Done, 11:49, Trump can be arrested…nuclear football missing


The final countdown

We will be updating this continually: VT has already been asked by the new administration to aid in securing freedom and bringing Trump’s massive criminal conspiracy to justice…




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  1. Democracy has prevailed. Democracy, the greatest friend of humanity.

    Thank God with all my heart this day has arrived. But dang, we have alot of work to do.

    • Only appearance of democracy. If US had one party, or 3+ parties then it would be more democratic than today. Duopoly is an appearance only, and exceptionally divisive.

  2. I’m not sure I see a lot of difference between Jenna Ryan and Steven Colbert. When Biden declares war on the next country, Colbert will capitalize on it. He needs material.
    Phase two of the catalytic effect of trump will be when people realize, profits and messaging, really do seem to adapt to efficacious boundaries quite well. The media has been made whole promoting every day trump, and they will starve for a replacement. What will be the next boon ? I’m not betting on raw truth just yet, as agenda has not yet spent a day going hungry. And it will take many hungry days to entice them to cross that boundary.

  3. Andy, here in the States we have been hoodwinked. Operation Mockingbird Has been going on for generations. The Rothschild’s bought the press in the 19th century. We have had lies for over 150 years. Not just lies but great grandfather’s of lies. Our people are confused.

  4. It seems that the Americans are like sheep locked in their information field inside the country. What will you do with those who voted for Trump? There are millions of them! Will you shoot? Hang them up? Put them in the GULAG camps? What will you do when your country is split and you are ready to bite each other’s throats? You chose Trump. Was it democratic in a democratic country? You are the bulwark and beacon of world democracy. The Capitol in Washington is Baghdad now. I see that you are just crazy and the whole world looks at America as idiots. Banana Republic, North Korea-2, territory of lies and repression. Couldn’t you find anyone better than Biden? Yes, he will die in a year. Kamala Harris will replace him. I sincerely want to understand why the Biden administration is dragging perverts, militarists into the government. Is this the plan for the Washington swamp?
    I have been reading VT magazine for many years, which was like family to me. And now I don’t recognize it. I do not understand what is going on…
    Do you even understand what is going on with you? I do not understand. 90% of Americans don’t understand what communism is. And believe me, the USSR was a hundred times better, cleaner and more human than you are now. I lived there. I know. Stop going crazy.
    I will tell you in harsh Russian slang language:
    /Проебëте вы свою страну! Вы уже еë проебали../

    • Comrade Andropov, I just came back from three hours of skiing the wilderness crazy stuff, and I think I can understand the trees better than half of your post and the bitterness in the other half.

      No, Fascington is not Bagdad. Not yet. And it will never be. In Bagdad Black Lives Matter but the same clowns who think they can take Nancy Pelosi home with zip ties, are taking their last breaths pissed off that their bosses made a ton of money while they can’t even afford their next VA mortgage payment at home. As much as your Russian media likes to portray Biden as a pervert or Susan Rice incapable of running the interior, they are far better choices to really draw down the troops and bringing them home, than the war hawks you look up to. Trump dropped 7,423 bombs and other munitions, the most since Pentagon began keeping track in 2006 and most of it in 2019.

      If you really truly believe that republicans are benevolent and want to fix the country, you haven’t understood how the US, the best socialist system in the world, that services the rich before servicing the poor, has to use a democrat president right now to fix the stupids now back home and in need of major help.

    • Newt, I think that Trump not dropped any bomb, he gave to the Pentagon a blank check and told them he didn’t care his bussiness and that do what they want with only two conditions, don´t start any new war and prevent people watch soldiers coming back in corpse bags on TV.

    • P.S.
      Newt, also he said to the Generals… and all you go and get me a frak super-duper big missile to show on Twitter…. 🙂

    • The USA is becoming increasingly aware that Israel attacked us on 9/11. I’m certain Putin is aware of this as well, but for the same reasons that make it impossible for our MSM to tell the truth about that horrible attack, so too is he unwilling to make public the satellite images that he must have of that event. Both the USA and Russia are deeply compromised by the so-called “Russian” mafia which is controlled by Likud in Israel. They own Trump and they probably own Putin, too. If there’s a consistent theme here at VT, it’s that the evil banksters and Zionists are behind everything that is wrong world the world. We are not enemies, Andy.

