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The Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office immediately launched an investigation into kidnapping and murder of suspected terrorist matrix on the ambush in which the Italian ambassador to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Luca Attanasio, and the carabiniere escorting the diplomatic convoy Vittorio Iacovacci were killed.

The diplomat was 43 years old and married to a woman of Moroccan origin with whom he had three children. The soldier of only 30 years was close to returning to his homeland where he was due to get married next summer.

According to the latest media reconstruction, the convoy, consisting of two World Food Program (WFP-WFP) cars, was traveling north, on the road between Goma and Rutshuru, where the Italian diplomat was supposed to visit a school food distribution program of the UN agency, just awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

The jeep with the ambassador on board was blocked by the attackers with large stones placed in the middle of the road in a well-planned ambush, according to the reconstruction of AfricaNews. The attackers fired a barrage of shots from automatic rifles at the vehicle, probably the Kalashnikovs of which terrorists and guerrillas make extensive use in Africa. The Congolese driver was killed immediately while the diplomatic official and the Italian soldier were taken to the forest together with other Congolese from the mission. A third Italian from an NGO managed to escape.

The car in which the ambassador was traveling riddled with shots from automatic rifles

Meanwhile, the Rangers of nearby Virunga Park heard the shots and so soldiers of FARDC (DRC armed forces) fell on the spot where they engaged in a firefight with the kidnappers who thus shot on the two Italians, instantly killing the carabiniere Iacovacci and mortally wounding the ambassador Attanasio, transported by rescuers to the hospital in Goma where he died of numerous gunshot wounds. Evidence of the armed attack can also be seen from the damage to the vehicle visible in some dramatic images from the Congo. In one of them we see instead the dying ambassador carried away by the first rescuers who arrived on the spot.

The ambassador mortally wounded while being transported by rescuers to Goma’s Hospital where he died – photo Gospa News ©

North Kivu has been one of the most dangerous and problematic areas in the entire African country for decades. Region very rich in raw materials and infested by more than one hundred irregular formations that through violence try to get hold of the mineral deposits and the timber trade.

In recent months, the Virunga Park, which has been closed to tourists to preserve the primate population from a possible spread of the coronavirus, has seen an increase in episodes of banditry. Militias have created their own fort within the nature reserve where they can carry out kidnappings and illegal actions. In that area two British tourists were kidnapped in 2018. Precisely for this reason it remains a mystery why the two cars of the UN convoy did not have military escort vehicles and were not armored.

One of the most accredited hypotheses by the MSM media is that the culprits are bandits who wanted to kidnap the personnel of the humanitarian convoy to ask for a copious ransom in exchange. But that doesn’t explain why he was killed after being picked up from the car.

North Kivu governor Carly Nzanzu Kasivita instead hypothesized that the crime may have been committed by the FDLR (the armed group composed of the Rwandan Hutu genocide that has been operating in Congo since the late 90s) or by the Nyatura, a splinter formation of the FDLR.

But the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda denied being responsible for the ambush, according to the website citing a statement by the rebel group which had already denied having carried out an attack that is commonly attributed to it, that in ‘last April in which 17 people died including 12 rangers of the Virunga National Park.



Instead, the latest attacks carried out by ISIS in Congo also lead to suspicion of Muslim extremist terrorists of the Islamic State of Central Africa, founded in 2019.

«At least 25 people were killed in the troubled Beni region of the Democratic republic of Congo Thursday (October, 28,2020), local sources said Friday. The incident occurred after an attack attributed to members of the Uganda-origin armed group, the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF)» reported Africa News.

Italian Ambassador and Carabiniere Killed In Congo. Suspicions on ISIS that released 1,300 Prisoners from Jail months ago


«Donat Kibuana, administrator of the Beni region told AFP that the army found the bodies of the victims in Tingwe, located some 30 kilometers from central Eringeti. The Ugandan Muslim rebel group has been in the DRC since 1995, attacking neighboring Uganda for years. It lives off trafficking in the dense forest around Beni, where they have settled» adds Afrina media.

The group is the most deadly armed group among the dozens that are still active in the two Kivu provinces Several of their attacks have been claimed by the Islamic state of central Africa since 2019. The ADF has never claimed any action. Instead ISIS, through its Amaq agency, also took responsibility for the assault on a prison in the same area, during which 1,300 dangerous inmates were released last October, as highlighted in the previous article.

The danger of the Islamic State of Central Africa led Marco Di Liddo, senior analyst of the Center for International Studies (CeSI) and head of the Africa desk, interviewed by Sputnik Italia on ethnic tendencies in the region, not to exclude the jihadist trail hypothesized by Gospa News.

