! Democrats and GOP alike need to wake up and smell the coffee on this. Exhibit A: I live in the St Louis area, and MO’s 1st District is a good example here. In 2018, the Dem primary was won by Clay at 57%, Bush far behind at 37%. Yet we are supposed to believe that this year she won the primary, Bush 49% and Clay 46%. Clay and the Dems need to figure out that the primary was stolen thru crooked means, by BLM and their Communist allies. The result this year is that we now have an extremist who is part of The Squad in the US House.

    • Here’s more, about new Rep. Cori Bush of the MO 1st District, who is an extremist and part of The Squad in the US House… In her 30-second speech in favor of impeaching Trump, she called him the “white supremacist-in-chief”. For her, nothing matters but race and identity politics. In a recent interview on TV (which I recorded) she said that she represents “black, brown, and indigenous” peoples who have been suppressed. Well, guess what? I am an Indigenous person (First Nations, whatever) and she doesn’t speak for me! The Dems who are “black, brown, and indigenous” need to rise up and say that this BLM loser does not speak for them either. And she most certainly does not represent the views of the rest of her constituents, either, of any race. And of you think that she cares about black people in her district, you would be wrong, and they will find that out very soon. Maybe she used to care, long ago, when she was a nurse and pastor(?) but now she’s just a brainwashed member of the BLM elite.

  3. “We should never have let them off so lightly in the Second Opium War.”

    Is why the Brit nation are to be considered dumb scum filth.

    This example of the usual Michael Shrimpton scrap about ‘it’s everyone’s fault but the Brits’ and ‘it’s the DVD’ where no one has ever heard of but the masonic circles this Michael chap is obviously involved in,

    this Boris Johnson who now is turning England in a Bergen-Belsen because the City wants the Brit cowards more mentally dead,

    that is the cherry on top.

  4. Michael, great article – it makes you wonder how this stayed up here, in particular when I’ve placed VT in the same category as a-z comics.

  5. “President Trump is a calm, rational and likeable man, who dislikes war almost as much as his predecessor Woodrow Wilson (who unknowingly did so much to help Germany start a second world war). The idea that he would suddenly order an unprovoked nuclear attack, in time of peace, is both ludicrous and offensive. Only someone in the last vestiges of panic or a fit of hysteria could possibly suggest it.”

    With respect, we all know that if this was posted as a comment by anyone else on VT, it would be deleted within hours or minutes.

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