Trump’s Mob: Back in DC, Stoked up on Methamphetamines’ again, Should we simply ‘Kill them all and let God sort them out?’

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    The Senior Editor

    Supplies are prepositioned, lead pipes, rebar, molotov cocktails, IED’s and car bombs as thousands of America’s least loved, mostly heavy drug users and child abusers, head to Washington to confront police and military who aren’t that much different.

    When Trump’s army gets to DC, the Kosher Nostra financed fake miltias and patriot groups, the ones the GOP took on recon tours of the Capitol before the last attack, will be doling out “doses” from their stockpile of, according to DEA sources, 100 pounds of meth and crack cocaine.

    Trump’s speeches sound so much better when stoked up on meth to the point of grinding away what is left of remaining teeth…

    This drug trade, partnered with the Gulf and Sinaloa Cartels, is the real business behind fake patriotism and the real basis for many GOP members of congress, who really work for the cartels.  Proof is below, absolute proof.

    Decades of Kosher Nostra rule has left 45 million Americans addicted to narcotics and paranoid fantasies.  These are white folks who used to be able to hold jobs in union factories that don’t exist since the GOP sent them all overseas to improve profits.

    Democrats don’t send factory jobs overseas, duh.  But that’s another story…

    We are getting a good look at those who tried to overthrow the country, maybe 1000 people of a crowd of 6000 out of 350 million.  Today 30,000 fully armed police and military with orders “shoot to kill” await their return to Washington.

    Do we really want them dead?  Truth is, we have been profiling these folks and one common denominator runs true, they seem to want themselves dead.  All, not most but all, have histories of instability, from chronic depression to learning disabilities, some with PTSD, most with drug problems, that and alcohol.

    The other issue is low intelligence.  Exacerbating this, I am certain, is COVID 19, which has left every one of us less than we are, 393,000 dead as of today (the real count), it has taken the most vulnerable and left them holding on to sanity with little success.

    Let’s face it, crazy hit this country with the Puritans.  It didn’t need Newt Gingrich, John Bolton or John Hagee.  In the 30s we had real populists.  We had Father Coughlin, Charles Lindbergh, Gerald LK Smith and Huey Long, many others.  Study them.

    Read the works of Gerald LK Smith and his “Cross and the Flag” publication.  I did my thesis on this crap at the demand of a CIA recruiter/academic.  It took me a long time to figure out why.

    Then read this:

    Learn about reconstruction and the rise and “rerise” of the Klan as it melded with the corporate thugs who took over the American Legion and turned it into the real American Nazi Party.  Read some Herman Hesse, understand 1918 and the fear that civilization ended (Damien by Hesse in particular).

    You simply can’t get through this without a real education.  It has left almost all our fake “smart people” unprepared.  No one writing about the Trump phenom understands what it is about and how we got here.

    I grew up in Detroit.  Mom was the daughter of a Kentucky coal miner, dad drove trucks during the 20s and 30s.  (18 year age difference.)  The family communicated in English mostly with German, Russian, Polish and a smattering of Yiddish.  All Germans used to speak Yiddish as well, not just Jews.  That culture is almost gone too, and it had much to offer.

    Europe’s upheavals of the 19th century defined the US, not just the famines of Ireland but the extreme ethnic conflicts that sent millions of Germans, Poles and Italians here.  Without knowing about these things, you can’t know America.  Without knowing America you can never know why so many broken people are here and why they do the self destructive things they do.

    VT too often focuses on how only bad people know our history and how they wage psychological warfare against us with knowledge we no longer retain.  They know our history, our fears and weaknesses, they study us, using millions from our own defense budget and war on us.

    Leading that war is Google Corporation and its Idea Groups/Jigsaw, and the dozens of tech companies and defense contractors that partner with them under the ownership of Kosher Nostra hedge fund managers funded by gangster oligarchs that say they love Israel.

    Our studies at VT on real freemasonry and pre-luciferianism and the potential for real non-corporeal interference in our lives, now manifesting itself with the pure evil many if not most of us are now seeing…

    OK, let’s start with my ‘yesterday.’  I have a summer home in Michigan, Betsy DeVos is my neighbor along with lots of other despicable assholes and even more really nice folks.  Our entire county is 98% white.  We are the nations GOP stronghold but this year, the 3rd Coasters voted Biden by a bit.  Inland, something else…right out of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

    These are small communities with extremist churches, pig farmers, real pedophiles, religious extremist groups from Norway, the Netherlands and Denmark that settled in the 1840s and began to rabidly inbreed.  The results can be seen at Farm and Fleet.  Double ouch!

