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American Imperialism Leads World Into Dante’s Vision of Hell

Part 1 of The Universal Empire: A Four-Part Series from VT's Fitzgerald & Gould

Celebrating America: On This Day in 1814, Francis Scott Key...

VT's Johnny Punish explores America's Anthem. Was White Supremacist Slave Owner and Anti-Abolitionist Lawyer Francis Scott Key a Racist?  Is the Song Racist?  Is this Song almost impossible to technically sing?  

Hidden History, Cemetery of Empires: Freedom after 20 Years of Slavery

In America, there is a repeat of the same strategic mistakes, or perhaps the organic flaw of the entire system that killed the Roman Empire.

Pitfalls of America’s Founding Myths

Maintaining a shared sense of nationhood has always been a struggle for a country defined not by organic ties, but by a commitment to a set of ideals

America: A Nation Beyond Repair?

A Bold Question But Is It? Only Time Will Tell.

Christopher Columbus: A Trump Supporter?

Happy Columbus Day America! Are you celebrating yet? Do you think Columbus is a great man or a mythological creation of history to support conquest? Would he be a Trump Supporter? Let's find out!