Pelosi announces plans for ‘9/11-type commission’ to investigate Capitol attack


VT: Gordon Duff and Jim Dean of VT were asked to submit an investigation outline for General Honore’ and Speaker Pelosi and did so in late January 2021.  An excerpt of sorts from this classified document:

(CNN)House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced in a letter to House Democrats on Monday plans for the creation of a “9/11-type commission” to investigate the January 6 attack on the US Capitol.

“To protect our security, our security, our security, our next step will be to establish an outside, independent 9/11-type Commission to ‘investigate and report on the facts and causes relating to the January 6, 2021 domestic terrorist attack upon the United States Capitol Complex,'” Pelosi wrote.

Pelosi has previously called for the formation of such a commission and said she believes there is a need for it.

A commission of this nature would be established by a statute, passed by both chambers and signed into law by the President. The commission members would not be elected leaders and would be outside the government.

In a separate letter to House Democrats earlier this month, Pelosi wrote that it is “clear that we will need to establish a 9/11-type Commission to examine and report upon the facts, causes and security relating to the terrorist mob attack on January 6.”

The deadly attack prompted House Democrats to move swiftly to impeach former President Donald Trump in January. The Senate impeachment trial of the former President concluded over the weekend, and ended in Trump’s acquittal on a single charge of incitement of insurrection.

Efforts to shore up security at the Capitol and shed light on what led to its breach by a violent, pro-Trump mob on January 6 are still ongoing, however.

In mid-January, Pelosi announced that retired Lt. General Russel Honoré will lead a review of the “security infrastructure” of Capitol Hill in the wake of the attack.

“For the past few weeks, General Honoré has been assessing our security needs by reviewing what happened on January 6 and how we must ensure that it does not happen again,” Pelosi wrote in her letter on Monday.  read more..


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  1. That Nancy Pelosi sure has got a sense of humour: “a new 9/11 type commission” to investigate the Capitol Break in. The rest of the world stands slack jawed and aghast – again. Is this her attempt at Double Irony, not to reverse the meaning of the “Commission of Inquiry”, but to preserve the Real Intent? “The Crime is in the Cover Up”.

    I do remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I heard the news that Kennedy had been shot. In those days I thought that reading “Time” magazine was like reading The Gospel, and I absorbed the “Magic Bullet” explanation, accompanied by the diagram of the path of the bullet zig zagging around the back seat of the limo, passing through various body parts.

    My first inklings of doubt came when I worked in the Butts at Somerville Range in the Royal New Zealand Army Camp at Trentham, near Wellington, marking the Queen’s Shoot in 1964. Those WW2 Vets were putting 9/10 Spreads into a 3′ Bull even from 900 yards up range, with the bullet Cracking through the target and thudding into the bank behind, followed seconds later by the faint boom of the report.

    Go Nancy! Good Luck with your Cognitive Dissonance and Long Gone “Democracy” America.

    • The “Commission of Inquiry” into the Christchurch Mosque Massacre has a 30 year embargo placed on its contents and conclusion. Amongst a myriad of concealed details is an explanation of why the bullet holes were plastered over within a week, thus destroying any chance of Angle of Entry Analysis. Who knows what else, such as vehicles and people caught in and disappearing from places in frames of the supressed “Lone Nutter Gunman” (who was a regular visitor to Israel) Live Stream video.

      I was advised by the Sceptical President of the International Translators Association, more than 30 years ago, not to believe what I see in the Mainstream Mass Media and that advice has been most helpful for the Truth, or lack thereof, especially in Manipulated Popular Perception.

  2. I do not see as to how that would be possible with adrenochrome being in such short supply. Yes, Uncle Gordy. satanic pedophilia and pedovorism is so real, I was investigating it for years to find my friend’s little brother in Seattle while the cops went elsewhere. We caught the pimp soon thereafter and he went to prison. The consumers went on to the White House. I was in the room in 1983 when Doug Feith got out of Seattle City Jail after raping a 14 year old girl provided to him by a local ‘Satanic’ cult’. The girl sued and collected $1 million tax payer dollars. My friend’s little brother is still ‘missing’ after a bit over 50 years. I still am in focus and pissed off about it. We know who took him. Who blew up the Fukushima facility? We know the Israeli ‘security company’ hauled the gun-type mininukes in. Pelosi could fill you in on the D.C. pedoaction.

    • Val Demings ? Keep Honore on, maybe vet Renee Hall ? I’m sure there’s a good batch of non-political types, because if it is stuffed with insiders, it will just make things worse.
      It needs the appearance and texture of a qualified civilian review. Autonomy, and power to obtain documents and tools. At least one young firebrand also, maybe Zephyr Teachout, not that I see her as a firebrand. Imagine, a mind for actual justice being viewed as “radical”.
      That is the recipe for success. Cannot go beyond March 2022 either. Wrap it up by summers end , no later than first week of Oct.

