Steve Schmidt: The Lincoln Project is suing Rudy Giuliani

Giuliani claims Antifa and Lincoln Project carried out the Capitol siege


…by Ali Velshi, MSNBC News

[ Editor’s Note: You all know what I am going to say now…”You just can’t make this doo doo up”, but apparently Rudy can. One of the MSNBC comments on this segment said this interview was only the second time he had ever seen Steve Schmidt smile.

Schmidt said, “We are going to sue the shit out of Rudy Giuliani. I’m so happy that I’m literally choked up.”

I smell Trump, anxious from not being able to tweet and speak out, possibly activating his usual suspects to go on the offensive, as that is his modus operandi.

This goof of course hurts the Republican preparation for the Senate trial, where today Trump’s two main South Carolina attorneys quit his defense team due to reports that Trump wanted them to key to their defense to be that the election was stolen from him.

So this is classic Trump, wanting to crash the Senate trial to make it a multi-day advertisement that he can still show he can block killing The Steal story. He wants to keep rubbing our faces in it again.

That means Trump will demand that any Republican that wants his support has to toe the same line. And better yet, this is a zero cost counter attack by Trump. Meanwhile the NY State prosecutors are working away and they will make their move when they are ready.

This show is far from overJim W. Dean ]

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  1. Jim, is it fair to say that 1/6 was “allowed” to happen? The crazies who stormed the Capitol committed felony murder knowing that they were incriminating themselves on numerous videos. Maybe this was part of their true-believer self-delusion but the folks who organized this attack are not being charged. Are the real perps of 1/6 going to skate, just like the real perps of 9/11 did?

    • Look like they were incriminating himself just because they lost that bet but if had it worked would have been pardoned in Trump’s second term….

    • It was a vain hope that Trump would actually have a second term, or that he would take the fall with them. Just like with 9/11, the real perps of 1/6 will skate.

  2. Jim, With the “Freedom Tower” over his shoulder, the MSNBC reporter reminded me of Jane Stanley.
    This is still the same operation, isn’t it?
    Stay well.

    • We are seeing some wealthy people at the tip of the spear now that can lead and sustain litigation which will continue to dig out more facts. Eventually, this will turn on the light for the fabricators that there is substantial financial risks in making shit up, and thus not as much fun as they thought is was. It will split up the pro-Trump factions. We are already seeing the ‘Shaman’ willing to testify in the Trump trial, with the motivation to get himself more publicity, which was why he was involved in this, so he could play the big kid. We see an obvious intelligence op here, to making the US a laughing stock on its claim of the protetctor of democracy and freedom in the world, that more are beginning to view as a Hollywood type creation, when mega criminals are really running the show.

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