Breaking: U.S. Senators, Trump family members, and top Trump lieutenants met in Trump’s private residence on January 5 with man who has endorsed violent sedition

Daniel Beck has endorsed statements that shock the conscience, raising questions about why Trump's family—as well as his top advisers, allies, agents, attorneys and associates—met with him January 5.


The alleged Capitol assault planning and strategy meeting featured, according to these sources:

  • The Trumps, all of them
  • Jared Kushner
  • Kimberly Guilfoyle
  • Rudy Giuliani
  • Roger Stone (Now a commentator on Russia Today)
  • General Michael Flynn
  • Peter Navarro, Assistant to the President, Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, and National Defense Production Act Policy Coordinator
  • Corey Lewandowski, 2016 Trump campaign manager
  • David Bossie, 2016 Trump deputy campaign manager
  • Adam Piper, executive director of the Republican Attorneys General Association
  • Tommy Tuberville, United States senator from the State of Alabama
  • Unspecified leaders of Proud Boys, Three Percenters and Oath Keepers including FBI informants

According to research by political strategist and regular CNN, MSNBC, The Hill, CBS, and Fox News contributor Cheri Jacobus, Txtwire CEO Daniel Beck

{Note: That the pre-insurrection war council held at Trump’s private residence in Trump International Hotel is one of the key events in the insurrection timeline is clear. It is discussed on Proof here and here. This article expands on that reporting and is the third of three articles on men who featured in the events of January 5, the day before the insurrection.}

The Becks of Idaho

Those who have heard on MSNBC programs—three different ones thus far—about the “really intimate” January 5 meeting between top Trump advisers at Trump’s “private residence” inside Trump International Hotel in DC, probably wonder now about one of the names on the list of attendees: Daniel Beck. Beck is an Idahoan who is the CEO of a company, Txtwire, that specializes in “provid[ing] mass communication solutions for businesses and organizations worldwide through the use of voice, email, and text messaging.”

We do not yet know if there is any connection between Txtwire and the efforts of fellow January 5 meeting attendee, Stop the Steal coordinator and far-right activist Ali Alexander, to—as he announced in September 2020—execute the following operation:

“[B]uild the infrastructure to stop the steal [of the 2020 election by Democrats]. What we’re going to do is bypass all of social media. In the coming days, we will launch an effort concentrating on the swing states. . . .we will collect cell phone numbers, so that way if you are within a 100-mile radius of a bad secretary of state or someone who’s counting votes after the deadline [on November 3, 2020] or if there’s a federal court hearing, we will alert you [via mass text] where to go. We’re going to bypass all of Twitter, all of Facebook, all of Instagram, okay? We’re going to bypass it all.”

This sort of mass-texting operation is exactly what Daniel Beck’s company does, so it’s clear the January 5 meeting he attended at Trump International Hotel also involved a man (Alexander) who had been seeking such an operation within the last 120 days, but this alone is not enough to make a connection between the two.

Nor is the fact that, in the days after Trump’s 2017 inauguration, at a time when Daniel Beck was—per his Facebook feed—apparently in Washington, his company Txtwire was accused of being involved with a fraudulent effort to “tally” the size in the Women’s March as part of a bizarre “phishing” operation that used a mass-text “89800” function.

{Note: Txtwire was never found to have engaged in any wrongdoing with respect to the Women’s March incident, though what exactly happened remains something of a mystery.}

If Beck is not significant to Trump because of Txtwire—a question that cannot yet be answered—there is the possibility, albeit a more remote one, that he is relevant to Team Trump because his father, Doyle Beck, is a powerful Idaho Republican.

This said, Idaho is so reliably a “red” state that Doyle Beck being a Trump elector at the Republican National Convention in 2020 really tells us very little. Just so, the fact that both Doyle and his son have been accused of minor campaign finance violations (see here and here) that were subsequently cleared with only minor penalties is of limited interest.


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  1. And while you’re comparing and contrasting 9/11 and 1/6, think what woulda happened if the terrorists were chanting “Allahu akbar” instead of “Trumpu akbar.”

    They’d be in Gitmo, not at home facing trespassing charges (if any survived the day).

  2. The only problem with comparing 1/6 to 9/11 is that while, yes indeed, 1/6 seems to have been “allowed” to happen, the actual perps incriminated themselves on video for the whole world to see, crazy costumes and all. It wasn’t really a false-flag event, whereas with 9/11, the real perps including Israel, US neocons, elements of the US military, and the Zionist MSM blamed it all on the Arabs. The real perps got away with it and millions of Muslims died.

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