Pitfalls of America’s Founding Myths

For generations, Americans have sought to understand the sense of shared destiny—or perhaps, civic obligation—that forged the nation. ( Emanuel Leutz via Wikimedia Commons under Public domain)

The Pitfalls and Promise of America’s Founding Myths

by Colin Woodard/Smithsonianmag.com

Alexander Hamilton had no illusions about what would happen to Americans if the United States collapsed.

If the newly drafted Constitution wasn’t ratified, he warned in Federalist No. 8, a “War between the States,” fought by irregular armies across unfortified borders, was imminent. Large states would overrun small ones. “Plunder and devastation” would march across the landscape, reducing the citizenry to “a state of continual danger” that would nourish authoritarian, militarized institutions.

“If we should be disunited, and the integral parts should either remain separated, or … thrown together into two or three confederacies, we should be, in a short course of time, in the predicament of the continental powers of Europe,” he continued. “Our liberties would be a prey to the means of defending ourselves against the ambition and jealousy of each other.”

Hamilton’s 1787 plea was successful, of course, in that Americans adopted a new, stronger Constitution two years later. But they still didn’t agree on why it was they had come together and what defined them as a people.

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  1. hamilton was planted here by the english crown to sabotage the american revolution, and he succeeded. he argued in favor of a king at the constitutional convention. they were not authorized to do what they did. it was a coup. we were not founded as 1 nation, but as many nations held together by a firm league of friendship. the constitution caused the war between the states. the war erupted out of a 70 year argument over it. the lincoln cult had lincoln killed to make him the great emancipator, they did this because the world was watching and they played the morality card to cover up the atrocity…. lincoln destroyed the voluntary union formed by the founders and replaced it with one held together by the point of a gun…

  2. The same “chosenness” that brought Europeans to this continent, displacing the indigenous and stealing their land and resources is exactly what the Ashkenazim are doing in Palestine. Manifest Destiny equals Zionism equals racism, pure and simple.

  3. Yes. “Why can’t we all just get along?”
    Because it’s the self-serving and ruthless who run the world, and “getting along” is not in their plans, over even in their minds.

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