Chuck Schumer’s 99 problems

Both Democrats and Republicans face huge political challenges with a public that wants to to see competent action toward fixing the country

…from Politico

[ Editor’s Note: We have quite a showdown brewing between McConnell and Schumer on how the Senate will be run. I see no way that Schumer is going to let McConnell box him in by handing the Republicans veto power via the age old filibuster tool.

After the huge election battle, and the miracle of the Dems winning the Senate, Schumer would shock his base if he gave up his 51 vote ace in the hole, which he will probably need to get the Biden administration’s legislation off and running, with a Trump trial hanging over the scene like a vulture.

McConnell has a different problem, wanting to effectively maintain a brake pedal on Democrats’ legislation to keep the losing Republicans happy that all is not lost, and to keep the party in good shape for the 2022 elections, where the party will be working like hell to win back the Senate, while the Democrats will be trying to widen their majority margin.

But the Republicans will have the problem of getting the Trump stink off them, especially for those that voted not to certify the election even after the Capitol attack. Although they are generally in safe red districts, the full investigation of who among them supported the coup could rip some big holes in their ranks.

It’s going to be a long two years to the next election, but the experienced actors on both sides need to show that the health and economy of the country has to be front and center and not held hostage to partisan politicsJim W. Dean ]

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Lynchings planned for members of Congress by Trumpers – for midgets only

First published … January 23, 2021

Schumer is facing down a hard-nosed Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who is refusing to cut a deal to govern the 50-50 Senate without a commitment to protecting the filibuster.

He must marshal Donald Trump’s impeachment trial through the Senate while also trying to get President Joe Biden’s Cabinet confirmed. And he has to figure out how to respond to a crippling pandemic and struggling economy while Republicans have already rejected Biden’s relief proposal.

…“Leader Schumer is standing strong and that’s exactly what he needs to do,” said Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), who serves on Schumer’s leadership team. “Mitch McConnell seems to think he’s going to get a veto over everything that happens the next four years. And he’s wrong.”

…“What [Schumer] wants to do is have this hang over our heads like a sword of Damocles for some future event and I think it’s smart to get this matter resolved on the front end,” said Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), a close McConnell ally.

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  1. So we finally got rid of Trump, and who do we have to send out to the fight, Biden and Schumer ? Really ? We only need two qualities and neither has neither.
    Better get to what has been neglected, which is supporting leaders with quality and youth.
    Nadler ? Gimme a break. We got ourselves a bonafide herd feeding at the trough and they haven’t given a days thought into the future.
    Inform the state department that Britain has extremely serious questions to answer. Find the ones who are willing to ask them.

  2. Congress can not and will not quicken deal with the country’s problems. This is because they are to blinded to see the real problems. The politicians and media have disenfranchised the majority of the America people. They push identity politics on the masses. No one is allowed to speak the ugly truth, if they do they will be publicly crucified and will loose everything. So everyone just keep repeating the lies and virtue signaling. The problem is the lies are what the media and a small minority want to hear. The majority live in the ugly reality of this country. That is how and why Trump got elected and why people stormed the Capitol. It will only get worse because politicians only think about their next term and how the media will portray them.

  3. I’m sure zionists they have fat dirty folders on everyone there to push the “appropriate vote” when is needed….

  4. “Can Congress quickly deal with the countries critical problems?”
    I think you might mean “country’s”
    Kind regards

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