    They are still flying their tattered Trump flags. OK, yesterday.

    We went to the local township offices.  They were locked up.  I live in the middle of nowhere and there is no civil disorder here.  We have no crime.  None.  We don’t even have litter.

    I moved Jim Dean out here a couple of years ago.  Things are insanely neat and orderly, we make Germans look like slobs. (I have a place in Germany…where people get beaten to death for messy recycling.)

    Germany is much friendlier than here and Germany isn’t that friendly.

    OK, the township offices were not only locked but protected by 3 police cars, manned, engines running.  We were locked down because of the Trump insurrection threat.  Threats from the Lake Macatawa Militia?  Our primary problem is 20 foot waves washing tourists off our breakwaters into Lake Michigan.  They are never found…ever and this happens all the time.

    Then I headed into town, 60 miles, to buy things I don’t need simply because I don’t want to watch congress.  We have some really dumb people in congress, not just medium very dumb Mitch or Lindsey but some really bad bad people.  We also have some very good ones and wonder why they don’t go crazy and kill the others.

    I wonder that all the time.  I refused a seat in congress (really) for that reason.  I wouldn’t shoot someone but I would certainly have hit some folks, like they do down in Texas.

    Spent some time there.  Texas is crazy but I love “Texas crazy.”  They do crazy there with style.  I can excuse that.  Other places, not so much.

    Anyway, while driving in, I passed a convoy heading to Washington.  Pickup trucks, some with half-century old campers slung on the back, loaded with Molotov cocktails and fake TacticalShit.Com gear (not a recommendation).

    Poor hygiene and bad grooming, I think we all saw that.  As things go on and I look at what the police went through, those that weren’t traitors and cowards, I would give them all medals or more.  I think they should file an action against Trump, Jones, Giuliani for millions apiece, they deserve it.

    First of all, nobody really believes they are ‘saving the republic’ by trying to keep a Russian asset in the White House.  For sure, and I know this with absolute certainty, Donald Trump was listed by the CIA as a Russia asset in 1991.

    What we call “the Russians” (nobody can really define the term) are playing a long game against the US for world domination.  Russia doesn’t need to conquer the world, they gave up on that a long time ago.  However, back in the 90s, they devised a plant to take the easy way out, all they needed to do was take over the US.

    They cut a deal with Israel, and brought in “big gun” Rupert Murdoch, their propaganda minister who bought his way into the mob controlled GOP.  The GOP had, in 1991, started taking massive payoffs through the cash stolen from Leo Wanta, money he had bilked out of the Soviet Union as part of his program with Reagan.

    That money went into offshore accounts in the Caymans…

    Here’s a reference to the many on the recordings with me discussing the GOP’s Kosher Nostra slush funds:

    The point being, the GOP, before Trump, was already totally corrupted, ostensibly as ‘Israeli firsters,’ with every GOP member of congress taking most of their cash from gambling boss Sheldon Adelson.  He bought them all, governors, senators, and his every order was a betrayal of everything any real American should love and value.

    Enough said.

    So, we have the vehicles lined up, rusted Dodge Durangos festooned with NRA, Trump and anti-government stickers, the drivers, bearded, most methamphetamine driven.  BTW, our oathie groups were passing out methamphetamine on January 6.  You saw those huge fat guys bouncing around beating cops with lead pipes and rebar?  That was meth.

    Let’s look at some hard truths.

    Some, like the weaklings who tried to find good in Trump’s malevolence, want to forgive and forget Trump supporters.  That just isn’t going to work.  Those who voted for him, worst of all those who still back him, need to be ostracized from our lives.

    Their lack of humanity is inexcusable.  Embracing racism, hatred of immigrants and their being drawn to a bumbling tyrant defines them now and forever.  They are a poison and need to be eradicated, but we can’t do that.  We can only isolate them from our lives.

    Those who try to reason with them know, there is no reasoning with this level of evil.  Trump’s followers, those who voted for him are evil, you can’t deny it, you can’t fix it, they were born evil, they will die evil and they can’t be part of our lives, our families, and certainly not of a free nation.

    This can’t be fixed, and I, above all, hate saying this.  Is insanity an excuse?  You decide.




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    1. Well Mr Duff an excellent article as it made my evangelical princess giggle however, after the laugh the reality set in on how the internet has become weaponized to create such a clown show!

      Well its best to talk to real people in person so I am planning a masked social distanced ball as we shall all dress up like trump “Q” supporters and BTW do you know anyone with a horned moose costume I could borrow perhaps?

