Disclosure, February 22, 2021

    Some of us are wired to "the aether" as it were.  We can tap into a universal network that is beyond life, beyond time.

    Favorite photo of reptilian DNA pushing through

    The Senior Editor

    I am going to write some things today that will be true.  They will also be very much not for everyone.  I will write about what is real and what isn’t, not everything I know.  You don’t want that, not one bit.

    Some of us are wired to “the aether” as it were.  We can tap into a universal network that is beyond life, beyond time.  If you can do that, you know.  If you can’t, I can’t fix it.  If you can, you know things and know them with purity and certainty in ways that most, not all but most, religious people never can.

    I wonder if some of those who say that god talks to them are simply engineering a chance contact, perhaps a brain misfire of some kind, to match social norms and cultural pathways.

    Yes, there is eternal life without physicality.  Some knowledge and feeling is retained and there are rules.  I don’t know them but I know they exist, I have seen that.

    I know we are accountable like in “karma” or “judgment day.”  Our treatment of each other, of animals, of our planet such as it is, goes toward some kind of accounting.  Religions express it childishly and those who commune with alien “species” get their version of this, which often stresses how bad we are to animals and how we are going to be punished but there is no reason to believe that what off planet lifeforms know is any better than the information we get.

    There is huge danger in extrapolation without evidence and when and if you do get evidence, and I suspect that very very few ever do, it is an overwhelming experience.  Some may be able to control this but I have read nothing that indicates that anyone is hardwired though some eastern beliefs may well be exactly that.

    I am not sure you can make it happen, I am pretty sure you can’t.  You are picked…maybe?

    Here is some of what I have learned, what I know to be true in ways others around me can’t.  Why am I different?  Good question.  Problem is, trying to answer it, using a very flawed brain, leads to narcissism, delusion and “religion.”

    There is no “seeking” the truth.  The truth exists.  Seeking is in every case “inventing the truth,” a form of lying.  This is where religion comes from.

    QAnon has been a lesson to those who pay some attention and who didn’t already know.  I learned this working in banking, that tens of thousands, even more, trade commodities, oil, gas, minerals, currencies, things that don’t exist and often suck real banks into deals where huge amounts of equally fake but “real” currency is lost.

    As chief compliance officer for a major bank, 90% of deals involving letters of credit came to us with fake documents.  Product didn’t exist, shipping docs were always fake and the more insistent and credible sounding those involved…the more fake things are.

    Bitcoin is totally fake and is an official expression of this kind of insanity.

    It’s like trading fake oil but no fake oil is needed, thus, bitcoin is “real” like “god” is real.

    Bottom line?  Up to 40% of people are willing to either believe things they know are fake or make up things and insist, with every ounce of their being that the things they make up are true.  The more outlandish, the more followers.

    I watched some at VT and others at a major podcast network fall into the trap of making things up, Jade Helm, Pizzagate, totally crazy shit and, of course, ignore the real problems.  In recent years, under the Trump regime, we have seen, not really new levels of asinine stupidity but a more public showing, promoted by social media, of what has always been here.

    Like Australia, the US was populated with losers, hangers-on, thieves and fakes.

    I like to think they the result of reptilians sharing their DNA with the flesh eating monkeys that later became man.  Some may well come from alien semi-intelligent insects who stowed away on interstellar craft…

    You can see where this goes and, chances are, this is the truth of it.

    Where the pain sets in is the inexorable fact that our entire culture, religion and all, is a result of defective brains with no access to universal knowledge, simply making up things because that portion, be it insect or reptile, overrides sensory reality.

    Behind this is a “real” reality and rules we don’t know but, as most suspect, “bills to pay” for misdeeds, karma if you will and an afterlife that may well subject “souls” of some to timeless fear and shitsucking.

    And so it goes…


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    1. Zarathustra lykos: I like it ‘The Russian Nesting Dolls’ After all that they have the audacity to 3rd party/broker us/ism us back to SPIRIT. We are SPIRIT! We work in matter! Hope is as hollow as fear. Lao Tzu Hope is not a plan.

    2. One interesting trend, is to see if we observe any noticeable changes as so many people have stopped shaking hands. A simple thing, but not exactly a natural way to greet strangers. It seems aggressive. A custom among friends that expanded into obligation, and rendered into…something else. Touching would generally require a decently high level of trust.

