Addressing the Staff…the Reality of Leadership Such as we Haven’t seen for 4 years…



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  1. I love Gordon Duff (not like Mrs. Duff but in a Siemper Fi kind of way)
    Anyway, every Barracks had a smart Kid
    (well more like a kid, we were all Teenagers,
    that had a lot of common sense)
    He might only be an E-3 but kept you out of trouble because he had common sense
    And it was loud because everybody has these huge Stereos playing all at once.
    So he would say “okay you guys play Jimi Hendrix and after that is done you guys play James Brown and then the Doors…” and that would keep everybody out of trouble.
    (with the ROTC CO and the E-8)
    He was also the guy that would have the answer to almost everything so if there was an argument they’d say “Let Gordon figure it out” and he had the final word.

  2. Biden will have to do the little dance with the Zionists and Likudniks in order to even remain in office. One only has to remember JFK to know what happens when a president doesn’t toe the line. It will be nothing like the full-on face-to-face dirty dance that Trump did, however. Biden most likely will really piss Netanyahu off by going back to the Iranian nuclear deal like Obama did. Israel would have to stage another 9/11, this time blamed on Iran. Just as 9/11 was the pretext for all the wars of this century, this false-flag attack will be the pretext for an attack on Iran. WWIII, here we come…

  3. @Adrian…I think you are correct. What Trump exposed was that many Americans realize where we are and where we’re headed. He gave voice to widespread dissatisfaction within the country. That Trump was a useful idiot to expose those that would stand is my take. Now gov has a target list and a goal. There are many of his supporters that are true patriots, but they exercised very poor judgement in believing in someone owned by those they would fight. Those that were not on the dissident chart, now are and they can thank the Judas goat Trump for that.

  4. Hmmm…well, Joe has said what his supporters wanted to hear…much as all pols do. There are hints as to where he will go policy-wise and some of the hints are not good. First and foremost, his statements on rejoining the JCPOA. First thing out of his mouth…we will include Israel and Arab states in the negotiations. I can already tell you the outcome of this. Zero. The Iranians have already said that they already negotiated in good faith and upheld their end of the deal, the US did not. They will not renegotiate. Period. For Biden to say the Israelis will be included only adds another nail. This makes plain that there will be no serious attempt to reenter the deal. The Israelis would demand that Iran lose their missile defense, the one thing they cannot lose, as it is their only guarantee of security. Israel could not care less about Iran/Nukes, they know it was a smoke screen and hot button topic, with no validation…but those missiles. At any rate, this decision will enable Biden to continue sanctions with a plausible excuse. I see no positive changes there at all. Ukraine? Biden’s treasury sec (same as Trump/Obama,Mneuchin) is already going after those that exposed his son the grifter. Add in the scamdemic and we have is a full court press coming for more and more scrutiny. Some have mentioned a Patriot Act II, as if we needed PA I. Trumps admin seems to have been an enabler for Bidens coming security changes. What a surprise.

  5. The blinders still remains there. I believe that Trump’s social phenomenon goes deepest and beyond Trump himself and not yet has been analysed and understood correctly its meaning, that was expose a social change that has already occurred, a new age of world reality where there has been a breakdown with past values that they has changed, and which they still remains out of sight of majority beneath the surface.

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