“Intel Meeting US-UK & ISIS leaders”. Shocking news from Syria. OSINT dossier: “Al Hol Jihadist Radicalization’s center”. Turkey protects Terrorists, Russia silent

“The local militias try to counter the government armed forces and the United Nations stabilization mission, in order to control the territory and its resources” explained Di Liddo, also referring to the ethnic conflicts supported by different neighboring states

“The goal is to increasingly destabilize the DRC because if the country stabilized it could engulf all its neighbors and make illicit trafficking difficult, with which the corrupt armed forces of neighboring countries are also enriched” adds the analyst

Burundi supports the Hutu militias, Rwanda the Tutsi ones, while Uganda supports the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF): “An Islamist force from which the Islamic State in West Africa was born in 2015”. According to the expert, it is not excluded that the jihadist group ISIS may be behind the ambush of the Italian ambassador.

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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  1. This was certainly planned at a much higher level but as one of Italy ministers last year, openly blamed the French on African poverty and under development mentioning the milking of 14 African francophone countries with the colonisation tax (around €500 billion a year) and DR Congo is an ex-colony, I would be surprised if the French weren’t behind the killing of the Italian embassador.
    An old tactic to manipulate public opinions like they have been doing in the last two decades with ISIS & DAESH and blame all Muslims for the mess, Western governments have themselves financed, trained and armed until today.
    My sincere condolences to his whole family.

  2. The MassoMafia, basically the British Crown and its American cousins in crime, are in dire need of controlling mineal resources around the globe in order to maintain their hegemonic primacy. Without these resources, Anglo-American billionaires wouldn’t be the billionaires they are now. They need mineral resources on the very cheap, at all costs. However, with the exception of Australia and Canada, the Angloworld holds very little reserves of strategic minerals and rare earth elements needed for their war-based economies. Thus, the need to control vassal puppet states the world over. Certain Africans say the French are the worst at exploiting Africa, however, in my honest opinion, the Anglo-Americans overtake them easily and this is what Fabio is pointing at. Unfortunately, ever since September 8, 1943 Italy has been caught in the middle of this game. How long will it last? Only Russia and China know that answer.

  3. R.I.P.
    To eradicate terrorists once and for all, one has to take down their supporters and beneficiaries in the West!
    Terrorist groups share the same DNA… All are trained by Western missionaries, Supported by Western governments, and Financed by Westerner.

  4. This was an enormous security flaw for sure or maybe even a setup to get rid of an “uncomfortable” subject as we say in Italy. Only 1 Carabiniere as armed escort in a country like the Democratic Republic of Congo, probably the most unstable one in the entire continent right now and seen unfavorably by most Africans themselves??? C’mon!!! There should have been at least a 4 man team and I KNOW well that there at least that many Carabinieri in all Italian embassies around the world deemed “high risk.”
    Africa, of late, is becoming a hotbed for a lot of ISIS and radical extremism and certain world powers, from various global regions, are acting clandestinely to fan the flames of hate and instability. To note, France, one of those actors, has been heavily involved in the Sahel, in Niger, specifically, fighting ISIS factions for several years now and has just in the last few weeks, asked the Italian government for military aid in combatting said terrorists. Italy, in turn, has committed itself with a team of about 200 Special Forces operatives + aerial assetts to assist France. Amazingly, only a couple of days ago, French President Macron stunningly warned that France might leave NATO due to the contrast with its objective strategy or lack of a clearly defined one for the matter. Can we connect the dots?

    • NO CArisio!!!, what we are assisting is the normal outcome of western try to balcanize all the countries they need to steal resources. Why Trump and americans have so great care of North Korea? I can tell!! the existence of the greatest reserve of rare metals we know very well are also in Congo and all Centre od Africa…….. The lack of a normal escort of italian ONU presence is the evidence of a pre ordered action, and not of Isis, which is very inexistent in Congo, seen the presence of tens and tens of private armies, private mercenaires, private escorts for all mine operators in the zone.
      Who will be accounted to investigate, perhaps will be sent to find NOTHING!! seen ONU is a puppet entity of the same corporations and organizations which probably projected the crime.
      This seem to me the same of Somalia killing of italian journalists investigating on traffic of weapons and nuclear scories in 90’s, same way of acting, then western services must be investigated

  5. If the Trump regime was still in power, there would be a push to blame this on ‘Iranian proxies’. Someone might still try to play this card. Republicans, Netanyahu, and the FDD are shameless.

  6. My deepest condolences, Fabio. It is terrible.
    Africa has a lot of problems and contradictions, radicalism and terrorism. They kill Christians and each other. The world community must fix this bad situation.

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