      • We didn’t meet this transformation, so far, David. It is good to shake hands even with strangers, it is normal to hug each other when you meet your friends. In my country we are still highly socialized. Spending time with closer friends, relatives, having fun together on holidays – it still exists. We can call each other, jump in the cars and go to the sea or to the mountains, with wives and kids. But when i pay attention on kidults and teenagers, they start to differ from my USSR-RUSSIA generation: their world narrows to smartphone. Some of them sit at home like oysters in their shells. What kind of society there will be in 30-50 years – i don’t know. Everything transforms and passes away.

    3. “I am not sure you can make it happen, I am pretty sure you can’t. You are picked…maybe?” – GD

      Much more likely that certain individuals are picked to be “broadcast to” (as an analogy, think short range directional VHF radio communication) rather than having special “sight”.

      • Plausible. There is no way someone who is ‘in the loop’ can invent gods, angels and mythology. That has to come from pure psychopaths.

      • I’ve diddled around with testing and data, using mostly well known examples like Edgar Cayce and such, and there is a very high degree of reliable data that indicates date of birth has more to do with abilities than heredity, though there are examples of heredity having a role.
        But, even with those examples and a more holistic sample base, not only is dob a factor, but specific types of abilities and limits or functions of those abilities within the biological world, can be determined and tested. Intuition, and second sight or hearing, and other types of senses have a biological role in all species of life. All species have liaisons. Humanity is supposed to be among the leadership roles in this area, but currently are not even close. It is a gift that is highly discouraged or abused as are many things.

      • “That has to come from pure psychopaths.” – GD

        Or charlatans (e.g., L. Ron Hubbard) in some cases. Some may be both psychopathic and charlatans (most cult leaders fall into this category). Of course, there are perfectly sane people who have created mythologies with gods and angels, but have never claimed it was anything other than fantasy fiction.

        I personally have put much faith in Angels while traveling – Pirelli makes a very good sport-touring tire. 😉

    4. Elvin you’re right, I haven’t. 71 years old. Been all around the world and back and forth across the U.S. Met thousands and thousands of people that talk the talk. One would think that by this time our paths would have crossed but nope. Lots and lots of people wear the cloak of righteousness but once you strip them naked they are just scared little animals that fear retribution from an imaginary being and more so being ostracized from the herd.
      When you were born you were put inside a box outside of which you shall never think. As you go through life you’re put inside another box and another until by the time you’re an adult you’re like a Russian nesting doll.

      • “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and to depart from evil, understanding.”
        I’m sure you met at least one or two real Christians lykos, and probably a lot more. Christians aren’t perfect people. If they were they wouldn’t need a Savior. And a real Christian would readily admit it.

      • Close. We live on MOTHER earth that’s ruled my MOTHER nature. We’re a closet Goddess worshiping society.
        Liberty and Justice were Goddesses. This is the foundation this country was built on.
        It’s only fear, cognitive dissidence, and belief perseverance that has us imprisoned into believing the entire myth of heaven and hell, god and satan.

    5. Imaginary beings (god/satan) and imaginary places (heaven/hell). All of it based on a belief. That’s like “trust me” which is how they say fuck you in Los Angeles.
      And all those good Christians murdering innocent men women and children in the name of an imaginary person. No reason to fear an imaginary being. It’s like fearing the monster in the closet as a child.
      What I fear most are Christians. They’re the most blood-thirsty creatures on the earth and ultimately the most destructive.
      Even a person with average intellect can shread the entire concept. “Virgin birth”? An archangel (demi-god) committed adultry with a married woman? And to top it all off Joe believed it. Burning bush and Moe telling everyone “trust me”. Ya real good foundation for a religion.
      Trust me it not.

      Ya gotta de-tox. When you do you’ll be pagan.

    6. I’m with Socrates on this one, Gordon, “I know that I know nothing.” One could add, no one else knows anything absolutely either. As human beings, we all live by the dim lights we are blessed with whether we like it or not. To say otherwise is presumptuous.

      • I’m with you on that, Elvin, but as a Lutheran I also know that it isn’t by our own reasoning ability that we understand those truths, it’s by faith in the living God of justice, compassion, and truth who’s way beyond our puny human understanding.

      • Right oh, Tommy! It is all about faith.
        “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

    7. I agree with this. Truth is innate and solitary, or it isn’t truth. “Searching” for it only leads to some subjective, narrow interpretation.

    8. Karmic Retribution for Universal Law (DO NO HARM) KARMA APPLYS Individuals,Nationalities,Towns, Cities,Countries,Planets. Hell hath no fury as MOTHER EARTH scorned,raped & pillaged. GRANDFATHER SUN The Hostile, The Destroyer. Past, Present, Future ALL crashing into the NOW !!!!!!!!

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