    • Andy, I predicted that in the end that Trump would fall by his own hand, by going a bridge too far. He had to know the Capitol Coup was a roll of the dice. No one would take that game unless they knew their goose was cooked anyway, so he had nothing more to lose. He expected a decade of litigation, and that he will have. No one in his family has had to attend a family funeral yet. I dobut he has sent condolences to anyone who died, or the families or those injured in the hospital. He will reap what he has sewn.

    • @Tommy Apeiron
      Of course we are not enemies. And most ordinary people in our countries have never been enemies. The paradox is that when the Soviet Union collapsed, the Americans rejoiced (most likely not understanding the serious consequences of such a geopolitical collapse in the world). And now, when the United States is on the verge of a critical point, the Russian people are more worried about your country than many of the Americans. I don’t want to go into details. Because we understand how disastrous the consequences are possible. This tsunami will affect the whole world.
      Tommy, of course we’re friends. For so many years on VT, I met many good people, friends.
      Take care of yourself!

  5. Legalize marijuana and blanket pardon for all those in jail for marijuana or related charges.
    That’s the bar for anyone claiming to bring us freedom.
    Return war powers to congress, and revet all contacts with Monarchies.
    Honest evaluation of the Revenue Act, specifically addressing the root reasoning ….
    ” “Evidently the exemption is made in recognition of the benefit which the public derives” from churches’ ” As the overall benefit has significantly decreased and in fact become an obvious harm, and a tax burden on the modern increased percentage of non-followers. 50 % and climbing.

    • Freedom would be legalizing all activities between consenting adults (but excluding all corporations, partnerships, etc. as the non-persons that there are contrary to certain SCOTUS decisions).

  6. I read here, in this very trustworthy medium, that the Trump flew with an airforce one to Russia and gave the plane to Putin.

    • You read wrong, in this very trustworthy medium was proposed that “maybe” or “there is a chance” Trump will flight with the air force one to Russia and gave the plane to Putin. Raise assessments about future possibilities of something is not the same to assert it will happen.

    • The opposite of self-fulfilling prophecy is going on here. Spilling the beans about a planned future false flag or attack (think IDF fighter-bombers in Azerbaijan attacking Iran) causes said event to be cancelled.

    • Trump played and goofed on us, so we felt that gave us latitude to do the same with him. The difference will be that VT have been stalked for years trying to nail us on some things, setting up searches at the airport when coming home, hoping something on a phone of laptop would do us in…which was a bust with Gordon. What Trump is dreading that after all those years of making charges and anyone he wanted, the situation is reversed. And he would know what he would to do in that situation. We have suffered enough, now it is his turn, for the prosecutors and courts to take care of, which the taxpayers will be welcome to cover.

  7. Gordon, a third of Americans are agree with Trump, that is almost a hundred million persons of whom 2/3 at least are adult, you can’t just disregard a third of the population, you have a problem today, tomorrow and beyond that and just look away and ignore them or jail a thousands isn’t going to fix it, just it will deepen

    • David, I think following is the same as ‘agreeing with” the main fundamentals and just have different overtones in everything else.

    • Following is not the same as ‘agreeing with”,..80 million voted for Biden, but it could be argued less than half “agree” with Biden.
      Two tablespoons of discernment and trump would lose over 70% of his followers, who mostly were in it for themselves anyway.
      Politicians are not there to be agreed with, they are there to do the bidding of the people.
      Trump did not attempt a single referendum on any issue, and it is doubtful Biden will either.

    • In Pennsylvania alone, 44% of Republican voters have changed their party affiliation to Democrat or Independent since Trump’s band of cowards & cry babies attacked the Capital. I am sure that is not the only state that is happening in.
      Honestly, there are probably more propaganda parrots repeating the latest Trumptard talking points then there are who would even consider showing up
      to fight for him. They came up with reminding the police & Dems how many votes Trump got as a threat. As with all cowards & cry babies, once they see others dying or going to jail, they take their toys and head for the house. Yeah, they will be loudly parroting every “patriotic ” meme they know , but they will be doing so on their way to the house.
      Biden needs an executive order making it illegal for the media & politicians to use propaganda against US citizens and actually punish those that do. But if he does that, he will have a problem convincing citizens to support wars for power & profit.

  8. Let the rewarding and inspirational hard work begin! Some may say Carpe Diem.
    “If you don’t take risks, you’ll have a wasted soul.”
    ― Drew Barrymore
    “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
    ― Mahatma Gandhi
    Let’s just get the F*** on with it!

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