Moderate Republicans are stepping up to take on the Trump Insurrectionists

The Republican Accountability Project takes a very visible position, doing something we have never seen Republicans do, call for resignations of their own.


Anti-Trump Republican group spearheads Campaign against pushers of the “Big Lie” 

…from MSNBC, with Bill Kristol

[ Editor’s Note: These push back efforts are not just a wish and a prayer attempts at fixing the mess. They have deep pockets behind them. And they are not waiting until 2022, as they know that the battle to kill the Trumpism Big Lie has to begin now.

They are sending a stern message in response to what the rioters were crowing about on their message boards driving down to DC on January 5th, all excited about bringing The Storm to DC and the Capitol.

What we could be seeing is the beginning of attacking Trumpism full on, right now while they are in jail, hiding or on the run, and while the FBI digs out their behind the scenes financial supporters. They have the Federal government ‘Storm’ on their asses, and when the Biden DoJ finally takes over the reins, look for more energy put into the effort.

Those who have politically supported the Trump Insurrection are going to find life may have changed for them. Corporate CEO’s have a list of the 140 in Congress and the few in the Senate who will find their funding going to other places, like the Lincoln Project and the new Kristol group.

Those in DC who were complicit in leaving the Capitol wide open must also be pulled out by the roots. It will not take rocket science to run them down, as the list is very short. The guilty will admit that “mistakes were made”, but an organized stand down is not a mistake but a purposeful act. General Honore’ will be in a tough spot if the guilty go above the Capitol Police chiefs who quickly resigned.

We have the FBI telling us recently that it was monitoring the Trumptard communications while they were driving in to DC. Why was no emergency command center meeting called for on the evening of January 5?

Trump and his team were having their meeting then and certainly Trump was being monitored. No one has posed to ask these questions, the kind often left to VT to get us more banned than we already are, but we roll on. The devil’s work is never done… Jim W. Dean ]

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First aired … February 01, 2021

Bill Kristol, Director of the Republican Accountability Project, joins MSNBC’s host of “American Voices” Alicia Menendez to talk about the group’s brutal new billboard campaign targeting several Congressional Republicans for pushing lies about the election.

The ads, which appear in their respective congressional districts, read, “You lied about the election. The Capitol was attacked.” It then urges them to resign.


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  1. For chrissakes, neocon Kristol now posed as a good guy alternative to Trumpism. For zionists, this is the equivalent of three steps forward, three steps forward. It’s maddening that the stupid white goy who lined up behind Trump are proven useful idiots, first from the zionists on the right, and now the Bolsheviks on the left.

  2. Being from upstate NY about 10 minutes from where they peppered sprayed a 9 year old in handcuffs the other day,…it’s war hawk territory. It took a long time and lots of the peoples money to finally convict Sheldon Silver and Chris Collins, both out scot free now. It took a long time and lots of work to finally get a working class rep who could take out an establishment democrat, AOC,….and they tried to kill her, and she gets threats of sexual violence every day.
    This is the republican party, even sans the election lie, they are nasty. Confederate flags in the yards, and blue line flags flapping from the peoples fire trucks. Establishment dems also, systemically pushing and shoving at the trough. They lie when it suits them. I’ll be real curious to see the amount of money spent on the investigation, and compare to 9/11.

  3. Is this warmonger trying to create a new image for himself? The very fact that he is still a US Senator means that America has lost it.

  4. Now, if Kristol would come clean about 9/11, that would really be a story. Remember, he was a founding member of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) in 1997. PNAC predicted 9/11 with the claim that it will likely take a long time to sell their program to the American people “absent some catastrophic catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.” The irony of him now claiming to be an America-firster instead of an Israel-firster… Sorry, that’s a bridge too far for me.

  5. Government is a swamp – Trumpkin most likely had flippers and snorkel swimming around. But when psychos like Kristol and MSM go against Trump, that says something – look the other way for the truth!!

    • How about looking for the truth in where it is which happens to be where he’s pointing at and without bringing sentiments into it.

      In a normal setting Kristol would be the considered the swamp, but with the bottom of the barrel exposed now and let’s not call it patriots because they are only the foot soldiers of the Trump mob, Kristol is somewhat sane. It’s just like Jake Tapper the other day bringing in John Bolton to interview.
      At least for once here Kristol is being christal clear by saying in minute 3:25 what needs to be said.

      But funny that he went along with Trump’s Israel first doctrine until a few months before the election when the crazy Q stuff came out and he jumped from one side to the other. Not totally crazy.

    • @NewtRallyt – One of Trump’s first gross errors was to put Israel first – and on the drive for his son-in-law Kushner – who is a mole for the Zios. Trump is also to a certain degree being bailed out by the RKM more than once – he may not be perfect, but the underlying influence of psyops going on with the drive for a regime that will make the Soviets appear like choir boys. It’s all part of the game for the international bankers that I can see when connecting the dots. VT used to post some good articles 5 – 10 years ago when I first came across them on Press TV while in Kurdistan, now they appear to be in the Operation Mockingbird realm and post what they’re instructed. The future isn’t too far away and we’ll discover what the real drive of this Covid farce is that is falling into play as stated in Aldous Huxley’s statement to Tavistock in ’62.

    • I leave all reporters all websites out of what I’m able to gather from a large selection of material available to me in three languages one of them being farsi. Leave the VT sticking to your norms out of the equation.

      I read all sides and even all extremes just to expand the large picture that I’m looking at. At the end it all boils down to shekels. And judging a filthy sell his pants for a lousy shekel Trump by any other gauge than money it’s not being truthful to yourself.

      He’s conning everyone.

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