The GOP’s answer to its post-Trump blues: More Trump

…from Politico

[ Editor’s Note: I was concerned about this happening early on, not because I am smarter that all the political pundits, but simply not seeing anywhere else for Trump supporters to go.

Moderate Republicans, the ones that used to always be able to compromise in a dialogue about proposed legislation, are an endangered species. There is no way they could ever attract the Trumper vote due to their antipathy toward conspiracies, which is the political crack cocaine to the T-mob, without which they all would remain in a permanent depression.

While Trump has mentioned a possible third party, literally a death threat to the Republican party in terms of ever seeing a majority again, why would he want to start from scratch, when all the state party Republican infrastructure is in place waiting to be used, especially fund raising?

Political cynics have long believed the politicians’ interests for their country is several items down their list, with remaining in power being number one.

The post Capitol coup poll a few days ago showed 45% of Republicans still totally on board the event. What state Republican wants to stick his head into that buzz saw in the next election? And then came the news this morning that we will be hearing of more Republicans not running in 2022, tired of all the endless infighting.

As litigation against Trump is going to take years, Trump might feel his only refuge is to run for president and win again in 2024. As Biden takes the country in a Democratic direction, the Trump followers will get more angry, considering everyone that is not with them to be traitors.

I have no background on how Trump’s being indicted could legally affect his ability to run again, but we will know in good time. Think of being on a neo-Titanic with a bunch of Trumpers and what your chances of getting into a lifeboat might be.

The good news is that he has only $70 million left in his PAC, where I had thought it was in the $250M range. But the $70M will tide him over with staff and can fund a lot of rallies. What else will he have to do to have fun, with his business empire crashing? Jim W. Dean ]

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The Founding Fathers would never have believed what is going on now

First published … January 27, 2021

For a moment, it looked like Donald Trump might be losing his iron grip on the GOP. In the wake of the deadly Capitol riot, 10 House Republicans joined Democrats in their vote to impeach him.

Several other Republicans openly suggested at least censuring the president. Not anymore.

Local and state Republican parties are censuring Republicans for disloyalty in states across the country. The lawmakers who broke with him are weathering a storm of criticism from Trump-adoring constituents at home, with punitive primary challenges already taking shape. In Washington, party leaders who once suggested Trump bore some responsibility for the Jan. 6 violence are backtracking.

…“There is a level of support for this president more than during the election,” said Don Thrasher, chair of Kentucky’s Nelson County Republican Party, which recently voted to censure minority leader Mitch McConnell, a Kentuckian, for what Thrasher called “impugning the president’s honor” in debate over certifying the election results.

Of the post-presidential fervor for Trump, he said, “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

…“There are 74 million people who voted for him,” said Charlie Gerow, a Pennsylvania-based Republican strategist. “You’re not going to get a mass exodus.”

You can read the whole article at Politico here.


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  1. Pretty simple,….adopt a very anti-war position and assertively act upon it.
    Labeling US citizens as terrorists will backfire tremendously.
    There is no tangible difference to the average poor person between presidents. But the slow grind into poverty and continuous war is what people do Not want.
    It isn’t rocket science, so it’s either someone is out of touch or they actually do not care.
    It is time for a heavy hand, not a slow dance and a nap.

    • Meanwhile, Benjamin Netanyahu smiles. He knows there will never be a real anti-war movement in either major party. Israel did 9/11 and are ready for a redo, this time blamed on Iran instead of the Arabs. That will be the pretext for the next war. All the pieces are in place for a nuclear attack on Iran. It makes no difference whatsoever who is actually president.

  2. The professional class of Republicans seem oddly optimistic, Hannity, Ingraham, etc.
    If the Trumpists form a 3rd party and the Democrats turn Texas Blue by importing 10 – 20M new voters they are not going to win another election for decades. Ingraham can sneer and chuckle all she wants but the R’s are in real trouble. The Republicans are such fools, I just don’t care anymore.
    I bet topping H. Ross Perot is on Trump’s bucket list.

  3. “…As Biden takes the country in a Democratic direction the Trump followers will just get more and more angry, considering everyone that is not with them to be traitors…”

    Jim, you hitting the bone on there, leave aside Trump as “man”, but supporters of what they think is “Trump idea” on how supposed should be his country they are almost half of voter and they are also Americans citizens as same that the rest. So, what are you going to do about, deport all them ??

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