      I invited Jack Heart over to be our official bouncer as all in attendance will be tRumpies as I promise to get them drunk and then read them some choice Gordon Duff articles. LOL

      • If I am real lucky our Jack will bring over some strippers as of course they will be evangelical strippers.

        They will be required to keep their bras and underwater on as just like going to the beach right? LOL

        You can’t make this stuff up…..

    2. If these traitors do not have enough sense to stay away from the Capitol and want to try another insurrection to take down our government, then this time they WILL be met with deadly force. It’s past time we take out the trash in our country. These right-wing Trump militia losers do not have the brains to remain Americans and if they think they are being patriots by representing a 74 year old traitorous coward who didn’t have the cojones to fight in Vietnam when the rest of us were called but needed his daddy to “fix” it so he could get out of it with faked bone-spurs, then rubbed it in our faces by continuing to play sports throughout the time. This pathological liar in chief fooled them into thinking the election was stolen from them and him only because he’s a liar and he cannot accept defeat.

      He will be charged ultimately for this seditious act and if they aren’t smart enough to learn from the first one that they were wrong, then our country will prove to them they are on the wrong side of history and WE, THE PEOPLE, will get rid of the traitors attacking our country.

    3. Visitors to the Capitol building in D.C. are guided slowly in a straight line by machine gun wielding SWAT cops on each side of them. These guys have shoot to kill orders for even the incitement of violence, as do the similarly armed cops in the rooms lacing the chambers when the scumbag criminals are in session. On Jan. 6th, there were just a handful of regular cops brandishing handguns who readily moved aside and let the “protesters” in. This was clownish, pre-scripted theater. Is Trump that stupid to play into the hands of his enemies or was he adroitly playing his role as the eternal scapegoat, which he has since being selected as president in 2016? Either way, the result is the same. The forthcoming, “Domestic Terrorism Act” will sweep away the shards that remain of the Bill of Rights from the 9/11 false flag and the Covid hoax like driftwood before a tsunami.

      • #PardonMe, but…
        (No seriously, I have a Trumptard friend who believes he’ll pardon her on a drug possession charge!)

        The “scapegoat” that #DeepState Comey kneecapped Hillary for?

        The “scapegoat” ALL media anointed “Tough On Trade”?

        The “scapegoat” the media assured voters was presidential, for his decree that Obama was “Born here, period”?
        (While they called “inauthentic pandering” on a mere beer sip by Liz Warren!)

        The “scapegoat” who tried to sell #THEDumbestLieOfAllTime: #TimApple?

        The “scapegoat” DramaQueens DonnyT & Alex Jones sold Trump’s base of Mammon worshipping “Christians” was a demon*?)
        * Also a clone. Trump doesn’t know how an umbrella works, or not to drink bleach, but Hillary’s the clone! 🤣

        The “scapegoat” who lied (by a factor of… 666 😈) about 4,000 #TerrorWatchlist #BadHombres stopped?
        (Always more Watchlist stops at Canada border: #BuildTheWall there!)

        (Better yet, since #OpenBorders #MadeAmericaGreat… #MAGA!)

        The “scapegoat” who told 30,000 lies in 4 years?
        Imagine the “Father Of Lies” himself, in the flesh on Earth, trying to beat that…

    4. You sound like the world’s most pathetic man – a combo of a whiny DramaQueenDon & his defense atty Ghouliani – saying Euro trauma created Trumptards*.

      I say you’ve got it backwards: They FORGOT where they came from!

      A few months after Titanic sank, my great granny came alone from Poland/Ukraine to USA, through the…

      #OpenBorders that #MadeAmericaGreat. (#MAGA!)

      My Pops was born in 1923, an Irish Black man!

      So there’s 2/3 countries mentioned, plus lifetimes of trauma you can’t imagine.

      No, it’s just simply racism. And ignorance. And arrogance: The… #Trumpfecta!

      You can substitute insecurity – which causes their delusions – for ignorance, because even confronted with the self-evident history, they’ll do anything to deny it.

      • #StereotypicalFun!

        🖤 You can tell I’m Black, because I can play 🏀!

        🍀🍸 You can tell I’m Irish Russian, cuz I’m a non-drinker who did 10 shots of homebrew Ukrainian vodka with little food and no ill effects! 🤯

    5. “The results can be seen at Farm and Fleet.” – GD

      Maybe Michigan is different, but in Freeport, Illinois there is a Farm and Fleet store next to a Wal-Mart Supercenter, and the grade of employees and customers at Farm and Fleet is generally higher.

