Biden Appoints Anti-9/11-Truth Czar Cass Sunstein

And a geneticist linked to Jeffrey Epstein


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By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

Funny how three of my least favorite individuals all are -steins. That would be Larry Silverstein, the mobbed-up World Trade Center insurance fraudster and confessed controlled demolition criminal; Cass Sunstein, Obama’s anti-9/11-truth czar; and Jeffrey Epstein, the pedophile pimp to politicians and potentates who definitely did not hang himself.

Biden just appointed Sunstein to DHS. He appointed an “alleged Epstein associate” as cabinet-level science advisor. Does Larry Silverstein have the “pull” to get into the Biden Administration too?

Next question: What explains the incredible shrinking COVID virus? It’s down 42% globally and 57% in the US since its peak January 8th. Did the whole world, especially Americans, finally decide to suddenly start doing the masking and distancing thing? Is the vaccine working even before it’s hardly gotten started? Maybe the virus knows the vaccine is on its way and decided to skedaddle?

And where did that pesky virus come from, anyway? The WHO is totally flummoxed. Maybe that’s because they’re not allowed to even consider the elephant in the living room.

And if you thought COVID was a mean and nasty threat to old folks, get a load of ZIOVID! The tribe that’s perpetrating genocide in Occupied Palestine just charged a 95-year-old “former concentration camp secretary during the Holocaust” with 10,000 counts of murder. (Why not the whole “magic six million”?)

But persecuting 95-year-olds isn’t enough for the Zios. So they are also charging a 100 year old with supposedly being a former concentration camp guard.  Next, a 105-year-old? Then will they start digging up corpses to charge, like the Ghibelline corpses dug up and put on trial by the Guelphs and their Inquisition?

The only good news this week was that 55 Congress-critters want to give each of us $2000 a month “until the economy recovers.”  Since the Senior Editor has been neglecting to pay us VT writers the $2000 a month we deserve, it would sure be nice if Congress stepped in and set him straight.




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  1. The University of Harvard is a Crown Colony City of London University as is Yale.
    These Universities recruit Crown Agents through membership of Secret societies or fraternities like Skull and Bones, Book and Snake, Porcellian Club, or Phoenix-S K Club. Mark Zuckerberg has been linked with the Phoenix-SK Club. CNNs Anderson Cooper and David Gergen are members of Yale’s Manuscript Club. Dick Cheney went to Yale.
    Porter Goss, former Director of the CIA and co-chair of the Joint 9/11 Intelligence Inquiry, also went to Yale and is a member of Book and Snake.
    In late August 2001, barely a couple of weeks before September 11, Senator Bob Graham, Representative Porter Goss and Senator Jon Kyl were on a top level mission in Islamabad.
    On the morning of September 11, they were having breakfast on Capitol Hill with General Ahmad, the alleged “money-man” behind the 9/11 hijackers.
    Crown Knights are agents who pledge their allegiance to the Crown.
    All heads of MI6 have been knighted. Former CIA Director and US President George Herbert Walker Bush was knighted under the Order of the Bath. Former US Secretary of State and National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger is a Knight of the British Empire.

  2. Cass Sunstein? I do not understand America’s infatuation…NO, the hypnotic state induced into the American public by their CFRtv sets. I read the 1917 Oscar Callaway Hearings in The Congressional Quarterly 43 years ago. Cover to cover. I really wanted to know WTF the CFR came from. The CFR;’ documented purpose was to “buy up all influential news media in the U.S. to create the public debate, and thus control the minds of the American people”. The CFR was founded in 1911 as a franchise of the British Empire Press Union, NOT 1921. REALLY. They came right out and wrote it down, and Callaway’s staff found the records. Cass Sunstein? Try Biden for the Ukraine government murders of 2014 if his head has yet to rot off. My grandmother was a proper energetic woman who loved us all. But if she thought I was sitting around watching television like sheeple America, I know I would have nightmares of her rotted corpse climbing up my lg with a knife clenched in her teeth. America, wake up. Put congress in FEMA camps for dereliction of duty for the vote fraud, being to cravenly cowardly to investigate the 9-11 attacks and installation of the nuke systems 1969-1972. Gag order? Not me. And the COVID vaccines are not vaccines. Even if they ever made a real one, it would have to be specific for the -SARS, -AIDS, or -MERS genes added on. Or take 3-10 shots a year for a relatively benign corona virus, which would make one sicker than just weathering a corona virus.

  3. Maybe the virus knows the vaccine is on its way and decided to skedaddle?
    I do a bet on that, can be a virus but that doesn’t means he be a douchebag… 🙂

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