  3. Racist thugs waltzing through the capitol building carrying a confederate flag is not a minor event. They hold a cross with a man nailed to it and say,. ‘here is our symbol of love, peace, and hope”. Some of those that work forces, are the same that burn crosses.

  4. 9/11 was certainly a “false flag” & Jan 6th 2021 could also have been a set up.
    But calling for a 9/11 type investigation is an INSULT just like the investigation on JFK Assassination.
    One could think that the American public are super dumb to continue to believe their politicos when they are just looking for another “pay day” or a big score while they thank each other for their service .
    The Clintons & the Bidens are PRIME examples & perhaps Obama the smoothest of the lot.

  5. Sounds as though some commenters here think that joke commission was a great success… WTF……!!??!!?? Or should I say the sheep…!!!!!

  6. If you haven’t noticed the religious fervor of the Trumpsters, especially those that stormed the Capitol, you haven’t been paying attention. They already believed that a grand conspiracy involving hundreds of judges and state election officials had denied Trump the election that he had won “by a landslide.” Trump had conned them into thinking this, when in reality, perfectly legal mail-in voting had overwhelmed the traditional Republican techniques of voter suppression in the battleground states. He let them go on to commit felony murder on his behalf while he tweeted them on from the safety of the White House. As the indictments come raining down on them, he will skate. Once again, you’ve been duped, Trumpsters.

  7. Robert the Bruce (de Brus),
    murders John Comyn.

    “In the first place, there is persuasive evidence that Comyn’s murder was not a spontaneous act of anger. On the contrary, it appears to have been carefully premeditated, perhaps even rehearsed. Comyn seems to have been lured to the church deliberately. Moreover, he was bound to have been attended by an entourage of his own soldiery – who, with the exception of his uncle, stood by and did nothing…
    …it bears the unmistakable stamp of a ritual killing – an almost ceremonial killing of one candidate for a throne by another, on consecrated ground, in accordance with archaic pagan tradition”.
    Baigent Michael, Leigh Richard The Temple and the Lodge The Strange and Fascinating History of the Knights Templar and the Freemasons. p 42-45.

    Murder of JFK.
    Agents off the rear of limo.
    Security Stripping.
    “The origin of the order to strip presidential security by reducing motorcycle-based security remains mysterious, and carries sinister implications”.
    MOTORCADE ROUTE — The route of the presidential parade violated Secret Service protocol by involving turns of 90 and 120 degrees.
    During the start of the fatal motorcade at Love Field, Secret Service agent Henry J. Rybka begins to jog alongside the presidential limousine. He is immediately called back by his shift leader and commander of the follow-up car detail, Emory P. Roberts.
    From the jfklancer website

  8. Oh, Yeah… Just like the 911 commision?? As I remember the aforementioned one with Zelicow who a member of the Bush transition team. The man wrote the outline of the report with the heads, sub heads& sub sub heads, before doing one iota of investigating. But the best part: He isan expert on sea changing events, whether actual or legends, not any type of investigator. And almost all members of the commission, if not all, we’re politicians and not researchers or investigators! None of the important people involved testified under oath. It was the very epitomy of a whitewash at the highest levels of government. Read Daniel Hopsicker”s on the ‘scene account’s of Mohamed Atta and pals lives and exploits in Sarasota while attending flight school there and what has come out since at:
    his website: spend a little time in the archeives. It sure does not match what Zelicow was pedling

  9. The ‘9/11/ Commission’ was a diversion, a fabrication an ‘Smoke Screen’, to hide, cover, the real perpetrators, Foreign an DOMESTIC, who succeeded, in the installation of ‘Controlled Demolition’ materials/gear, into the WTC. Towers #1,#2,#7 to Pull them Down, that resulted in a successful, ‘False Flag’ attack, the murder of 2977 innocent, collateral Victims, ‘Sacrificial Lambs’, that dragged the ‘Land of the Free’ into the unending Wars of the Middle East! The same ‘Demonic Clan’, has tried that before, back in 1967, that ‘False Flag’ attack failed, but they murdered 34, and wounded 200 American Citizens, SAILORS, that ‘War Crime’ against the United States, by a FRIEND(?) was covered up ‘LBJ’ a TRAITOR of a President, and was ignored ever since by ALL the, other Presidents of the US! Who do they SERVE? Pray for America?? We are ENSLAVED!

  10. I predict the commision soon will announce there was “Russian collusion” in the Jan 6 mob attack. The pipe bombs were.made in Palestine, the internet communications came from a Venezuelan server, and Pelosi sucks communist Chinese cock.

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