      “I have a place in Germany…where people get beaten to death for messy recycling.” – GD

      Understand that the death penalty has been removed from German law, except for the crime of littering.

      “Those who try to reason with them [Trump supporters]…” – GD

      Having a discussion with a Trump supporter is like having a discussion with a schizophrenic (DSM definition, not the popular incorrect definition) – his/her apparent reality is so different that real communication is impossible.

      • Our classier people go to Tractor Supply. I am a “property owner” in that I have lots of land, such as it is, swampland, two ponds, waterfront and a mix of first growth forest…impressive….and a couple of acres of dead ash trees. Thus I live in the chain saw world.
        Our only AG is inheriting a formal English garden…once on a tour…now under reconstruction.
        The summer house is Wright designed (not built) based on dozens he did along Lake Michigan from South Haven to Pentwater.
        For your full effect, you have to do Saturday mornings only. I suggest you might be missing that. It is worth it…just from the unusual odors of chewing tobacco, sweat and chicken shit.

    6. “Non-corporeal” interference would explain why it is so difficult to draw a bead on who is really scripting the puppet show …

    7. There is a reason ancient cultures had ball games. The players were on opposing political sides and the losers leaders lost their heads. This would save many lives, and prevent unsupported evidence from being used as motivation for insurrection.
      The word “real” and christian , used together is a misnomer. People are either good or bad, and religion makes no difference. If anything, it is used to radicalize and they too have lots and lots of money, and they love love love , a fired up crowd that gets an orgasm off violence. Btw, Barr and friends just sacrificed a particular woman on a particular day, and I am calling it a “black ceremony”. Cowardice is all that prevents fixing this. Bullies have to be punched in the nose, without warning or threat, just do it.

    8. “Sarah Groh, chief of staff to “Squad” member Rep. Ayanna Pressley, tells the Boston Globe that when she hid from the howling mob, she discovered that “every panic button in my office had been torn out.”

    9. Dracos: as you know your disposition is predetermined in multiple timelines. Your d waves won’t save you. You keep trying to staple and loop time, yet you can’t overcome.

      Your actions and intentions are your tracers (like pheromones) across each and every open or closed system.

      The wind is still here, and that is because
      your fatal choice to merge with silicon makes it impossible for you to ever touch the progenitor of the wind.

      Stand down, or you won’t even be able to re live your “past”.
      Nada. No recombinant echoes of any kind in any continuum. “You” won’t be around to know that “you don’t exist”. But, you still have one last assessment during the alignment of mercury. Choose wisely.

      Emme Ya

    10. Very good insights. The humor is essential. Something that keeps me going, looking forward to another day spiraling through this universe on the spaceship Earth.
      I share your distaste for Two time Trump voters but for some I think it is just a form of mind control that keeps them faithful. Much like religion. I am surrounded by many who by all rights are far more intelligent than I. The propaganda runs deep. They fully believe what comes from their side is the gospel and near everything on VT or not coming from Fox is conspiracy.

      I was talking with our radiation physicist about background radiation levels and the stuff Bob Nichols sites from RadNet. Her curiosity ends with her job. I have discussed these readings with another physicist with similar results. No one in radiation control seems concerned in what Bob states as, extinction level radiation events. Our physicist’s are of the opinion that the EPA numbers are normal. Sighting that the background levels they subtract from our occupation radiation numbers have stayed consistently in the normal range. It would take a ‘massive’ cover up to manipulate those numbers. If scientists don’t question their science, I don’t think we can except most citizens to question their government at the conspiracy levels that it is taking to pull off the s**t you at VT are uncovering. Minds are very much controlled by learned beliefs. For some with more ‘education’ those beliefs are harder to change.

    11. Just listening to House minority leader McCarthy’s argument against impeachment…what a snake! These republicans defending Trump in the House have no shame or honor.

      • I’ve been watching these snakes for decades from the moment that that fraud Reagan was allowed to lie about Oliver South and the rest of their terrorist party. I watch it mainly to see in what manner they play to their intolerant base. The two sides of the aisle know well that they can’t have any impact on each other but the republicans are strictly tendering to their corporate sponsors whereas democrats talk to the wall. Still the amazing 50/50 split is surreal.

    12. Sadly, they can’t be reasoned with. If, upon merely seeing a photo of Trump, you don’t hate his guts, indeed you haven’t been paying attention. The sights of National Guard troops bivouacked in the halls of the US Capitol is sobering.

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